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Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers is a dreadfulness movie and is the sixth part of the Halloween series. Joe Chappelle is the director of the movie from a screenplay by Daniel Farrands. The plot involves the “Curse of Thorn”, a supernatural symbol first shown in Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers and exposed in the film to be the basis of Michael Myer’s wicked.


The sixth part is known for its contentious behind-the-scenes history, distress from re-shoots in production and several cuts and preparations made in the editing room; including a different ending. The work print of the film completes with 43 minutes and the end was discovered by the fans of the series. As the original planned version of the film developed a strong cult following so this version, called “The Producer’s Cut”.


For six years Michael Myers, his niece Jamie Lloyd and the baffling Man in Black have all been in hiding. Man in Black is a head of a Satanic-like cult and it is revealed that he kidnapped Jamie and had her impregnated. On Halloween Eve she delivered a male boy the baby is born and is carried away by the Man in Black. That night a nurse helps Jamie and her newborn.

Following Jamie and her new born, Michael Myers kills the nurse by the throat, picked her up, and impaled the back of her skull to a metal spike in the wall. With Michael in pursuit, Jamie fled to a nearby road where she took the driver’s seat of a vacated truck. The angry, drunken driver screamed at her who is the owner of the truck: “What the hell are you doing in my truck?”. She drove truck to a dark and empty bus depot, from where she calls in to a radio show that happens to be doing a televised about the Haddonfield murders. Jamie gets on the air, prayerful for help and warning of Michael’s forthcoming return. Ensnared, she proceeds to conceal in the bathroom where Michael nearly catches her, she scarcely makes it out alive and again drives away. Jamie is still unsafe as she is forced off the road by a most probably stolen van driven by Michael Myers. She makes her way inside of an old barn where Michael is waiting for her though she is beaten and fatigued. By pushing Jamie he kills her into a callus thresher, only to find that Jamie does not have the baby.

In the interim, Tommy Doyle (the child Laurie Strode) has his eye on a family who’s enthused in the old Myers home house athwart the road from the planking house where he lives. The planking house run by an inexplicable old woman named Minnie Blankenship. Tommy has been engrossed with finding the fact behind the murderous motives of Michael Myers, for seventeen years. Tommy finds Jamie baby at the bus station, after earshot Jamie prayerful for help on a local radio show takes her baby for care, who he later names Stephen. Strode family relatives people are lived in the Myers house and among the current residents are Kara Strode and her son Danny, Kara’s teenage brother Tim Strode, and her parents, the adoring mother Debra and her abusive husband and Kara’s father John. Trying to get to Jamie’s baby, Michael hunts each of the Strodes one by one. Crossways the road, Tommy divulged to Kara that Michael has been marked with Thorn, a runic sign: “The Druids were also great mathematicians and astronomers, but the Thorn symbol is actually a constellation of stars that appears from time to time on Halloween night. Whenever it appears, he appears. Coincidence? I think that’s why these people, whoever they are, are after Jamie’s baby, to make it Michael’s final sacrifice.” It is an olden Druid curse that denoted a demon that broaden infirmity and caused mad ruined on druid racial group.

According to Celtic legend, one child from each ethnic group was selected to be inflicted with the curse of Thorn, to offer the blood sacrifices of its next of family on the night of Samhain [Halloween] because the sacrifice of one family meant sparing the lives of the entire tribe. This is the reason why Michael is trying to kill Stephen. If Michael did thrive in killing his complete family, the curse would be conceded on to another child.

While Tommy is out looking for Dr. Loomis, after talking to Danny Mrs. Blankenship divulged to Kara that she was babysitting Michael Myers when he killed his sister 32 years earlier, and Danny hears the “voice”, just like Michael Myers heard when she was babysitting him and he heard a voice the night that he murdered his sister. She was implying that Danny is the next “child” to be cursed with Thorn. The plot takes to a turn when “Man in Black” finally reveals himself as Dr. Wynn from the original Halloween.

The cult takes Kara, Danny, Stephen, and Michael backs to Smith’s Grove hospital, after a frightening showdown, with Tommy and Dr. Loomis subsequent them. Loomis confront Dr. Wynn, who credits Loomis for first ascertain the everlasting power of Michael’s personified wicked. To renew the next cycle of vast evil power, Wynn plans to use Stephen and invites Loomis to join him. In the interim, Tommy finds Kara locked in a room in the maximum security ward, and they carry on finding Danny and Stephen.

