Moshi Monsters Child Safety & User Management System updated

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The main product of Mind Candy, Moshi Monsters (growing children’s entertainment and educational site) gets New User Management System updated for Child Safety.

Mind Candy is a leading developer of multi-player games launched in the year 2004. Moshi Monsters is the main product of Mind Candy. Every month over 10 million players are subscribing Moshi Monsters. The global leader of user management and analytics technology for social media, Crisp Thinking announced that Mind Candy signed a deal to integrate Crisp’s User Management Platform into their popular children’s online game Moshi Monsters.

Moshi Monsters is a fast-growing virtual world which recently passed with 25 million registered users’ milestone. Currently, Mind Candy is rolling out lines of Moshi Monsters merchandise which includes wall graphics, licensed books, and collectible wrist bands. Crisp Thinking is the publisher of the broadly-used NetModerator software and has similar security integration with Sony Online Entertainment’s Free Realms. Crisp is the global leader of user management and analytics technology for social media established in the year 2005.

Gaming and social network companies are allowed by The Crisp User Management Platform to profile, manage, and protect across both moderation and customer service functions from within one single system, using one simple dashboard. Moshi Monsters will be allowed the integration to filter content in real-time and analyze ongoing user conversations in real time. Mind Candy supposes the integration to be complete by the end of September 2010. Moshi Monsters affirms that Crisp Thinking’s platform has a proven 98.4% accuracy rating when it comes to detecting cyber bullies and online predators.

Rebecca Newton, Chief Community and Safety Officer at Mind Candy says: “With over 25 million registered players worldwide and over two million new players joining Moshi Monsters each month, the Crisp platform was the obvious solution for us. Crisp’s ability to scale and its proven track record with the world’s largest global gaming companies made our decision a no-brainer. We are confident that with the integration of Crisp technology we will provide our users with the safest possible online environment.”

Adam Hildreth, CEO at Crisp Thinking, says: “By integrating with Crisp technology, Mind Candy’s Moshi Monsters is upgrading their protection to the highest level possible for their growing numbers of users. We are pleased to be working with such a popular global brand in helping them achieve their safety goals.

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