Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory Season 2 to Start with Montauk Monster of Plum Island

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On Friday October 15, 2010 Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory Season 2 started on truTV Channel at 10:00 PM with Montauk Monster of Plum Island. As per Yahoo news Plum Island has been used for animal disease and germ warfare research. Jesse Ventura is the host of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura. Plum Island is the first of a number of stories covered this season.

Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory Season 2 to Start with Montauk Monster of Plum Island

To discover if the government is conducting bio-warfare experiments at the mysterious Plum Island Animal Research Center off the coast of Long Island, Jesse storms Congress. The center began as a bio-warfare lab run by former Nazi scientists, and including African swine flu and Lyme disease, it has been blamed for spreading diseases and viruses throughout the mainland. Jesse Ventura wore the same black leather jacket over plain black shirt. He demands access to an off-limits government facility such as the Department of Homeland Security’s Plum Island Animal Disease Center, off the coast of Long Island, New York.

Confronting the Powers That Be with his counter-knowledge, an ambush strategy that yields mixed results is generally involved in Ventura’s questioning. Season two premiere declares the Plum Island facility a secret biowarfare lab. Conspiracy Theory drew over 1.6 million viewers, breaking a network record for largest audience for a new series launch, when it was started in December 2009 on truTV. Ventura makes it his mission to ask questions and discover the truth, throughout his investigations no matter where it leads.

Second season will set out to examine topics such as the Kennedy assassination, the Plum Island Research Center off Long Island, a secret billionaire’s club with the power to manipulate markets, government internment camps and the granddaddy secret of them all, Area 51. Without solid proof he is not about to take answers at face value, especially if those responses come from the very people he’s investigating. Executive producers of the series are Jesse Ventura, Arthur Smith, Kent Weed and Frank Sinton.

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