NBC’s Outsourced TV Show Spoilers, Cast & Trailer Unveiled

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TV Show, Outsourced telecasted on Thursday night, 23 September 2010, on NBC at 9:30 EST. Outsourced is the half-hour comedy show. Ben Rappaport, Diedrich Bader, Rebecca Hazlewood and Anisha Nagarajan are stars of this show. The character Charlie is the face of the ugly, ignorant American, the opposite of the naive but evolving Todd. “Outsourced” was the name of a 2006 film, which was made in Canada that an audience favorite on the Indies circuit. Ken Kwapis is the executive producer of NBC’s “Outsourced”.


“Outsourced” is the “Indian” TV show, made in America, by Americans and some British Indians for a global audience. The beauty of the show is to show that the Indian office is identical to the U.S. office. The office romance and office gossip remain the same while the context may change, peanut butter and jelly may become dal and roti. “Outsourced” has been gotten a plum spot on prime time by NBC after “Community,” “30 Rock” and “The Office.” Paradoxically, all three of those shows have Indians in important roles.

In “Outsourced” show, a young professional whose name is Todd (Ben Rappaport), is followed to an Mumbai call center, when his company, a manufacturer of American novelty gifts, downsizes and shifts its operation to India. Todd has to school a ragtag group of employees on the nuances of American pop culture while they try to sell whoopee cushion and fake vomit. He has already dealing with the culture shock of a move abroad.

“Outsourced” can muster for a few shots of Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley at odd angles. 90 percent of the series takes place in office that could easily pass for the Buffalo branch of Dunder Mifflin. The show is not resided on the crass attempts at comedy. According to Alessandra Stanley, “The fact that it’s neither embarrassing nor deeply offensive—once it gets rolling, the show is actually quite charming—is a credit to the cast and the writers.”

“Outsourced” is an annoying blister of a television series due to it’s the laziness with every element. It appears that the show is set to be outsourced to the garbage bin. Due to its extremely poor jokes to the horrible job of simulating Mumbai and a call centre there, the show falls flat and fails in many areas. Lack of creativity, intelligence, wit or humor is shown in the jokes. Indian food is gross and makes people have to go to the bathroom! Misogynist Eastern cultures produce timid women! They’re the same jokes that the ignorant have been saying for years.

“Well, it’s not about that,” Borden said. “Outsourcing began long before the recession. And nowadays, outsourcing is about white collar jobs. Doctors, even. If people watch this show, they’re going to see it’s not about outsourcing. It’s about getting into another culture. And then you’ll see that the people here (in India) become a surrogate family for Todd.”

Video of ‘Outsourced’ Exports the Funny to NBC from youtube:


  1. Rebecca says:

    I liked Outsourced and thought the pilot was funny. Sure there was room for improvement but lets not forget the pilots of many good shows… Besides, the show needed to set up (I thought it did this quiet efficiently) and all shows take a while to come into their element. America and Americans need to take a good look at themselves and this show can help in a funny and non-offensive manner. It is also nice to see a cast that is not comprised of the anglo majority.

    I own 3 Tivos and they have been recording like crazy this week with new shows. So far, this season’s new series have been disappointments (My Generation, #[email protected]& My father says both flopped on Thursday)

  2. Surendra Shrivastava says:

    Show will not survive. Heading to the trash bin

  3. Diana says:

    disturbing that people in this country are losing jobs and you are making a joke of it I have seen friends and co-workers in tears because their jobs have been outsourced will not watch this channel anymore it is a slap in the face to this country

  4. Rehman Amsen says:

    “””Jolly Vindaloo Day”””, I like this episode very much. I view it with its entertainment value and its fun with culture clash. Most Americans view it politically and gets bitter. The most offensive show is not outsourced, its “Glen Beck”.
    The real outsourcing has many factor to be mad about. First of all its not Indians who started outsourcing, greedy American corporates are responsible for this situation and its a competitive idea of American capitalism.
    Failing American education system takes a big share of this blame. Even though India does not have a well rounded education system and lack fluency in English, their education system is focused on specialization, deep knowledge in their major field of study. While American universities are vague for the first two years. In case of an engineering student the first two years are filled with unrelated subjects, like history and other general education which has nothing to do with their major fixing the damage done by failing school system. So the Indian graduates have more exposure and knowledge in their field because their general education is finished by 12th grade with mandatory math and science throughout. In University they focus only on their major, no history lessons for an engineering student. This enables the Indian engineers to stay more focused at work which is exactly what corporates are looking for. Even though Indians are underpaid than Americans they are lot easy to manage and more efficient. That’s why even in this bad economy, Microsoft, Nike and Intel are importing Indian engineers to Beaverton, Oregon and Seattle, WA under contract to do the job that American workers are not efficient in doing .
    Americans should understand that times have changed, its Global Economy. Asian countries (China & India) have put more emphasis in Math and Science in their schools and colleges, and their graduates are skilled than Americans.
    Speaking fluent English, bathing in racial superiority and feeding on empty psychological words like self esteem, self worth from Dr. Phill will not do any good for corporates like Microsoft, Intel and Nike. You need to learn your subjects at school and college very well and prove that you are worthy for these outsourced jobs.
    Its the American government, American Educational System and American greedy corporates who outsourced your jobs. So why don’t you channel your racial bitterness to do some good in fixing the above.

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