Kristen schaal & Husband On Breakthrough with Tony Robbins

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Kristen & Frank Alioto have appeared on the first episode of ‘Breakthrough with Tony Robbins’, which is started from yesterday, 27th July, 2010. First episode is featured a paralyzed man Frank Alioto which eventually found freedom through the show.

Breakthrough with Tony Robbins

Breakthrough with Tony Robbins is a series of inspirational, hour-long specials starring Robbins and his expert teams who will help six people and their families in beat complex challenges and personal problems, and turn their lives around. Breakthrough with Tony Robbins is production and reveille and produced by Robbins, Howard T. Owens, Mark Koops Shauna Minoprio and Tom Forman.

By this series, Robbins will inspire people to find the tools to change their own lives, and also to reach out and help others as well. Through the series of tough challenges, Robbins guides the participants that will take them to the precipice of change. He will also help empower each of them to reach their personal goals.

In last night episode, upon the advice of Robbins, A quadriplegic married man, Frank Alioto jumped outside a helicopter and skydived together with his wife Kristen. Tony Robbins said “Life can be rich, regardless of what’s happened to us on the outside”. After Jumping, frank said “It was the freest I’d felt since being told I was paralyzed” and his Wife said “It was a moment that I’ll never forget. He was floating, and he didn’t feel that he had no legs. I’ll always picture that smile on his face.”

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