Kailash Kher – The latest buzz of America

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An Indian folk singer, Kailash Kher is being a latest buzz of America. Kailash Kher has a number of a fan-following in America. At the fourth concert of Twilight Dance Series in Santa Monica, audiences danced on Kailash’s songs .

Kailash Kher in America

There have been 15 shows done by Kailash Kher’s band in America. However, he most enjoyed the show that he recently did in Santa Monica, which was crowded by a large number of locals and NRIs. Kailash was surprised when he saw that the Americans well knew him and the audience also sang a few lines from his popular songs. The singer says, “I was surprised to see the Americans dancing to the tune of my songs.” And in these days, he has been also called to sing at the prestigious Kennedy Center.

Recently, Kailash Kher formed a flutter at the fourth concert in this summer’s Twilight Dance Series in Santa Monica where the audience was dancing to his songs.

Kailash Kher is known for his pop-rock Bollywood jams and Sufiana style. Kher was introduced to the crowds by Francis Andertin, MC of the night, as one of India’s most amazing musicians.

Kailash Kher said to the crowd after singing the first song of the night, “We’ve done a lot of concerts recently but this one will be the most memorable one.”

His third number was a Sufi song for which he also invited a girl to dance with him on stage. “The songs are basically love songs with deep meaning,” said the revered singer and dedicated the songs to all the people who believe in love.

He presented songs like ‘Chandan Mein’, ‘Babbam Bum Lehri’, ‘Teri Diwani’ and ‘Kaise Bataun’. All audience became crazy while he sung his debut song ‘Allah ke bande’. On public demand this song was sung by four times. After the success of 1983’s Santa Monica Pier Save the Pier Week, the Twilight Dance Series started in 1983, a week-long festival in response to the ravaging El Nino winter storms in which 450 feet of the Santa Monica Pier were razed.

Only legendary classical singers like Pandit Ravi Shankar and Ustad Zakir Hussain have performed at the well-renowned venue so far. Even he has invited for dinner from the American Ambassador at his residence in Delhi. Not surprised about Kailash because he is grinning from ear to ear these days.

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