Megha Gupta engaged to Aditya Shroff – Boyfriend of Sonakshi Sinha

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Sonakshi Sinha’s ex-boyfriend, Aditya Shroff is engaged with Megha Gupta. The Bollywood actress, Sonakshi Sinha was enjoying status after the grand success of Salman Khan starring movie, the Dabangg. Her ex-boyfriend is currently fallen in love with TV actress Megha Gupta.

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They both got separated from each other wahile Sonakshi was busy in making of the Salman Khan starring movie Dabangg. Aditya Shroff, owner of Fame cinema was in relationship with Sonakshi Sinha. They used to spend maximum time with each other. The reason behind the separation of both is may be the age difference. The age difference between them is almost 10 years. Aditya is 32, Sonakshi is just 22 and being Bollywood actress expect to enjoy single status for coming few years.

In July this year, Aditya met Megha Gupta through a common friend and came close to each others. Finally they have decided to take their relationship to next level.

Well, whatever happens, happens for good. Aditya has now forgotten Sonakshi and states their relationship as “past.”

“Megha is a very, very attractive girl,” he added.

At present, he is quite excited about his new love in life and told Mumbai Mirror, “Megha is a lovely girl. We met through common friends. One thing led to another, soon we were meeting almost every day.” What we like about Aditya is that he chose not to be coy about what drew him to Megha.”

Commenting on Sonakshi, Aditya quip, “I have forgotten Sonakshi. That is the past.

While a friend of Aditya said, “Sonakshi behaved rather strangely after coming from an outdoor schedule of Dabangg. She stopped communicating with every member of the Shroff family, whose house she used to frequent almost every day.

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