Michelle Chia Divorce Settlement News

Posted by Vinay Sojitra on Oct 27, 2010 | 4 Comments

Some rumors are spreading about Michelle Chia and Shaun Chen divorce. Recently, divorce news of Alyssa Chia perplexed many fans and media people. The reason of their break-up is Alyssa’s mysterious sexual orientation of Alyssa.

Tse Wan Yi is well-known as a Michelle Chia. Michelle Chia is one of the new leagues of modern and talented artist of Singapore. She is talented actress and dancer. Besides this, she also hosts the show, playing zither, etc. She has an attractive and bubbly face with a sunshine babe character. She was also being the “LUX” girl for their 2-year shampoo advertising campaign.


Chia started her acting career at the age of 6. She played a role of a Ma Jie, in the classic docu-drama series “Vow of Celibracy” at the age of 15. She got married with actor Shaun Chen but nowadays, rumors of their divorce has been spread in the media.

The news of divorce was first spread by the Chinese newspaper report. Although, it is not confirmed that the speculation is correct. Another rumors is also spread that Shawn and Jeanette have a deep relationship with each other while they were filming Holland V. Now, Michelle Chia’s husband Shaun Chen asked for 26 million Taiwan dollar as divorce settlement amount.

Everyone knows that the couple had many marital issues. But the main issue of their break-up is Alyssa’s relation with a famous lesbian of Taiwan media Kong Jin Ping. Her husband, Kong Zhi feels embarrassment with this issue.

Kong Jin Ping has short hair and slightly overweight body. Rumors has spread that Kong Jin Ping have a deep relationship with mega star Liu Jialing. Everyone in the media knows her sexual orientation. Alyssa Chia was also spotted with Kong where they seemed very close to each other.

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