Justin Bieber Molests his Fans via his CSI appearance

Posted by on Jul 26, 2010 | 26 Comments

From last one hour everyone is searching for ‘Justin Bieber Molests Fan’. What you think did Justin Bieber really Molests Fan? No there is not really anything like Molesting. Justin Bieber wanna be bad man in his upcoming appearance on CSI drama TV Episode. We got a hold of the original picture and posted it below.

Justin Bieber Molests Fan

Justin Bieber tweeted this photo to his fans earlier today from his upcoming appearance on CSI which premieres Thursday September 23 on CBS.

“I really hope he didn’t pull out his peen and molest some poor tween girl on the show or else it will totally ruin him for me, ngl.”

Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber twitter

Yes, 54,504 hits to this past hour alone, and our server is starting to buckle from all the traffic. All the tabloids have been reporting about Justin Bieber Molests Fan, but we know something they don’t-.

Take poor Justin Bieber perhaps who have been receiving all of these negative rumors since he became popular. It started with Justin being a hermaphrodite and pregnant. Other recent rumors about him are from the searches such as “Justin Bieber syphillis” or “Justin Bieber breaks neck” on Google.


  1. fail says:

    dumbasses always have to make a news report.

  2. Khushi says:

    I love Justin Bieber but why he is always buzzing in the news? Did Justin Bieber really Molests Fan? I think it is fake news about him which spread out wildfire on the internet. I really hope that he didn’t molest his fans.

  3. emilia says:

    ofc he didnt it says it right there loool

  4. samantha bieber says:

    how cool i wanna be on csi with justin bieber

  5. shelby philbrick says:

    i dont think it`s true but Since my dad came home and told me that he did molest someone my intrest in him or his music went down hill thats just because he didn`t say he molested a fan he said it was a male hooker! ewwwwwwy! i didnt even know that people thought it was a fan til i got on this website just now.

  6. desi bryan says:

    haha is this real? and justin do you smoke weed? or are these pic’s fake

  7. untl fail says:

    he would only molest a male fan gayboy of the year

  8. Justin Bieber says:

    I did not actually molest a fan. That rumor is fake.

  9. zulie says:

    do u even got something such as molesting?????

  10. Dai Lejai says:

    he wouldn’t molest any one

  11. hailey says:

    hey everyone he didnt its just what he does to get arrested on csi

  12. Sa5m says:

    justin that is so cool that you got to be on csi I wish I can be on a tv show but my dad said my grades have to go up they really did so I just want to say have fun on csi

  13. Sa5m says:

    o and i forgot to tell you my sister loves your songs
    i like your songs to. So dose my friend my other friends have your pictures all over there walls in there bedroom and have them in there lockers at school
    later Sa5m

  14. jhing2 says:

    i don’t think this is real!!!people always make news that makes an idol ruin his/her image!!GOD BLESS TO ALL!!

  15. angleroxx says:

    OMG cant wait to see that… Its on tomorrow… OMG…

  16. debora says:

    nao podes ir preso eu perciso de ti pra viver…

  17. ketly says:

    oi tudo bem vamos coversar gato beijos gatao

  18. kelly says:

    y is he going to jail!!!!!!! wtf how and y

  19. kelly says:

    oppppps my bad hes not its looks like hez going to jail

  20. mello yellow says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! if he ever got put in hand cuffs in front of me i would cry!!!!!!!

  21. Paninnguaq Magnussen says:

    Justin, u are my life

  22. kylia hutto says:

    hey its kylia im from moulton i dust wish that i wood get to get to know u and u whould ever get to see u and i dust hope that i wood geve eany thang to see u and i hope i get to go to ur consert n that ant true and that i sdust a leay.

  23. lilaaaaaaay eanes says:

    omg i dont think that jb was sooooo bad did he really molest the fan via his CSI apperance… omg my bffltwd is gunna freakkkkkkk i gottta call her omg omg omg omg omg

  24. justin you -know-who hater says:

    Justin Bieber is sooo stupid.

  25. michelle says:

    hey i dont care if justin beiber molested some fans i still think he is super cute and super good at singing and i still love him i would love to know him
    (\ (\

  26. 1 LOVE says:

    wow justin u would do that and y did u do that and y is it on the there

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