Marvin Sapp’s Wife‎ Malinda Sapp Dead

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Thursday, September 9, 2010 was the saddest day for a famous American Gospel music star Marvin Sapp. On this day, he lost his wife Dr. Malinda Sapp, who was battling against colon cancer. Watch video of Marvin Sapp’s Wife‎ Malinda Sapp Dead on Cancer from Youtube below.

Marvin Sapp with his wife Malinda Sapp

Dr. Malinda Sapp was the leader of Lighthouse Full Life Center Church that located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dr. Malinda Sapp and Marvin founded their church in 2003. They had known each other since grade school. The couple had been married for 15 years and they have three young children: Marvin II, Mikaila, and Madisson.


MaLinda Sapp was only 43 years old. She was a limited licensed psychologist, licensed professional counselor and a college professor. Besides she was also support her husband’s gospel career by serving as manager for Marvin Sapp and was credited as Executive Producer on many of his audio and video recordings.

Marvin Sapp is famous for chart topping Gospel songs “Never Would Have Made It” and “The Best in Me”. Dr. Malinda Sapp had admitted to the hospital while she struggled with her last stages of cancer one week ago and she requested a corporate prayer for health.

Praise Houston said, “It’s with our deepest sympathy that we inform you that Pastor Marvin Sapp’s wife MaLinda Sapp has passed on today after battling colon cancer.”

“It was confirmed on the Lonnie Williams show today. An official press release has not been issued yet but more details will be coming on the Yolanda Adams Morning show tomorrow morning!

Earlier this year, Marvin Sapp was testifying of how his wife, MaLinda, was given a clean bill of health by doctors after being diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer in 2009. But then, those health concerns resurfaced and Marvin Sapp requested intense, around-the-clock prayer.

At the Lighthouse Full Life Center, friends of the Sapp’s family gathered on Thursday evening to join in prayer for MaLinda Sapp. Danny Sapp, MaLinda’s brother-in-law said “This is where their hearts were at — that’s why they did so much for the community,” “So, we have ownership in this community. I think they wanted to help their community.”

Video of MaLinda Sapp dies of cancer from YouTube:

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  1. pamela moore says:

    my heart goes out to you and your family, sorry for your loss. My GOD BLESS and GET YOU and the KIDS

  2. Tumelo says:

    i am with you sir,your music has beeen a blessing to me and i beleive that you will make it again,you will arise again..i beleive in the grace of God that is upon your strong sir and we need you.BLESSINGS TO YOU

  3. Nicole Allison says:

    May God give you peace that surpasses all understanding.

  4. Myra C says:

    Sorry for your loss. May god blessed you and the childrens,he will see you through this.

  5. Bernita Alexander says:

    May God Bless You and the kids through your lostof your wife, our prayers are with you, may God strengthen you through the loss of your wife an mother. God is with you. Be blessed

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