Joby John is Winner of Idea Star Singer Season 4

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A Malayalam music reality-television competition, Idea Star Singer Season 4 Grand Finale was completed on 1st august, 2010 and the Joby John was declared as first winner of the singing competition. Joby John got highest number of 522272 votes. In the final episode, there were five contestants included. The grand finale show was happened on Chandrashekaran Nair Stadium, Thiruvananthapuram.

Winner Joby John

Idea Star Singer is aired on popular Malayalam TV channel Asianet at 8:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m (IST) from Monday to Friday. This competition is pursuing a talented 15 to 30 years singer from Kerala who can capture the peoples’ hearts with the exclusive combination of singing and entertainment. For voting the best performing participant, the TV viewing audience’s SMS is used.

S.P.Balasubramanyam, M.G.Sreeekumar, K.S.Chithra and Sarath were judges of the grand finale. Basically, the performance and SMS decided the five contestants’ luck. The five contestants who made it to the stage are Joby John, Preethi Warrior, Sreenath, Anju Joseph and Vidhya Shankar.

Sreenath is the first runner up and Preethi is the second runner up in Idea Star Singer Season 4. Joby John had popularity from the starting and most expected among them with supportive audience interest though everyone had the potential to win the prize.

Idea Star Singer Season 4 winners:

  • Joby John (27): First Position (Rs.1 crore worth Villa at Trivandrum) with 528728 votes
  • Sreenath (19): Second Position with 129521 votes
  • Preethi Ravindran Warrier (23): Third Position with 38203 votes

Video of Idea Star Singer Season 4 Final Winner 2010 Joby John from Youtube:

Idea Star Singer Season 4 Grand Finale Video Part I video from Youtube:


  1. Reshmi says:

    JOBY Very well done, u deserve it.congratulations!! dont bother about the bloody comments against uuu, bcz they all jealous on you… god is always with u and ur family. we r so happy for uu… And sreenath should come out his head weight and jealous. congrats to all other winners!

    we love u JOBY….


  2. Chris says:

    Joby, you are the Best Singer and the only best singer in Seasoon. 5 lakh people are not fools to vote you. Dont listen to any stupid comments, just be yourself and God and Good people are there with you always. Srinath is only a good dancer, let him get first prize in dancing competiton. Good luck in your futiure career and surely you will be in good position always. God Bless you my son!

  3. sajinsheen says:

    congrats joby, best wishes for ur future

  4. MANOHAR says:


  5. SINDHU says:

    Bad luck to Sreenath… Better luck next time..

  6. rency says:

    heartfelt congrats to u joby…u did superb..ur songs on the grand finale were more than expectation..u sang the best..not only ur votes but ur scores were also the highestin the finals..u really deserve it.ur humble,
    and always god lifts up those who r down to earth..when the results was told,u lifted ur hands up n thanked god.that was realy touching..gud wishes..
    congrats to all the other winners..

  7. Neethu says:


  8. Ravi says:

    Rather Malayalam, star singer Season 4 was to be named as a Tamil show. Further they could have included poem recital as another catagory. In season 4 better singers were got out before final. Good for them.

  9. sajeesh says:

    Well done joby. All I can say,this programme is really cheating the viewers.Asianet, where is the ethics.
    And for Ranjini, for god sake, leave this bullshit and get married, atleast we people will escape.

  10. M.N.S.Nampoothiripad says:

    The results announced at the end of the Idea Star Singer season 4 mega final show was a flop. The organisers cheated the viewers in as much as it was in reality an SMS best singer selection. You select the best singer among the contestants by comparing their individual performances and not on the basis of their popularity ratings. Ofcourse you can conduct a popularity contest and declare the result as such and please dont call him the best singer. Those who pumped in so much money to to tilt a music contest result in favour of some one is is doing a disservice to the music itself. Sreenath and Preethi deservaed to be in top depending on their marks. But the introduction of SMS to decide the best singer is attrocious to say the least. Why did the organisers choose not to disclose the actual marks scored by each contestant in the mega final rather than mixing it with the SMS ratings? Joby could have been given at best a consolation prize in recognition to the efforts he has taken to reach the mega final. If this trend goes , next time people with money will be in a mad rush to send SMS to totally alter the scope and ambit of the music contest itself.

