Jennifer Stano engaged to Alki David

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Jennifer Stano has recently got engaged to Alki David. Jennifer Stano is a the sexy siren and the most in demand models and Alki David is a billionaire businessman, who is partnering Jennifer Stano in her business also.

Jennifer Stano engaged to Alki David, Jennifer Stano and Alki David

Jennifer Stano with Alki David

Alki David is one of the richest man on the planet earth and Jennifer Stano is one of the most amazing, astonishing and gorgeous diva of the modeling world, who have launched a swimwear range “Have Faith”, owned by both David and Jennifer Stano.

Jennifer Stano recently started hosting two E! Entertainment shows. Jennifer has 2 shows on E! coming out- one on ” the spin crowd” produced by Kim Kardashian and another about designers and their family. As well as being a businessman Alki is a billionaire playboy who is just about to launch his version of Chat roulette called Battlecam.

Jennifer Stano engaged to Alki David

Jennifer Stano is also working for Spike TV and she also appeared in number of commercials like the most famous AXE body spray commercial. Jennifer Stano is also one of the new faces of the ENTERTAINMENT.

In an episode of “The Spin Industry Both Alki David and Jennifer Stano also appeared even Jennifer Stano hosts herself. Jennifer Stano has a prosperous future with Alki David.


  1. feodora says:

    there both gross. and she is a brainless gold digging pig!

  2. Mack says:

    You know you are a vapid gold digger when you have that much plastic surgery in your 20’s. She looks like a weird freak. She is a moron too,, she has the IQ of mustard.

  3. flower says:

    obviously a goldigger who wants to use this guy to get her famous when shes talentless whtever ‘fashion line’ nobody even knows who she is apart from after watching spin crowd and even then i was like ‘who is she again?!’ LOL

  4. holly jay says:

    actualy i know her for many yrs now.jen stano was a skinny little girl till she met an left celeb trainer mike brown.he created her diet an program an made her wrkout even compete in bikine competitions if anyone should get credit he should i knew her when she met him an she was as skinny as a rail they even worked for the same fitness companys,untill one day she left him went to la an broke his heart i know mike he is a great trainer great fit model an actor and hes a nationaly ranked bodybuilder but most of all hes a great guy an she left him for no reason so i say f-u jen i just may go get him for myself.i think u can see them on facebook an then u can decide if shes with him for the $$$$

  5. peoples champ says:

    It all started wit jen when she dated ex[ind]minor league baseball player. i will not disclose the name cause hes not tryin to do everything he can to get famous. not like some people we know. he holds awsome records. he is the stolenbase king in sw florida.coming from the same area as deon sanders.then moves to ny and becomes a top reciever in the state at five foot eight and wins a state title. people will forget the pics u took.we will never forget what ur ex boyfriend did. peoples champ!

  6. David says:

    I met her when she was 17, she was alway a gold digging good for nothing whore.

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