In the corridor, they see Dr. Wynn and several other surgeons talking about their working on the genetic engineering experiment. They then walk into an operating room and Tommy and Kara walk into the room next to it, where they find the children. Tommy and Kara observe through a two-way mirror when Dr. Wynn and the other surgeons train to perform the genetic engineering operation probably on Danny. But Michael disrupts the process, walking in with a surgical axe in hand and swiftly butchery them all. Until they come to a locked gate, along with Michael, Kara, Tommy and the kids run in hot pursuit. In a high-tech med lab the group conceals. Kara notices inside the lab, some tanks with what looks like to be baby fetuses inside each one of them with a graph with runes converted into technical letter codes next to them. As what it come out to be, Dr. Wynn and the hospital squad are not the “Cult of Thorn” at all but just cult geneticists trying using Michael’s evil influence for their own experiments which involved cloning him. To persuade a new child to harness the power of Thorn, the fetuses are actually unsuccessful endeavors by the crew. Wynn and his hospital squad have probably been using the women of the institution for their experiments by performing in vitro fertilization on them. Their experiments have failed, but it finally works when they tested it on Jamie and probably kidnapped Kara to test their experiments on her. Michael shatter into the room and out of nowhere Tommy injects him with tranquilizers of corrosive chemicals and beats him in the head with a lead pipe.

Michael shatter into the room and out of nowhere Tommy injects him with tranquilizers of corrosive chemicals and thrash him in the skull with a lead pipe. As Dr. Loomis, Danny, Kara, Tommy and Stephen are about to run away, Loomis tells them to go on without him as he has “unfinished business” to do. Michael’s mask is lying on the floor back inside the building and Loomis shout.


  • Paul Stephen Rudd as Tommy Doyle
  • Mitchell Ryan as Dr. Terence Wynn
  • Bradford English as John Strode
  • J.C. Brandy as Jamie Lloyd Carruthers
  • Mariah O’Brien as Beth
  • Donald Pleasence as Dr. Sam Loomis
  • Kim Darby as Debra Strode
  • Keith Bogart as Tim Strode
  • Marianne Hagan as Kara Strode
  • Leo Geter as Barry Simms
  • Devin Gardner as Danny Strode
  • Susan Swift as Mary
  • Janice Knickrehm as Minnie Blankenship
  • George P. Wilbur as Michael Myers

Film Notables:

The sixth part of the Halloween series had a worried past with nearly a dozen screenplay rewrites, editing, and reshoots. As of this sixth film, the budgeted costs were about $20 million, while the six films domestically grossed more than $131 million.

The taglines of this part are: “Six Times the Terror…Six Times the Fear…Six Times the Thrills of the original Halloween” and “Terror Never Rests in Peace.”

This was Donald Pleasence’s last film.


The major theme in the film is the Runic symbol of Thorn. In 1990, Daniel Farrands, playwright, and long-time Halloween fan, had set out to write down the sixth patr in the Halloween series. The producer of Halloween 5, Ramsey Thomas gets horror movie scripts from Farrands. Thomas set a meeting for Farrands with executive producer Moustapha Akkad.

Even though the producers at the time had already hunted to make a sixth Halloween film, a series of convoluted legal battles proceed which delayed plans for a sequel; finally Miramax Films (using its Dimension Films division) bought the rights to the Halloween franchise.


Daniel Farrands had writen the sixth Halloween film, in 1994, after numerous screenplays from writers were reckon inadequate. Farrands has said his initial aim for Halloween 6 was to “bridge the later films (4-5) in the series to the earlier films (1-2) while at the same time taking the story into new territory so that the series could expand for future installments.” Daniel Farrands had written numerous sketches to the film.


Alan Howarth, a long-time Halloween contributor is the composer of the original music score. A soundtrack album was released by Varese Sarabande Records. It is an unusual combination of the music attribute in the original cut of the film, in addition to that of the final melodramatic cut.

The album’s hit single ‘And Fools Shine On’ achieve number one on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Tracks. The movie also featured other songs from Seeds: 20/20 Faith, Hung on a Rope, and Horses & Needles. This is the first film in the series that integrated a hit song into its soundtrack.


In the original Halloween film, it was seen that Dr. Wynn tells Dr. Loomis that Michael can’t drive a car. It is highly likely that Wynn, as the leader of Michael’s cult and a doctor at Smith’s Grove, was the one who trained him how to drive.

Dr. Loomis’ unidentified destiny at the end has been conjecture by some. Some followers think that Loomis has been killed by Michael, and some think he was blaring because Michael was gone, or, as the narration from the alternate ending was essential, it could have been something completely different and unknown.

Box office:

After the release of film, it has grossed $7,308,529 in first weekend, being the first film in the sequence to strike Halloween II’s opening weekend gross. At the U.S. box office, the film went on to gross a total of $15,116,634, from a predictable $5 million budget.

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