Final Witness First Episode on ABC

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A Final Witness program includes a cast member, Marc Isaacs, who is originally from Lisbon. A true crime tale, Final Witness is based on the 2008 murder that took place in East Texas. It comes to life as documentary-style interviews which are combination of drama and the murder.

abc final witness

On ABC, a part of the first episode of “Final Witness” has been played by Isaacs. With the story told from the perspective of one of the deceased victims, the new hour-long program performed true life crimes. In 2008, the murder of a Texas family was recounted by the initial episode. In reenactment scenes throughout the show, Isaacs plays the role of father of that family.

About Isaacs

For the role in Dallas, Isaacs auditioned in July and production began the following month. Isaacs appeared on stage at St. Lawrence University more than two decades ago and it is the latest role for the Texas-based actor for him. Isaacs worked on several commercial, film and TV projects, which consists of HBO’s multiple Emmy Award-winning “Temple Grandin” and “The Good Guys” on FOX in the last few years. In the coming year, he will be seen in a self-governing feature film called “The Toy Box” about real-life serial killer David Parker Ray. Isaacs plays the prosecutor who tries to put Ray behind bars for life.

Isaacs grew up in Lisbon and studied at Lisbon Central School. In 1998, he was lived in St. Lawrence County but later he moved to Watertown to work at what was CIZ-FM, then at Channel 7. His parents, Ron and Peg Bisnett, still live in Lisbon.

ABC’s Final Witness Promo from YouTube:

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  1. Nikki says:

    This show was AMAZING. I watched it last night and everything about it was so well done, I would watch this show no matter what time it was on.

  2. Christol says:

    this was phenominal! The best true crime show I have ever seen! It was done so well, I really connected with the victims. It had me from the very first segment.

  3. sondra says:

    i watched this on ACB last night but because im not from the states they wont let me watch it on the ABC sight and there was a book that was about this does anyone know what it is called ?

  4. Jack Gilb says:

    It was too irritating trying to watch a program that blared music throughout the program, especially when people were trying to talk. It was difficult to follow the program. Please quit irritating us and go off the air.
    Jack Gilb

  5. lindro says:

    This was one of the most excellent programs since AMC released the first episodes of MadMen and Breaking Bad.

    I hope that this program is a harbinger of quality programming coming back to TV to squeeze out those cheap to produce, boring, scripted (un) reality shows and the bottomless, identical plot– identical main character shows plaguing the non-creative writing rooms of mainline TV.

    I have to disagree, Jack. The music was exactly the right extra touch to the piece.

  6. Cindy D says:

    The book written by Mr. Terry Caffey, Erin Caffey’s dad, is called Terror by Night.

  7. Jessie Lee says:

    I don’t see why they keep on talking about the Caffey murder! I am from the town in which it happened from and every year it has to be brought up! I’m sure there have been worse crimes out there so why pick on this on so much?!

  8. Steph R. says:

    This show was amazing. It kept my eyes glued to the tube. Very well done. So many surprising outcomes. Loved it and can’t wait for the next episode. I’m actually trying to find the full episode online to share it with some friends that missed out.

  9. tammy c says:

    my dvr wasnt working when final witness was on i didnt get 2 see i cant find it anywhere 2 watch can you tell me where i can watch the episode from 9/14

  10. Sly says:

    This show was really powerful;in that, it revealed how important it is as to make the right decisions on the people you date and hang around. Additionally, it is very important as parents to not become overbearing and over shelter children. I really enjoyed the fact that the show depicted the All American Family that was doing very thing they could to do right. Unfortunately, lives were loss, and families have been destroyed because of puppy love and ignorance.

  11. Anne says:

    Wow, one of the best programs I have ever seen. Grabbed you within the first few seconds and didn’t let go. Have to disagree with the person who complained about the music. The music couldn’t have been better. I really felt like I got to know the Caffey family. What a tragedy, but what a heartwarming story about forgiveness.

  12. Nicole says:

    Does anyone know when this show will be coming on again!? I can’t wait to see another story! The music was perfect, and I loved the way it went with the story line. Can’t wait to see another episode!!

  13. Shannon says:

    This show was awesome!! I loved it and cant wait for another one to air. I have also been trying to locate this show online but I am not able to find anything on it! Please help

  14. Tim says:

    I realize this was a one-time filler show the week before all the new series started but my wife and I were quickly engrossed in this fascinating true story. Produced in “docu-drama” style, I (as a film maker) was very impressed by the acting, shooting, and writing which made this a very engaging hour long show that left us very impacted emotionally. The acting was so good that it was almost difficult to tell the difference between the real neighbors and friends that were involved in this tragedy and those that acted the parts of family members and others. The story was presented in a very realistic way that didn’t stretch the bounds of believability in the least. The aspect of the family’s Christian faith was also dealt with realistically and respectfully. All-in-all a very memorable and excellently produced show, especially considering most of the crap on TV today. I want to find out how to get a copy of this to watch again.

  15. Gini says:

    This show was very hard to watch and we turned it off after 30 min. We thought that it could not hold it’s own against any compitition. Maybe the audience it is aimed for is low in cognition, iq, and education. Yuck

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