Michaele Salahi talks about Whoopi Goldberg allegation on “View”

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Michaele Salahi, the Real Housewives of D.C. star, apparently thought Whoopi Goldberg hit her yesterday on 4th August 2010 when she and her Real Housewives of D.C. castmates, Mary Schmidt Amons, Lynda Erkiletian, Catherine Ommanney and Stacie Scott Turner appeared on the ABC talk show. Michaele Salahi was upset, about her saying on the air. According to her, Whoopi Goldberg walked on the set, touched her arm and tried to refocus her on the topic at hand while she was offstage for the segment.

While Goldberg had no more to say about the matter Thursday, but an another camera angle was showed by her that she did not hit Salahi, as she reportedly claimed, but rather nudged her on the side to remind her to get back on topic. On Wednesday, 4 August 2010, a typical episode of The View was started, in which co-hosts Sherri Shepherd and Joy Behar ribbed their guests with tough but playful questions.

The lawyer to Michaele Salahi is speaking out, saying the “Real Housewives of D.C.” cast member and alleged White House “party crasher” is not accusing “The View” host Whoopi Goldberg of hitting her as has been claimed.  But after the show, offstage, a major drama was played out. And after that in some seconds, an ugly scene, the encounter occupied when the Salahi couple complained about what she tells people was a “humiliating and torturous” experience at the hands of Goldberg and her View co-hosts to producer.

Salahi tells people in a phone interview Thursday, “The first encounter I had with this woman is her grabbing my arm and telling me to change the subject,” and “It was very inappropriate … They want to torture me. I didn’t know [being interviewed on the View] would be this horrific.

Salahi also exchanged heated words with her Housewives costar Erkiletian, who alleged that Tareq threw a glass of red wine on her at a recent press event in Los Angeles during that interview segment. Salahi said, “When I got off stage I was fine, but then I began to cry. Whoopi came in and said ‘Did you [expletive] say that I hit you?“ According to a statement on ABC’s Web site, Salahi told producers that Goldberg “hit” her. Salahi tells people she used the word “grab.”

Goldberg doesn’t deny the backstage confrontation happened but denies she hit Salahi. “You know how I [denied it],” she said, “choice words. And I make no apology for my choice words.” But when Salahi’s husband Tareq intervened, the situation was escalated. Salahi tells people, “Tareq, my husband, said you need to apologize to my wife,” and “Whoopi doesn’t like to be told what to do. He said, ‘We’re just guests and this is an inappropriate way to treat guests.“

But Goldberg says Tareq “got in [her] face, had his BlackBerry out and started taking pictures of me. And needless to say, I really went off on him. And there was even more choice words. It was so choice, you could have cut it with a knife and eaten them.” At this point, Salahi says, “I was really sobbing. I just wanted to get out of there.”

Whoopi showed another camera angle that showed that she did not hit Salahi, as she reportedly claimed, but rather nudged her on the side to remind her to get back on topic.

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