Giuliana Rancic’s miscarriage & lost baby

Posted by Vinay Sojitra on Oct 16, 2010 | 12 Comments

Former Apprentice winner Bill Rancic and his wife, E! News host Giuliana Rancic, recently suffered a miscarriage. Giuliana said, “This is actually the first time we are talking about this, because nobody knew we were pregnant. And it was really scary.”

Giuliana Rancic and her husband Bill Rancic will emerge on the view talk show and will convey their experience about the miscarriage, according to the USA reports. The E! News host will materialize on the television, where the couple has share Giuliana’s miscarriage story.

Giuliana Rancic

Giuliana Rancic and her husband Bill have their own reality show, Guiliana & Bill. The couple discussed about their fertility treatments, specifically IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) treatment info with their fans. The treatment was thriving and Giuliana became pregnant but in the 9th week she suffered a miscarriage. Rancic said, in the recent interview to People Magazine that he was in shock and shattered with this bad news. The failure was not expected according to the 39-year-old television host told the magazine. Giuliana said that she was very upset and shattered by the bad news. She said that the reason behind their talk show is that to discuss the matter with those who suffers with parallel problems.

Giuliana is no exception, she said, “I’m not doing this again. I can’t. I was angry at life and at God.”

She also recites to The View audience how the heartbreaking news was delivered; that the nurse and doctor looked anxious when around eight weeks into her pregnancy, she went for an ultrasound. Afterwards, the doctor had to appraise the result and give the news. Through the View’s website, she also discovered that the cause of the problem is a chromosomal matter. She thanked the people who demonstrated their support to her, on her show. In the interim, co-host Ryan Secret documented how fearless Rancic was to share her story.


After underwent a miscarriage, Giuliana Rancic had a hard time. To get a baby with her husband she could try in every possible way. But motherhood has always condemn her until now. On style Network at 8, the couple will once again be seen in their very own reality show, “Giuliana & Bill” season 3, where they will showcase their great effort to reach the joy of their first paternity. This season will show how the couples, who got married in 2007, are still hopeful about starting their family. What expection are what steps the couple will adopt in season 3 to fulfill their wish, so that apart from them, many other infertile women can also follow their foot steps and start a family.

“Giuliana & Bill” season 2 has already shown what the couple went through after Giuliana Rancic’s miscarriage. It all started after she went for an IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) treatment six months ago. The couple went for a regular ultra sound check up, about eight weeks after that and the nurse and the doctor looked pretty worried. The doctor announced that Giuliana Rancic has an unfortunate miscarriage, after a more detailed check up. As their pregnancy was going beautifully and nearly every one was informed about it, this occurrence absolutely discouraged the expecting parents. In the last season of the reality show “Giuliana & Bill”, she expressed her sadness and how she lost her faith on God.

Giuliana said, by publicly sharing their ordeal that, “Hopefully we can help people understand that there’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s such a taboo subject, but it’s a very common problem.”

The Rancic says that she has fertility problems but with strong conviction, says, “We want to have a baby and will have a baby.”

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  1. Tammy says:

    As happy as I was for Bill and Guilina they should be happy that they both are healthy, dont have to worry about money, etc.I was told I couldnt have anymore I had one son out of wedlock but we couldnt afford to do IVF, i remember how shocked i was to hear the news only b/c my first pregnancy was so easy so I do understand in many ways, how about adoption?My sister just recently met Bill as a guest speaker and she said he was a sweetheart so I am sure he will do whatever it takes for his wife, good luck like I said some of us dont have the luxury of money so GOd is our maker and if its meant to be it will.

  2. gloria cobb says:

    Hi G&B i am 54years old and i have Sickle-Cell anemia SS.I was told in 1974 i could not have a baby due to my Disease but i prayed and in dec, 1975 i have one daughter 34 now and i pray that god will bless you all my heart hurt for your lost, and i pray that god blesses you all. i love watching you and your husband. may god bless

  3. Aimee says:

    i was saddened to her about the loss of the baby, no one should have to experience something like that. But I was also saddened to hear that she lost her faith in God. We all experience heart aches in our lives but we shouldn’t blame God or Lose our faith in him. This is the world and there is a devil and he is the ruler of this world, if anything in these times of heartache is when we need God the most. In 2 Corinthians it says: My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. I hope in this time she will regain her faith and that it will grow stronger, that she will find strength not within herself but in God. Lots of love and prayers.

