Justin Bieber Smoking Weed news is fake

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News about Canadian pop-R&B singer, Justin Bieber Smoking Weed is fake, untrue stories have been spreaded against him on internet. Fans of Bieber call him ‘Beliebers’, they are searching on internet to try and find any latest information about Justin Bieber. No photos of Justin are yet available with smoking weed, so it is not true that Justin is smoking.

“Justin Bieber smokes weed” only looks like latest Bieber rumor. Bieber fans include most of young girls and teens, they will flock to the web to try and find any information. But, Justin Bieber smoking weed is just another Bieber rumor with no confirmation behind it.

According Yahoo Answer, Justin Bieber and smoking? Does anybody know what justin bieber thinks about smoking. Not just cigarettes if you know wat i mean. i’m just curious cuz i was wondering if he’s like half the kids at my school or if he’s too good and innocent.

Recently, Justin Bieber is starring in the season premier of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in September, and he has been targeted by the anti-gay pseudo church Westboro Baptist.

Justin Bieber has not been photographed with weed or arrested for smoking weed. Thus, it is possible that this rumor expands from Justin’s acting debut on CSI and the detail that he posted a photo of himself wearing an orange jumpsuit on his Twitter and spotted himself as a bad man.


  1. Top Trends says:

    Top Trends : News Gossip Justin Bieber Smoking Weed controversy has come up. This is not true. Justin Bieber is not smoking weed. There are no photos of Justin Bieber doing this thing. Justin Bieber Smoking Weed

  2. floydwr85 says:

    nobody cares about this faget if he was smoking weed its not even that bad anyway i know people who do it everyday n they arent in the paper or fake images online wtf hes gay leave the homo alone go back in the closet

  3. nigger says:

    hahahahahhaha, he hits it like a biotch

  4. Nikki says:

    Okay, that does not look like justin bieber. and if he did smoke weed. then Wouldnt that make him more cooler? since most ppl now do smoke that stuff..

  5. delilah5 says:

    It can’t b e truth because boy who didn’t go through the puberty can’t enjoy the weed and doesn’t know what to do with woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Justin says:

    How can anyone believe something that came from someone who actually used “spreaded” in their article? Either they’re a Bieber fan, or a really crappy writer. Either way, don’t believe it just because of this article.

  7. genius says:

    looks like a crack pipe to me, could you imagine the headlines? “Justin Bieber: crack under pressure”

  8. katie says:

    This is FAKE. Just to let you know, Justin Bieber is doing a CSI show. This is for CSI, not him doing it… It’s from the show and totally bogus.

  9. cassidy95 says:

    haha seriously people? hes a teenage boy with stress, of course he could b smoking weed. who doesnt these days? im not such a fan of his music but this isnt reall a big deal!!!

  10. u guys r a bunch of fags for thinkin that justin would do this….. and all the guys that dont like him are just jealous cuz he is way hotter than u and gets lots of girls

  11. Me says:

    Bieber is gay as hell that is one thing that will eventually come out. He is a gay.

  12. Claudia Gomes says:

    First of all: This is NOT justin bieber!
    Real fans should know this, you can see the nose, hair and even mouth.
    Second of all: you might be calling him gay, but you might also be gay yourself! So don’t call people that you don’t know they sexuality options! – it’s nothing to do with yous all! 😉

  13. yoana vincentia says:

    he is not Justin Bieber… !
    he’s totally different… !
    Justin Bieber isn’t smoke.. !

  14. random gal says:

    For one that doesn’t look like a marijuana pipe that looks like a meth pipe, hahahaha, and for two it looks sooooo photoshopped i’m not fallin for it, i highly doubt and hope justin wouldn’t do that..

  15. alicia says:

    btw i dont think its true how do u know it could of been a fake or hes getting set up never plus its all fake dont believe what other people say plus weed is bad for u dont do it recks your life..

  16. alicia says:

    btw it kinda looks funny if u look at it but as your all big fans i’ll say no more lol :)

  17. MACKENZIE says:

    k wtf ppl ? leave him alone and yes im really big fan of JUSTIN BIEBER but this isnt true he wouldnt do thiis stuff anyways and just like some one said its for the show csi: doont u geet iit ppl ? like why would he do this ? like i know alot of ppl do. but its all a FAKE! FAAKKKKEEEE !

  18. sali says:

    nice pic love you jutin

  19. kiki says:

    i dont care everyone says he is not gay and he does not smoke weed. if he im sure he wouldnt do it again.

  20. Tham says:

    That’s not Justin! Btw, he’s not gay. =.=

  21. kim says:

    i am glad for its just a rumor oh thank u god hmm

  22. Jasmine says:

    I don’t like that they put that I mean he would never do that because he’s a good person. :)

  23. leen says:

    i dont belive he is fake he broke my heart

  24. katiems says:

    Jsut leave the fagot alone so he can go back in the closet.Gezz the gay guy cant get a break can hee!

  25. coraima says:

    justin bieber is a fagget they say he is gay and belive it i now it if u go to search justin bieber fake and go down and you will see a dude that looks old they say he is 51 and he makes the voice for justin bieber

  26. citlalli says:

    justin bieber gay if you dont belive me its true he is a fagget belive me i know what im saying trust me he is the gayest person on earth if you dont belive that eather i have proof from a lot of people and he is also a 51 year old and my cousin even said that her name is coraima so go on and search justin bieber fake and you will see a old dude and click on it now!!!!

  27. destany says:

    i love you justin bieber and i dont get that you smoke

  28. DJ michie says:

    ok thats not look like justin

  29. nass says:

    yu r all in the wrong page…that looks more like cody linely!!!!! nd justin bieber is just trying too look cool but he aint never goin to be cool.

  30. april gane says:

    hyyya rubish my pal shod me it on facebook it is pure fake it is not it is some one else

  31. emma says:

    total rubish ya write april you shout it to me and it is fackkk ;]]

  32. SryHangpor says:

    Now i really hated justin bieber…………………………………………………………………..;_;

  33. nhic says:

    i really want to talk jasmine the girlfreind of jb that jb is weird &fake

  34. minime says:

    yall is so crazy beee-othces lmao i like jb snoking weed hehe if it was real i would wanna snoke it wit em’

  35. sarah says:

    justin bieber rocks!picture looks like like it came from movie. LEAVE JUSTIN BIEBER ALONE :>

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