  11. Sreenivasan says:

    Hi Joby,

    At last you have done it. All the best for your furture carrier in music. We are waiting for you to sing in a movie shortly.


  12. JAJI.K says:

    Hi Joby,
    Hearty congratulations wish you all the very best

  13. Nimod says:

    congrads joby….
    well sing sreenath,but the votes was deside the winner.

  14. Rehman says:

    Hai Joby,

    Since from your first stage onwards, we used to pray for you. The day when Chitra chechy asked you to stop singing, we got very angry on her. But, that incident inspired you to come with best ever singing performance afterwards. No doubt, I like Chitra Chechy. Srinath sings good. But, little head weight is there with him.

    Congrats ! I had the same passion what you had on that day. GOD BLESS YOU.

  15. ricky melbon says:

    Dear M.N.S Nampoothiripade………
    thanoru kootharaya.thatswhy u r writing like this.actually it is a reality show based on sms.joby is a very good singer & he proove that.from starting also, they r eliminating by the mark & sms.sreenath is a good singer, but in iss, he was a performer only than joby. so dont make like this comments……….. pls……..

  16. Aswathi says:

    The prize what JOby got is not judicial.What is this!!! He dont deserves that.Sreenath, Preethi and Vidhya are the best ones

  17. Liju says:

    COngragulations JOBY, YOU DESERVE IT

  18. keerthi says:

    congragulation jobichetta we are miss you

  19. Siddharth says:

    Sreenath is the best among them all. Second Vidya and third Preethi. There is no justification in the prize also. 1 crore and 10 lakhs.. Still dont understand how Jobi wins..

  20. Harry says:

    Performance round comes once in every round and every participant has to go through it.
    Joby also scored very well in performance rounds- Hindi and Tamil – although the Judges declared that they could not understand the language.
    Therefore it is not correct to belittle abilities of participants like Preethi, Sreenath and Vidhya.
    Only Performance round will not take any contestant anywhere!!
    Grand Finale evaluation should carry
    1) about 80% weightage for the Final
    2) about 20% weightage for past performances
    SMS should be resorted to only in case of Tie
    Lastly the Final Panel of Judges should be a fresh one

    This is how many university exams are conducted

  21. ANNIE says:

    JOBY, congrats. we, all are happy .GOD BLESS YOU.

  22. Mr. Nelliyatt says:

    1. As a common man I was delighted to see Joby John and his family got the 1 crore worth villa. But as a music lover I am totally disappointed to see the outcome. The winner was decided through SMS and not by caliber of the contestant.
    Idea star singer must stop this sms to sustain the quality of the program. There were few contestants who were better than the finalist but were eliminated due to lack of sms. Even joby john was in the elimination round for couple of times and only because of sms, he survived!!!!!!
    Please understand the fact that almost 99% of the people who send these sms are not even know the basics of music leaving the expert judges like dummy.
    My ultimate request to Asianet is that not to kill music for the sake of million dollar SMS business.

  23. Sabu USA says:

    Congrats Joby, you earned it over two years time, but we all cannot ignore the compassion the Malayalees showered on you, hope you continue learning music and reach heights. Sreenath is a capable singer as well, if the crowd (or whoever spent the money for the SMS for Joby on the final) wished, they could have voted to give the Villa to Sreenath as well.

    It is a shame that Asianet do not change the judging panel, I have seen Mr. Sharath and Mr. Sreekumar lending helping hands to Vidhya and Rahul over other deserving contestants, like Dany (If you all have noticed Dany did not show up anywhere in the program afteewards, I still wonder why he diod not walk out after the comments he made at the judge, I would have!). Dany is a hard working candidate, along with the Naik child, who was kicked out very early in the show. For the kind of comments Sreekumar made towards Dany, before Dany said he is leaving, Sreekumar should have been spot eliminated as a judge. Sreekumar should show maturity.

