Fact about Jeremy Piven’s Mercury Poisoning Story

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Jeremy Piven’s suspected of having mercury poisoning. Jeremy Piven rumored dropped his phone in a Japanese restaurant toilet in unknown place at Chicago. Everything happens because of mercury poisoning though it is not confirmed this story yet because may be its just rumor heard from anywhere else, according to the report.

Jeremy Piven Mercury Poisoning

The star of “Entourage” was coincidentally thrown his Blackberry handset or just perhaps slipped while having a break. There is no proof that can tell us what is the exact thing happens to Jeremy Piven.

Kim Kardashian’s known for dating athletes like Reggie Bush, Miles Austin, and World Cup Soccer Star (and new dad) Cristiano Ronaldo, so it would seem Jeremy Piven’s out of her range. But that reportedly didn’t stop the Entourage star from trying.

Well-known playboy Jeremy Piven turned on the ‘ick’ charm when he bumped into newly single Kim Kardashian outside the lounge at halftime during the last Laker game. The two were talking and Kim was heard remarking how much she loves his show “Entourage.” Jeremy got a sparkle in his eye and said “You should do something on the show! Give me your number and we can have dinner and talk about it!” Kim dismissively told him “No – if you have any ideas, just give my mother a call!” Jeremy’s face and pride fell and he said “Yeah, OK” and went on his way.

After that the rumor had spread about Piven dropping his cell phone down a toilet. Even though official statement from the 44-years old star is not yet available or from any representative close on him, further information will be updated to keep up the true things around from now on.

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