Nailed! Lindsay Lohan sports crude manicure in court

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Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to jail Tuesday, but the show is not over. Close-up photos show that while in court the 24-year-star’s left middle finger has an “f–k u” word on it, which caused a big stir. The troubled actress has denied the defiant message was directed at Judge Marsha Revel who found her guilty of breaking probation from a 2007 drink driving charge.

Lohan made no comments on her manicure as for whom the obscene messages were directed to until Wednesday afternoon when she twittered on the incident.

“It had nothing to do w/court,” Lohan wrote on the social networking site Twitter.

“It’s an airbrush design from a stencil.”

Just before Lindsay was sentenced to 90 days in jail, Lohan, 24, made the impassioned plea to Judge Martha Revel to go easy on her, saying that she has done everything that the court expected of her. While the actress showed off the full range of her acting abilities in the courtroom – anger, frustration, boredom – her fingernail told a different story. In legible writing, LiLo’s middle finger was emblazoned with the words, “F— U.”

Lohan was on her way to the courtroom when a process server working for Tough As Nails attempted to hand her the legal documents. The process server said she “freaked out” and told people around her to get the guy out of the elevator. She would not take the papers so the process server dropped them on the elevator floor by her feet.

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