    I decided not to waste anymore time watching Idea star singer. On a different note, the money spent for watching “Asianet” is not justified in the USA. All programs are on an average repeated 3 times a day, that itself shows why they have three channels. One channel data split into three channels and repeat the same data minimum 3 times. I think that is the case with the most Malayalee channels. Do you all know how much money the big channels earn? Also how much time we waste watching the advertisements and the programs…. Look at some serials – the 5 fingers serials, kunjali marakkar – it is a shame characters like Marakkar and Othenan depicted so cheap, see the yakshis appearing in real history lol. I wish if some group come out and invest and run a malayalee channel just for 6 hours only quality programs, not cheap serials or just money earning reality shows. Sure we need to encourage talents through reality shows, but then don’t just the reality show run the channel !!! I won’t be available for any back and forth comments, but just opened up a can of worms….

  24. MNJ says:

    All are good in the final but dont forget sreenath never comes the dangersone.congratulation Mr.joby

  25. unni says:

    What to say about the final decision of the start singer. This is totally making others fools. The only thing for the show to make money to Asianet and the judges huge amount from Asianet and they doing their work to Asianet – they not doing justice to the contestants. We people should ignore like this types of reality SMS programmes. Mr. JOBY not at all deserve this and should check whether he getting this much SMS. We can agree that if he is far better singer than SRINATH, PREETHI, VIDYA & ANJU – see how much SMS they received. These all was pre-planned drama.

    SREENATH u don’t disappoint – u have a great future ahead. Bets of Luck.

  26. PRAKASAN.E.V says:


  27. PRAKASAN.E.V says:


  28. PRAKASAN.E.V says:

    Such nasty show piece of music. Just wasted the whole bit being real. I could watch and feel that anchor was really begging and rude shouting for sms. If its a true way to find and promote a real talnet by Asianet, just need to find the ethics followed by Asianet, just pathetic..fooling millions of keralites. Asianet do not let your repute loose and media is suppose to be showing right and nice approaches to the public rather than you guys(asianet) running behind monies. Never again follow Idea star singer………………..its a failure words comes….its not spiritual singer words…..must be appreciate greter person……………try better……

  29. Anupama says:

    Joby please ignore those rubbish comments… You are he best .. You deserve it.. best wishes

  30. DhanyaArunbose says:

    Congratulations Joby. All the best wishes for your future and grand life

  31. Suresh says:

    Results were disappointing.People can,t judge the true ability of a singer.Judges can do that.People may be motivated by sympathy and other factors.But, it was a show to find the most talented singer.But sympathy wave created caused to give away the award not to the most deserving singer.Joby may be the most popular singer,not the best singer.Asianet can think about such an award in future. Please don’t mix talent with sms/sympathy

  32. anu says:

    Hai Joby,be humble as always you are.Pray to GOD .Take care of your parents.Always luv the audience

  33. teena says:

    joby deserves it because he sang well…people stop hating…sreenath had a attitude when joby people should see his face.. he thought he was gonna win, thats y he didn’t get the 1st prize bcuz of his attitude problems..god lifts those who are humble and those who have faith..joby has all the qualities…. joby is very humble and thanking god all the time so god brought him up and we are all happy for him..and he deserves it more then anyone else..may god bless him more and more..congratz joby :)

  34. Francis Thadathil says:

    It is indeed Joby john Who deserved that crown.My observation is only from the Final performance.He sang amazingly.The last round song was fabulus. I think he made a lot of home work to grab the crown. sreeshanth sang pretty well. watch the vedio again you will find that It was joby who performed extreemly well.the song selections were tough and he did it again. preethy and anju did not selct apt songs that is why they could not perform well. Vidyas comment on the arrival was not fare. may be because of the comment by the renjini.But he sang pretty well. I thought him to be in the 4th position. Anju made Realy poor song selection.Being given the opening slot realy put sree in pressure.had the SMS not been there I would say Joby would have been the winner.

