Endhiran Movie Box office Review

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On 1st October 2010, a Tamil movie Endhiran will be released at theaters. It is assumed that this movie is the triple digit crores project is all set to hit screens on 1st week of October and the trailer of ENDHIRAN has hit the small screen. The prominent roles will be played by Rajnikanth and Aishwarya Rai. This is a story android based humanoid named Prem. The first part in Endhiran movie has lot of surprises and rest half has actions and rides. Endhiran movie is action film full of technology usage for action sequences of both Rajnikanth and Aishwarya. Kollywood movie named Endhiran is one the costliest movie in Tamil cinema.

Box Office Review of Endhiran Movie:

The producers and directors of Tamil industry is showing apathy in releasing their films, as they do not want to face the indignation of Sun Pictures super promotion. The prime motive of Sun pictures is the 190 cores budget is said to be vastly promoted with a budget of Rs 15 crores exclusively. All over the world, the movie will hit almost 3000 screens. Ashwariya and Rajnikanth will be seen promoting the film from October 1st, 2010 in the overseas. So, with no cut throat competition, director Shankar is sure to capture the limelight and the attention in the Tamil cinema industry.

The movie has targeted to earn 600 crores, according to the sun pictures calculations. Although, the film critics do not estimate the assumed amount and are expecting around Rs 290 crores as an overall collection. This movie is one of the most expensive films with a heavy dose of special effects. No wonder then that the film has been in the making for quite some time now. However, there is good news for fans who have been eagerly awaiting this film.

Synopsis of Tamil Movie Endhiran:

In Endhiran movie, Rajni plays double roles. One is a scientist and the other is a Robot. Scientist Rajni creates a Robot with artificial intelligence like that of sixth sense in humans to help human beings and to the development of the country. But its silicon heart falls in love with Aishwarya Rai. Writes romantic poems and the Robot behave just like a human being. Knowing about the extra ordinary intelligence of the Robot the villains try to get control of the Robot. Scientist Rajni fights to save the Robot falling into the hand of the enemies and destroys the evil forces using the Robot itself.


  1. i hate north indian motherchods says:

    hahaha this report was posted on september 25 expecting the movie to be a bomb in box office like that bucket of shit blue. what a loser the site owner is. for some asses from north ditch india cant you see that chitti is showing middle finger. shanker IS india’s james cameroon. he is technically on par with any western director. for all idly sambar hating rotipyaj assholes one thing is sure we tamils dont give a fucking damn to even the biggest of bollywood hits in tamil nadu. so it is natural that some chennai staying north lavdas feel pain in their penis when they hear that a tamil movie is given a positive review in north. i salute those unbiased INDIANS but i say go fuck yourself BLUE loving big budget loosers.

  2. rajni jose says:

    whose tat………….
    frenz movie s awesome.. y u ppl commenting lik tis.. thalaivar rocks.. its an superb movie wit lots of suspenses in 1st half.. u cant compare tis movie wit any other.. plsssss dot out ur rubbish comments & waste ur energy u cant pluck any thing.. RAJNI ROCKS..

  3. it is crappy says:

    First of all,is too much to ask,to give “Normal” Rajini movie.Given that,he only make’s one movie every 3 years.
    I have seen this movie with 6 of my friend’s,we find it’s not within our expectation’s for rajini movie,they are trying imiate holywood science-fiction or Japanese anime movies.Look!if we want see science-fiction,we would not have seen this movie,in the first place…..
    It is huge let-down,expect for the music and aiswaraya rai….the rest of it sucks big time

  4. Tamil_Brethren says:

    @john raj

    What you are gonna do? Piss your urine and drink to protest.This kannadigaru is not your thailavar…your parent’s who brought you up,feed u and send u to school should be thailvar,not this kannada speaking cunt.During kaveri crisis,He said”we should give karnataka a kick,for not giving water”.Later,he went on air in Kannda channel,speaking in kannada “I was forced,in a diffcult situation by the these people”….Sun Network are selling tickets,at high price,many poor tamilans,spend their entire one week pay for this one show.Sun Network,don’t seem to care..who is going to feed their family? As,long as ,he pay’s..that’s all i care.It is all about corporate greed.It is so sad,to see my fellow tamils being manipulated by outsiders.

