Is Cesar Millan Dies of A Heart Attack?

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Find out the truth about Cesar Millan viral death hoax and check out message of Junior Millan to confirm Cesar Millan is living and healthy as a horse.

A simple health issue of celebrities becomes breaking news and people like to give their condolence in all the way besides checking out reality of any shocking news. This is a really worst disadvantage of social media and reporters who use internet technology to increase their popularity by advertising half truth with full of misleading information. Many celebrities’ simple hospital visits for different health issues or minor operations become viral and do not end till rumors of death of same celebrities spread all over the world. Recently a very popular Cesar Millan’s death hoax has hit the every social media and news channel with misleading information.

Cesar Millan dog trainer, Cesar Millan dead

A fake death story claims that “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan has been passed away on the Wednesday morning due to heart attack. The wrong news will make you feel more disgusting when you know that almost every dog lover think this as “TRUE” news! People start offering their condolence on official facebook page of Millan. To break this death hoax junior Millan messaged to make sure for everyone that their Loving Cesar Millan is living and he is healthy.

Junior Millan’s message says that: “Reports of my Pack Leader’s untimely demise are greatly exaggerated. I can happily report he is safe, happy and healthy. I can also tell you he kept me up all night snoring, my breakfast was a little late but I did get a great morning walk. As Cesar keeps telling me: Exercise. Discipline. Affection. – the key to a long, balanced, and healthy life!”

First report of Millan’s death started going viral on Wednesday when a UNAM Noticias report claimed a “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan has died in the early hours of 3 December in Santa Clarita hospital in California. So, friends our favorite “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan is living happily. News of Millan’s death is totally fake news.

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