  35. stella says:

    joby you have done a good job .your hard work got you this far.good luck in the future

  36. Gopal K Nair says:

    I am at a loss to understand how a candidate with lakhs of SMS win a musical reality show . He should have awarded the most popular award and not the Best singer award . In my opinion ,The talented singers in last year line up in order were 1.Sreenath ,2.Preethi , 3.Shikha , 4.& Akhil

  37. shiril says:

    Joby congrats. We love u. U r the best singer in the world. Pathmasree Joby John.I wish u will be get a lot of films. We all pray for u.But I have one request, u never forget about ur fans.

  38. Harikumar.V.T. says:

    Dear Asianet,
    As a viewer iam congratulating the winner of idea star singer season4.Iam totally upset when i heard the result
    from kavya’s mouth.I humbly request to asianet don’t say reality show,actually it was SMS show brought by Idea Celluar Phone Co.Please kindly change the programme title as “SMS ISS “.I don’t blame anybody.In the meantime iam hearty congratulate to all contestant,especially finalist Sreenath&Preethy.

  39. sangeeta daniel says:

    so happy 4 u joby with god bless & prayers sangi.

  40. kalarikkal says:

    I felt very sad and sympethetic towards Sreenath when the result was announced. He did a very impressive performance from the beginning until the end of the course. But everything was in vain at the last moment. A disappoiting result in the Grand Finale by the Judges and the Organizers made this programme in fiasco.

  41. sophy says:

    Joby CONGRATS. We all love u soo much .You are best singer in the world.Your humbleness and hard work got you this far.Keep pray to god .Good luck for your future. You deserve this villa more than anybody .God blees .Keep practicing your music.

  42. sijin says:

    Ignore all bloody nasty comments, after first two rounds, joby was far behind than preethy and sreenath, but joby scored 95 marks without sms in the challenge round. What an outstanding performance was that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that made him the winner….
    JOBY- 95
    NOTE- SMS plays only a cameo roll in the entire judging- just 5%…………
    So please avoid unnecessory provoking comments……

  43. nisha says:

    your humbleness will take you to heights…you sang yaa ali madat ali ! And he has blessed you with a deserved reward.congratulations joby and pseethi.

  44. Deepu says:

    Joby, I liked ur lifting up of hands to praise GOD!!!


  45. Martin says:

    Congrats Jobi,
    But according to me Preethi is the best singer.
    This SMS voting is not good, sometimes it may lead to choose the wrong person. Anyway but Jobi also equally good only.
    I would like to contact Preethi and greet her, if anyone knows Phone or Mail ID pl do inform me. Thanks

  46. aswathy abhishek says:

    “POTHU JANAM KAZHUTHAKAL”…..i am very shocked aftr hearing the result…..sreenath was the only candidate to win that place…pls don’t mix talents wt sentimence……don’t make viwers fool….asianet pls stop this type of comedy show…..JOBY is ok… he doesn’t deserve that place….asianet pls change it as “SMS STAR SINGERS”.i am sorry to say that i hv lost the trust on this pgm..

  47. George Koshy says:

    Joby, you have done a wonderful job. God heard your prayers. Congratulations. Get more closer to Almighty God as he can take you to new heights. Be humble always as you are now. Take rest and improve your voice and be the old Joby we have seen when you started the season 4 competition. Contact us for any advise and suggestion

  48. p k prakash qatar says:

    All those people who made the bloody and nasty comments might not seen the perfomance of joby in the grand finale of season 4. I request all those parties pls stop these jelousful barking and evaluate the program atleast after having a look at the program. “JOBY U R THE BEST SINGER” NO DOUGHT FOR US, THE LOVERS OF MUSIC” BEST OE LUCK AND GOD WITH U EVER JOBY”

  49. anu. says:

    finally sympathy and relegious spirit won

  50. resmi says:

    am frm dubai…all said tht joby got sms vote only..why didnt u people think about the score he got…why you people are jealous on him…i read the comments supportng sreenath…y u people supporting him?the same way others supporting joby…all are best singers..thats y they reached in final…..sms selection is a stupidity…and asianet can think about a new judging pannel atleast in final..try to applause the abilities rather than this ego play…

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