Latest Funny Yami Gautam Fairness Tweets, MEME and Images

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Check out the latest funny tweets and memes on fake beauty fairness of Yami Gautam in fair & lovely advertisement that has become viral on social media.

Yami Gautam is famous for her cute smile and charming nature. Besides doing various roles in bollywood, this pretty girl also does endorsement for one of the most popular fairness cream “Fair & Lovely”. People have now started tweeting on Yami Gautam after Alok Nath and Neil Nitin mukesh. They are trying to connect whatever lines they can connect with yami gautam’s ultra fair look in advertisement of fair & lovely. From black money to white house, people have made so many pranks on Yami Gautam as she looks ultra fair in Fair & Lovely advertisement. Check out latest funny Jokes, tweets and memes of Yami Gautam’s fairness in fair and lovely advertisement.

Latest Funny Yami Gautam Fairness Tweets

Funniest Yami Gautam tweets:

  • IPL to rename Fair Play award as Yami Gautam –Play Award
  • Yami Gautam uses Fair & Lovely as toothpaste to whiten her teeth too
  • Yami Gautam enters a fairness contest. She came first and her shadow came second
  • Yami can’t be photographed with a white background
  • Doctors are recommending kids to stare at Yami Gautam pics to prevent vitamin D deficiency in them
  • Humans have two types of blood cells: (1) Red Blood cells, (2) Yami Gautam blood cells
  • Whenever Yami Gautam visits USA, she stays in ‘White House’ as Obama always says ‘Yami, Ise Bas Apna Hi Ghar Samjho’
  • When Yami Gautam’s family plays chess and they can’t find some pieces, they make her the White Queen
  • Yami Gautam’s skin tone is brighter than her future
  • If Yami Gautam happened to write her autobiography somewhere in the future what will be its title? 50 shades of Fair & Lovely.
  • Swiss bank has black money; other banks have Yami Gautam money
  • Yami Gautam is so fair that event organizers are planning to replace her with halogen lights

Latest Memes on Yami Gautam:

funny tweet on yami related to reason of evolution of sunglasses
Yami gautam is described as most efficient source of light
Latest Funny Yami Gautam Fairness Tweets
funny prank on yami gautam
Funny joke on yami
Funny Yami Gautam Fairness Tweets

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