  5. Konosan says:

    Hi i am kono san from japan…

    This movie is rocking…I love india…i love robot…

    Wishes to Robot team

  6. well wisher says:

    Hi every one i read all the comments. Plz stop commenting badly on tamil r south indian movies becoz u people in north only watch ur movies but we in south india give encourage to all the languages. U know 1 thing Rajini is from Karnataka so better stop commenting badly): got it.

  7. nikas says:

    ENTHIRANNNNNN….superbbb movie….shankar had prooved him self….THALAIVA no words for ur acting…ENTHIRAN===HOLLYWOOD….

  8. vijay says:

    Sankar is great, Super star is ALWAYS great.. But at this GALA time we forgot to remember the greatest man SUJATHA who is the master mind for this story ( One telephone number is being asked whether Prime or Not, Einstein or baby Question and many more).. Superstar+Sankar+Sujatha ==> Triple Success

  9. Sudhakar says:

    Good movie. Last 30 mins movie rocks. But still i can able to feel that rajini’s element is missing here:-( not even a single fight or song or even introduction scene is there. overall, we can watch once…

  10. RajaniFan says:

    Hey all,
    I am waiting to watch the movie. But as much as I could see from the trailers this has got lot of effort into making this movie.It is not just the money invested, people have been working for 2 years not only the stars, every spot boy. And with all these in mind in a country like India, where the Govt. could not even organize a CWG when they had more than 2 years of time this movie is a great achievement, be it a Tamil movie or whatever language. How many Indian movies get such an exposure, if this movie has got that, then it is something that all Indians are to be proud of. Rajani is 60 yrs, but still able to pull crowds that is the reason why he was cast in this movie. It is told that SRK had turned down this offer, why ?? was he afraid if he could handle it ? Shankar is not Indian James Cameroon he is simply Shankar from India whom the world will call so no need of any comparisons. India is growing and is now capable of challenging Hollywood that is what I felt after the release of ‘Endhiran’. To end my comments ‘Thalaivar Vazhga’

  11. Vishal says:

    I saw ROBOT (Hindi).
    Its a great movie. In fact last 50 mins were awesome.
    Rajini has proved it again that he is the greatest superstar. I especially liked the Villain Rajini.
    Movie is quite catching and entertains fully right from start till Climax.
    The Climax was brilliant and was comparable with HOLLYWOOD movies.
    It was very well thought and well executed movie.
    Its a must watch for everybody.
    Hats off to RAJINI Sir and Shankar.

  12. M Singh says:

    I did not want to comment but here we go I haven’t seen the movie and I am not going to waste 3 hours of my life watching I,robot 2. Making an expensive movie and making a good movie is 2 different things. 3 idiots was a good movie robo is expensive movie. Rajni sir should be given respect for trying. If the movie sucks it sucks don’t bring your nationality into this. Hollywood makes better special effects action films but I believe we make better love stories.Everybody specialize in something. We suck at special effects. They always look 10 years behind doesn’t matter how much you spend because we are emotional we make lovey covey films it’s our nature. 160 crore must be the price of hollywoods worst film ever made. We have a long way to go. We can get there we just have to make better films. Ok I will watch it,I will enjoy it because of goofy story and goofy graphics. I am in the US so if you call me names it’s ok. Like I said if the movie sucks it sucks don’t mind. Om shanti om great movie

  13. hari prasad says:

    guys dont comment unwanted things to rajini or the movie go watch the and then comment .. if ur still worried just create ur own movie like this otherwise pls shut all ur dash n keep quite endhiran the robo is not a mind blowing movie its a mind blasting movie it rockz i mean. don’t miss this guy’s

  14. satz says:

    hey rajni rocks non in the bollyhood can stand before him.every bollyhood actors are women and everyone who says bad about the movie are bustard ok…………. rajni the boss

  15. true tamil says:

    wow i didnt know there is much rivalry between the north and south..films..anyways i dont like bollywood movies not watchable with family members, always the pretty faces only, lame stories….why is always the hindi actresses start out in tamil movies then move into hindi? you need popularity among the south…thats why….endhiran is a history!!!

