Julia Chuah Sheau Yen found Dead

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On Saturday, 31 years old model, entertainer and actress Julia Chuah Sheau Yen body was found dead at the parking lot of the Pantai Hill Park condominium believes to be murdered.

Julia Chuah Sheau Yen Dead

Chuah fallen off from the balcony of the 12th floor of her condominium named Pantai Hill Park. The mother of student-cum-actress Julia Chuah Sheau Yen, who fell to her death from the 12th floor of Pantai Hill Park here on Saturday afternoon, was too grief-stricken to speak about her loss yesterday.

City CID chief Senior Asst Comm II Datuk Ku Chin Wah said, “The results showed that 31-year-old Julia Chuah Sheau Yen died as a result of shock haemorrhage due to multiple injuries consistent with the fall.

The post-mortem report on the death of a part-time model and actress who had fallen off the 12th floor of a condominium here suggests there was no foul play.

Doctors did not find any marks on her body to suggest any sign of a struggle before she fell,” he said.

The mother was seen being comforted by close relatives and friends who gathered at the University Malaya Medical Centre.

Chuah, a 31-year-old student who apparently just returned from abroad, was said to be a talented actress and model, and her drama credits date back to 2001 sitcom Getting Together which co-starred Elaine Daly.

According to an Initial investigation of police, Chuah was dangling from an Astro dish on the 12th floor of the condominium while screaming for help before losing her grip.

Police have taken in custody to the boyfriend, who was a freelance photographer, was found in the parking lot of the condominium at 5.05pm on the day of the incident. Police said to be a photographer living with Chuah, to assist in their investigations under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder.

According to the report, a neighbour who said he only came to know about the incident when police knocked on his door. And the condominium’s parking area where Chuah’s body was found sprawled, a witness there said she heard a loud sound.

If there was a commotion in her unit before she fell, I didn’t hear it.

I was inside my unit on the second floor with some friends when we heard a loud bang as though the ground shook from an earthquake.

The young witness said, “We were stunned and then went out to the balcony and was shocked to see a woman lying on the ground with serious head injuries.

Brickfields district police chief, ACP Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdul Khalid said, “They had detained Chuah’s friend, the photographer, to assist them in their investigations and he has been remanded until Aug 13.

He said, “A post-mortem was conducted yesterday and Chuah’s family planned to conduct a funeral in the deceased’s hometown in Seremban.

The post-mortem showed that Chuah died of shock haemorrhage due to multiple injuries but there were no signs of struggle on the body.

Chuah had acted in a local Chinese drama series and several Malay movies.

SAC Ku said, “A 36-year-old photographer – believed to have been Chuah’s boyfriend – who was in the condominium at the time of her fall had been remanded for six days until Friday.

He also confirmed, “There was an eyewitness who claimed to have seen Chuah holding onto an Astro satellite dish on the 10th floor shouting for help for a few minutes before plunging to her death.

SAC Ku said, “Investigations had revealed that Chuah was about to move out to another apartment she had recently purchased following a possible break-up with her boyfriend.

Neighbours said that Chuah returned from England a month ago after completing her studies and had lived with the man in the condominium since.

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