Kanye West’s New diamonds Teeth : Photos

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Kanye West is an American successful rapper, singer and record producer. Kanye West diamond teeth are adding dazzling shine to his smile. A successful rapper, Kanye West likes to travel by private jet, spend holidays on a luxury yacht, drive the most expensive cars and dates only the beautiful models and now he has one more thing to clutch attention, making other envious of- his diamond teeth.

kanye teeth

Kanye West has had his bottom row of teeth detached and replaced with diamonds. On The Ellen DeGeneres show, when the rapper appeared, showed off his new bling-bling chompers.

The host, Ellen DeGeneres, was captivated and surprised and out of inquisitiveness, asked west if his accessory was a grill.
Answering the host, Kanye told that “I just thought that diamonds were cooler. It’s really my real teeth. I replaced my bottom row of teeth. I guess there are just certain things that rock stars are supposed to do.”

West said that, “I removed my bottom row of teeth and I put diamonds in instead,” and added that the work was done by a dentist in Hawaii but he couldn’t remember which jeweler provided the ice.

It’s probably a trellis. A trellis so expensive that West himself didn’t specify just how much he paid for it, only said that there were many thousands of dollars worth of stones on his teeth.

“I guess there are just certain things that rock stars are supposed to do,” West said
Kanye has proved “never underestimate someone” by unforeseen everybody, even his furthermost fans.

He left US to sort himself out as his whole world “completely crashed” backlash received after the incident, the rapper said.

West said, “I left America. I stopped doing music altogether. I just took some time. I went to Japan just so I could get away from paparazzi altogether. Then in November I moved to Rome and just lived there, and when I came back to the States I moved to Hawaii. I lived there for about six months and just worked on music.”

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