  16. Indian says:

    Hi Friends and enemies of Robo,

    I watched the movie its really nice should appreciate everyone’s hard work rajini’s acting is good comparing to bollywood heroes, bollywood heroes should beg to rajini for acting like him. Its really nice film don’t miss it.

    especially for i_hate_madras, chennai_sucks by seeing your comments itself we can see your burning stomachs
    you will tell that movie is good if sharuk or salman act in this film bollywood movies are bad

  17. RRRajini says:


    Very exciting to watch – Its interesting – I love the robos forming them selves as giant and attaking.
    Its tremendoes !!!!

    Can this new video games be loaded in Nintendo Wii / Play station.. :)

  18. vijay.c says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Remember one thing always…. Rate somebody according to your own standards,If you dont like rajni sir dnt comment on him ,you people dnt deserve to even think about him …if u can really know about him & his fan followers,for your information he has fans following across the globe,& no film star can come near to his fame& people who think that chennai people are mad …. mind ur words.. we are not cheap like u north indian nonsense,because rajni is the superstar where he got 87% votes & next sharukh having 7% of fans following in india according to headlines today….so hav some standards while rating somebody like superstar rajnikanth,if i see a mail abusing rajnikanth then you people need to accept that u r frm lousy family background.

  19. PRADEEP says:

    it is tooo good.

  20. Raj Srivastav Delhi says:

    Excellent very Excellent movie of all time with Good Technical Aspect or the Action sequence Rajnikanth is nowhere Comparable to Any other star in India and now its been proved it again he was a Only star of india and i am not wrong even the News chanels from Mumbai and Delhi accepts the same about the biggest super star .such a whooping budget movie is just a cake walk to sun pictures as thy have already raked 220 crores in first two days. tht,s great its only rajinkanth can do in india.

  21. chennai kings says:


  22. Kajen says:

    Rajini is superb in this ENTHIRAN movie. I really proud to see that even those who dont like rajini’s movie spend their time to surf this site and give comment about the movie. This is the time we can see the people are comparing kollywood director with hollywood directors. Before give stupid comments pls look at ur self what u have done to make INDIAN community proud. At least support the effort of another INDIAN. Great imagination of shankar brings indian cinema to new dimension.

  23. vas says:

    There are two types of people..

    One the CHAPPATHI eating..” i will like only average story” .. ” i dont like the guy even if he is from my state but is big in another state” ” i hate southies becuz they are smarter than us” group

    and the other ” lets have fun at movies” “expect good advice and no nonsense” ” appreciate the acting by any actor” group

    Indians will never become better than the West of one such reason.. we never appreciate our hard work and always only appreciate the foreignors..

    This movis is comparable to Iron Man ..with a good message.. When Iron man can make huge profits why cant this movie..

    North Indians proud of the south that they are smart..dont be J..We will reciprocate and India will be a better place..

  24. Tamilan says:

    As Vijay said many of them forget about Sujatha so try to remember about him also bcoz he is one of the mastermind of the movie Endhiran

  25. Tamilan says:

    If u people r not interested in Tamil cinema means just dont see that no one is begging u to see Endiran movie or tamil movies CHENNAIKU WHISTLE PODUNGADA Chennai ennaikum Chennai than Rajini thala ennaikum thala than

  26. Danny says:

    Some fool commented tht out of 165 crores films like 3 idiots,dabaang can be made. Three idiots copied frm Chetan Bhaghat and Dabaang stlyes copied frm none other than Rajni by Saaman Khan,dont talk abt chennai.Chennai Rocks.All India Super Star is Rajni.Checkout Headline Today

  27. Raja says:

    Here we have to get in account that the producer build the marketing methodology of the movie.
    For south indians – rajni, North – Aish, For world wide -Sci-fi tech. Other – releasing buildup. Almost all the channels of India broadcasting the trailers by once in 5 min. So emotionaly every one got the name in Mind. then business, choose the big distributers and finally he got back his investment before premiere. now he counting only profits for the forth coming shows.

