Mel Gibson Dead- is it true?

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Latest internet gossip about “Mel Gibson is Dead” has recently caught a fire in social networking site like Twitter and Facebook. Huge headlines like “RIP Mel Gibson”, “Mel Gibson Dead” and others are appearing in thousands of tweets. As you might have expected, Mel Gibson is not dead. The actual Mel Gibson Dead topic is mostly about his career, his career is ended not he.

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Though there is no report or solid information that this news is true, neither is there any kind of police or news channel coverage on the matter, the whole internet community is asking the question whether this is true so it’s safe to assume that it’s only a rumor. 

The 54-year-old actor Mel Gibson has surely been in headlines recently due to the whole scandal with the ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva who claimed that Mel had been violent towards her several times, on one occasion giving her a black eye and knocking out her teeth.

The problem is that although these rumors have been going on for a long time and there is even audio proof that might be true, Mel did not comment and no representative of his did so. Although Mel Gibson is not dead, his career is something else. Until now, it still remains unclear as to who is leaking the tapes. Some sources say that Oksana demands $10 million from Mel Gibson to prevent the tapes from leaking. But there seems to be no evidence that this is true.

It is kind of sad that death news of a perfectly alive and well person are being spread, but after hitting Oksana and giving her a black eye AND a broken tooth, Mel deserves more humiliation.


  1. mital says:

    Mr. Gibson, who is aging faster than they can film it, plays Lt. Col. Hal Moore, who wrote the book that inspired the movie. The film begins when he, his wife Julie (Madeleine Stowe) and their five kids settle into their base home at Fort Benning, Ga., where he’s been assigned to train and lead a team of camera-ready hunks into the jungles of North Vietnam for reasons nobody bothers to explain. Making a solemn promise to bring all of his troops back home, dead or alive, he inspires instant confidence in the men, who have no idea of the horror that awaits them. Quick cut to Landing Zone X-Ray, where the name of the unit (First Battalion of the Seventh Cavalry) is the same as General Custer’s in the Battle of Little Big Horn, providing Mr. Gibson with some of the most embarrassing lines of his career.

  2. mital says:

    After suffering through We Were Soldiers , I think I’ve seen all the war movies I care to endure for quite some time. The film documents the blood and carnage of the disastrous three-day November 1965 battle in the Ia Drang Valley that signaled the beginning of the war in Vietnam. Movies about the war nobody understands and everyone wants to forget have been shoved down our throats via Hollywood cameras so many times they look like documentaries. Gruesomely gory and graphic, this one portrays America’s most mismanaged war with the flag-waving patriotism of The Green Berets instead of the consequences of ambiguous military betrayal in Born on the Fourth of July . People who prefer guts and guns to guilt and shame will probably cheer when human eyes are shot out of their sockets in slow motion. I was more moved by the scene where Mel Gibson, ordered to desert his men in the middle of an ambush to attend a staff meeting with General Westmoreland, tells the old bastard off on a walkie-talkie. Fool that I am, I always look for some missing quality in war movies that shows the best and worst that humanity has to offer.

  3. RuthHouston says:

    Not only did Oksana’s scheme to extort over $10 million from Mel Gibson backfire, her malicious lies ended up bringing Mel and his ex-wife Robyn back together.

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