Justin Bieber Pregnant – Another Web Hoax about Justin Bieber

Posted by on Jun 21, 2010 | 13 Comments

Is Justin Bieber pregnant? This is another funny hoax about Justin Bieber circulating on Internet. On Google, ‘Justin Bieber pregnant’ is today one of the top ‘trending topics’. It is a really another incredible news after the rumors of neck break, syphilis and Kardishan.

It is really crazy news because Justin Bieber is not a lady but young Boy and a singer. For celebrity rumors that go viral lately, Justin Bieber seems to be a popular target. He has been listed as dead in the past few weeks, after that he was said to have an STD, then it was a trend that he broke his neck, and now he’s pregnant.

Is Justin Bieber pregnant with Megan Fox’s black baby who had Oprah’s sixth toe removed? Oprah Winfrey really had her sixth toe removed. Justin Bieber is not dead, pregnant, or anything else but sixteen. Megan Fox did not abort or molest a black baby. That type of rumors has gotten so ridiculous as to make Google trends unreliable.

First, it was said that Justin Bieber got arrested. Another gossip arrived that a guys was cursed by him. The next hoax stated that he died already. A syphilis issue arrived again. Then, he broke his neck. They even said a cover up of his syphilis with Chris Johnson. How could Justin Bieber have a baby when he is a male? Even if they consider Justin Bieber as a gay, he is still a male. All of the rumors about Justin Bieber are not true. All are not sure of is the hotel tape between him and Kim Kardashian. On the Internet, there is so much fraud which is making people much wiser and thoughtful.


  1. IM NOT A FAN says:

    justin beiber is a poof and should stop singing like a teenage girl! It does not suit him and even a girl his age could sing much better than him

  2. kayon says:

    i justin how are you,well my name is kayon and i am 16 year old.i am living jamaica. we can be friends if you want ok .you can send me a Email if you want,bye

  3. im so a fan says:

    i cant belive that alot of people dont like u dont sing like a girl and u r so hot

  4. Minya says:

    I porposely know your not,because your a boy.And boys don’t get that!

  5. alexis says:

    this picture is the coolist picture i have ever seen i want to go to justin bieber’s concert but i can’t because my dad is not leting me but he said if i win justin bieber tickets ican so i want to be friends with u am 9 years old and my name is alexis i live in zimmerman, minnesto BYE love,alexis ps. this is my dad’s e-mail bye again

  6. heloiza says:

    y love junstin bieber ♥
    por favor me convida para eu fazer um cripe com you….☻

  7. pily says:

    ahhhhhhhhhh thiz is me sayin justin beaber yur soo fukin sexi i adoe yue i love yue cann yue plzz call mee plzz i would love to tlk to yue luuk add meh on myspace at [email protected] plzzzz peaccee baibe

  8. khadijah says:

    i love everything about u justin and about this artical romer now a days r wake and foolish

  9. Julisa says:

    i do not think justin biener is prgent first because he is a guy and plus he is to young to have his own kid right now!!!!:( :) LOL!!

  10. erica says:

    thtz his baby sister wow ppl r soo dumb nd im pretty shure it is

  11. dominique says:

    hey how r u today i hope our foot is getting better . i might be coming to ourf concert

  12. Jesse Horner says:

    Hey justin, i dont know if oyou read this but, I am a massive fan! my friends all tease me at school for liking you cause i’m a guy, and i osmetimes cry because of it. but then i listen to your music and everything is okay. And justin, are you gay? because i am gay and would really like to get with you.

  13. alexis shirley aka lexie says:

    hey ur really cute hey do u have a baby brother or sister

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