“Justin bieber is 51 years old” – Another web hoax

Posted by on Oct 02, 2010 | 112 Comments

Once again rumors related teen pop sensation Justin Bieber popped up on web. Recently, a shocking discovery is made by the Onion News Network that a 51-year-old pedophile Michael Cotes has worn as a wig and convincing rubber mask and appeared as teen Bieber for many years.

According to The Onion, Justin Bieber is a “well concealed 51-year-old pedophile.” An Investigator said, “In retrospect“, “Something as diabolical as Justin Bieber could only have been the product of a remorseless sex fiend.

Cotes’s “innocently suggestive” lyrics have impressed the minds of underage girls all over the country. As his face falling off when his mask came loose during a concert due to this reason he finds himself behind bars.

Video of Justin Bieber Is 51 years old!! from YouTube:


  1. youssef says:

    Thts so stupid !! If u guys have twitter or facebook u could c him writing things nd he”s in hawaii now thts so stupid he isn’t even care !!

  2. galilee samson says:

    everybody justin bieber is fake his not 16year old his 51 year old

  3. DJ michie says:

    SHUT UP stupid don’t ever say that to JUSTIN BIEBER. JUSTIN is not fake justin is only 16 years old and not 51 years old. hey you stupid GALILEE SAMSON don’t you ever say something BAD to JUSTIN BIEBER or els you gonna tease your own medicine…………….. 😛

  4. AUBREY says:

    justin bieber he’s not 51 yrs old! he is only 16 yrs old dont expect that he is 51yrs old :S please

  5. yvette says:

    how der u guyzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!justine bieber is not 51 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and his real,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  6. JB Fan 4 ever says:

    Hey! Justin Bieber is not 51 yrs. old he’s 16.. 😛

  7. apryl says:

    … am starting to believe what my dad told me … armageddon is already happening we just don’t know it … it would only be devils who would not have any conscience to hurt others no matter what …

  8. PinkBERRY says:

    Justin Bieber don’t worry I trust in you….. I will fight for you!!!!!!

  9. erica says:

    were is the true justin bieber
    i heard that he has a concert here in the philippines

  10. sk says:

    its trick that someone made it for justin.Actually juat is a young guy how could he became grandpa.just im on ur side.u are my fans 4ever………………………… From sksk

  11. abby says:

    that’s right guys i will never believe that video but in the first time that justin becomes a certified teen singer we should know that before they made us idiot.

  12. jasmin says:

    please cant tell me is or not justin bieber 51 year old

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