  4. Katy says:

    I love your show because your so down to earth people. I will keep you in my prayers that you will have a child. You will make wonderful parents. God has a plan and it may not fit into yours now..but he does have one. God Bless-

  5. diana says:

    I love u guys!!! im so sorry to hear about ur loss my heart does go out to you both
    i am going to try chinese medicine have you tried this? it maybe an option 4 u to try
    love u guys wish u guys all the best!

  6. carmen says:

    I cried when you talked about losing the baby. I will pray that you will find it in your heart to see that god does not punish he only has plans for us, even if we do not like them. I will pray for you both and hope that with all the prayers that are coming to you god will touch you with joy one day. Go back to god and thank him for yesterday, today and tomorrow. And have faith that what ever happens, happens. Lots of love to you both and once again my prayers will be with you every day.
    God Bless you!!!!

  7. Nicole says:

    I absolutely love the show. I think the Rancic’s are a beautiful couple. I completely understand what they have gone through having experienced a miscarriage a year ago after a successful IUI treatment. I have not been able to conceive since and I truly want to experience the joys of pregnancy and to have a child. I am currently 40 years old and I have read/researched all there is about infertility and I have been speaking to my friends about how some people are afraid to speak out about their experiences. Giuliana and Bill…you guys hang in there…I’ll be rooting for you!!

  8. Renee([email protected]) says:

    Giuliana needs to gain a few pounds to sustain a pregnancy. Also, for all of you who are so sad and crying over this, you need more to do in your life. Giuliana is not thinking about any of you and would care less if you all lost your child. Relax with all the sadness and crying.

  9. Aubrey says:

    Renee, what is wrong with you? Those women cried because they can relate or because they have enough emotion to feel for someone who is hurting and for a baby who died. Also, many women have babies even though they are skinny.

    Why don’t you try not being such a cold bitch?

  10. Sheryle Sanford says:

    Bill and Giuliana,
    I was sorry to hear of your miscarriage. I have been in your shoes. I to have suffered through miscarriages. I to questioned GOD. That is wrong. Don’t quit trying. My husband and I did eventually have a son. He will be 32 next month. I’ll be praying that God will answer your prayers. A doctor once told me have relations on the 14th and 16th days of the cycle with a fertility drug. We tried it and it worked for us. God loves you and so do I. May God bless you two.

  11. Kristin says:

    Bill and Giuliana:
    My heart just aches for you… You seem as though you would make wonderful parents and one way or another you will make your dream come true. Whether it be adoption, IVF, surrogacy or natural conception, it will happen! I have been so blessed with my children, I had a little girl in August 2007, then a miscarriage in 2008, and my second little girl in 2010… My sister however suffered from 3 miscarriages before successfully carrying her son to term, he was born in July 2010. It was a long journey for her, but like she always said, she never knew if she would actually have a child naturally and now that she did, she understands why she went through all that she did. It was because her son wanted her to be his Mom, and the timing had to be perfect for that to happen. If she would have carried any of her other pregnancies to term, she would not have the son she has today! I feel the same for my miscarriage, if I would have carried my second pregnancy to term, I would have never had my second daughter, so looking back I am thankful in a weird way that it happened, because as a result I have my beautiful baby girl. I suspect you will feel the same way when you meet your first child, suddenly everything will make sense, and you will know why you went through everything you did. I cannot wait to hear the great news when your dream finally does come true! Best Wishes!

  12. Julie says:

    Completely not trying to be disrespectful but.. My husband and I have suffered the loss of 3 pregnancies.. All in the second trimester. You should never buy a home and start a nursery before you are even 8 weeks pregnant. That is just irresponsible. I understand being elated and excited, but you need to be practical. Someone her age who has had difficulty conceiveing should be very cautious at least until 12 weeks… I am sorry for their loss but you need to respect the process of life and not jump the gun to the point you are in therapy.

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