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John Gilbert was an American actor who was born on July 10, 1895 and died on January 9, 1936. He was a major star of the silent film era. John Gilbert shown on TCM. The silent film star was mesmerized with intense black eyes and sensational magnetism that made him, next to Valentino, the greatest romantic icon of silent films.

John Gilbert is the one of the biggest movie stars of the silent era. Gilbert starred in numerous box-office and critical hits from 1923 to 1928, a relatively brief period but an illustrious body of work, nevertheless. The good news is that fourteen Gilbert vehicles will be presented. Several Gilbert vehicles that (to the best of my knowledge) have never been shown on TCM television such as Twelve Miles Out (1927), with Joan Crawford, Man Woman and Sin (1927) with Jeanne Eagels, and Gilbert’s first released talkie, His Glorious Night (1929). (The 1930 drama Redemption, a drab adaptation of Tolstoy‘s The Living Corpse, was actually shot first.)

Jack Gilbert found his way to Hollywood where he lied about his age, adding four years, hoping to direct films, and obtained extra work at the Thomas Ince Studios for $15 a week. He later wrote scripts and directed a few movies. In 1917, eighteen-year-old Jack married one Olivia Burwell. In 1919, he appeared opposite famed star Mary Pickford in Heart O’ The Hills.

In 1921, Jack Gilbert signed a three-year-contract with Fox Films. Now billed as John Gilbert, his dark, Latin good looks, deep expressive eyes, slight hint of vulnerability, flashing smile, fluid movements, and sensational lithe build suited the silent, exotic, romantic film, The Count of Monte Cristo (1922), which helped propel him to stardom. That same year he divorced Burwell and married successful actress Leatrice Joy, and they produced a daughter, Leatrice.

Following is the schedule of John Gilbert’s Movie on TCM:

3:00 AM Busher, The (1919) In this silent film, a minor-league baseball player gets his shot at the big leagues.
Cast: Charles Ray, Colleen Moore, John Gilbert.
Dir: Jerome Storm. BW-55 mins.

4:00 AM He Who Gets Slapped (1924) In this silent film, a scientist flees his tragic past to become a circus clown.
Cast: Lon Chaney, Norma Shearer, John Gilbert.
Dir: Victor Seastrom. BW-72 mins.

5:30 AM Merry Widow, The (1925) In this silent film, a European nobleman courts the wealthy American widow he once loved to save his bankrupt homeland
Cast: Mae Murray, John Gilbert, Tully Marshall.
Dir: Erich von Stroheim. BW-137 mins.

8:00 AM Show, The (1927) In this silent film, a sideshow dancer secretly loves the show’s amoral barker.
Cast: John Gilbert, Renee Adoree, Lionel Barrymore.
Dir: Tod Browning. BW-76 mins.

9:30 AM Desert Nights (1929) In this silent film, diamond robbers get caught in a violent sandstorm.
Cast: John Gilbert, Mary Nolan, Ernest Torrence.
Dir: William Nigh. BW-62 mins.

10:45 AM Way For A Sailor (1930) A devoted sailor jeopardizes his love life for love of the sea.
Cast: John Gilbert, Wallace Beery, Leila Hyams.
Dir: Sam Wood. BW-85 mins.

12:15 PM Gentleman’s Fate (1931) A bootlegger falls apart when his wife leaves him.
Cast: John Gilbert, Louis Wolheim, Leila Hyams.
Dir: Mervyn LeRoy. BW-93 mins.

2:00 PM Phantom of Paris, The (1931) A magician is charged with killing his fiancee’s father.
Cast: John Gilbert, Leila Hyams, Ian Keith.
Dir: John S. Robertson. BW-74 mins.

3:30 PM Downstairs (1932) An evil chauffeur seduces and blackmails his way through high society.
Cast: John Gilbert, Virginia Bruce, Paul Lukas.
Dir: Monta Bell. BW-78 mins.

5:00 PM Big Parade, The (1925) In this silent film, a young innocent enlists for World War I service but soon learns the horrors of war.
Cast: John Gilbert, Renee Adoree, Karl Dane.
Dir: King Vidor. BW-126 mins.

7:15 PM Bardelys the Magnificent (1926) A notorious womanizer falls for the woman he has bet he can trick into marriage.
Cast: John Gilbert, Eleanor Boardman, Roy D’Arcy.
Dir: King Vidor. BW-90 mins.

9:00 PM Flesh And The Devil (1926) In this silent film, a femme fatale comes between childhood friends.
Cast: Greta Garbo, John Gilbert, Lars Hanson.
Dir: Clarence Brown. BW-113 mins.

11:00 PM Queen Christina (1933) Romantic tale of the 17th-century Swedish queen and her romance with a Spanish diplomat.
Cast: Greta Garbo, John Gilbert, Lewis Stone.
Dir: Rouben Mamoulian. BW-99 mins.

1:00 AM Captain Hates the Sea, The (1934) A bond thief, a private eye and a drunken reporter wreak havoc on an ocean voyage.
Cast: Victor McLaglen, Wynne Gibson, John Gilbert.
Dir: Lewis Milestone. BW-85 mins.

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