Laurence Fishburne’s Daughter dating Brian Pumper

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Recently, Matrix star Laurence Fishburne’s daughter, Montana was appeared as dating with porn star Brian Pumper at a Beverly Hills. Montana and porn star Brian Pumper are caught in camera by team.

Laurence Fishburne became famous due to his role in movie The Matrix. The actor may be in trouble but he has not done for anything. If the news is true, then his 19 year old daughter is seeing a man.

Several websites have issued the images of the couple online. But, it is yet to be known if they are true or worked up. When the photographers who were present there tried taking their snaps, but daughter of the actor was trying to hide her face through her handbag. As of now, the actor has not said anything on this topic.

The actor is Brian Pumper who has been involved with the porn film industry since 2001. He won a number of porn awards for acting in such flicks! He has also directed some adult flicks in his career. Many people describe him the Freak due to his mean and hurtful behavior. The x rated star is notorious for his twisted obsession with women. Some colleagues of the freaky nigga also revealed that they had strange experiences with him.

Laurence Fishburne may not know about the news as well as this has appeared online very lately. It makes one speculate what made her daughter drop for a porn star out of all people. The matter of concern is that the porn star is well-know for his nasty and spiteful attitude.

According to the reports, their camera caught porn star Brian Pumper and Laurence Fishburne’s daughter, 18-year-old Montana Fishburne on a date at Subway in Los Angeles.

Perhaps, she did a right thing by fleeing the scene as some more images could have shattered her image and the status of her famous daddy.

The gossip about Montana went spread over the web across the planet. Fishburne must be more worried about the well being of Montana rather than the circulating stories about her daughter. At present, Fishburne is planning for his one man show named Thurgood which is programmed to occur on the 8th August, 2010, at the Geffen Playhouse. The show will describe him as Thurgood Marshal as an amateur lawyer who works for civil rights against the insidious and subtle disease of the society famous as racism.

According to reports, Montana will come into view in a pornographic film “Vivid Entertainment” a leading Hollywood porn movie company which will be released next month.

Laurence Fishburne’s 18-YEAR old daughter is now a porn star video from Youtube:

18-year old daughter of Laurence Fishburne is officially a porn star video from Youtube:


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    This is really poorly written. It barely makes sense:

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    I really want to know what this is supposed to mean!

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