  28. SANJAY says:

    your are right pratheep….we just need not worry about those MOTHER FUCKERS who talk wrong about THALAIVAR’S ENDHIRAN…The movie had already crossed all the RECORDS including the james carons’s AVAtar not only in collection also as awesome movie…Its top 1 in US films…those north fuckers(only who speak bad) are not able to bare the indians VICTORY over the HOLLYWOOD…those fucker dont have heart even to appreciate Indians…The guys who speak about bollywood- they are fit only to show the bloody bikini and homosex fucking stories…except(3-idiots)—-for your kind info you north fukers- shankar is going to take 3IDIOTS- just wait and watch his mindblowing direction….you fuckers again if u r talking bad comment about indian legends…plz udate your address and put the comment if you are born for one.

  29. peeyush says:

    india’s biggest cinema.excellent work by shankar.rajni sir as robo superb.every body remember its an indian cinema dnt combare this with hollywood.

  30. rakr says:

    jore: u born by cing TR film i think! so tat thinki lik TR. ur name itself shows tat ur dummy piece, and from ur friend itself u ill get seruppu adi i think k leave it..
    Abhilash: u dont lik tat villan role and u disappoinment hearing tat mimicry voice maaaaaeeeeeee. omg god~ wr ur from mr.abhilash! so u lik oly crow voice itseems, who asked u to c t movie.. if u eating food, and u r a human mean sure u want clap for tat scene alone….
    all above who says waste aftr cing tis movie dont hav brain itseems!..tis is our first science friction movie in bollywood as well in indian cinema too. even in hollwood too all cing our indian movie mean its because of kollywood, not bollywood! tr r trying to dump t movie by sayi waste! bettr b unity and support to our first sci-fri movie! so for that itself u should hats off to shankar sir and kalanithi sir! if u expect more mean tn just u and come and produce in indian market in tis budget, u ill know it. for 200 crore oly tis much effort can director do! if u need much expensive tn c hollywood movie and dont c indian movie! terminator, irobo all movie is much expensive in cost and also in technology! but in india all ill expect comedy and songs! so for 3hrs tis in much enough.. especially Rajini sir simply rocks, not oly in style! by his acting too again he proved he is t one and oly super star. the story of the movie may be same as lik other movie, but without rajini sir and kalathimaran sir its impossible. I think none other than Rajini can mantle this role and none would fit into this role. i think after three yrs tis movie is going to give blockbuster.. i highly recommended tis movie should must watched! not oly for rajini sir.. and also an most expesive and good entertainment aftr so long in tamil and indian movie!… must watch. my rating 4.5/5

  31. rakr says:

    Sam No to ROBO: its too costly mean pls pls u dont c pa! if u r not cing mean robo is going to failure and big loss uh enna! chi chi mundam da ne… k wat u said help to poor people uh.. enna koduma saravanan idhu, inth kaliuga kalathila ippadai oru nala dubuku uh, chance ah ella! k pa, u earn money and pls help me, becaus am very poor pa..

    sandy: cartoon movie ya ma madam/sir! first change ur name and prove tat ur boy or girl, tn u say cartoon and all! who asked u to c cartoon movie in theaters ma! c tom and jerry, its is bettr tn robo for u k va! endhiran going to rock! just wait and c!
    Sattappan: solithrau da pullavaru!
    chennai_sucks says:: shankar is not james cameron! but u dont talk lik james cameron son sir! first spell the word correctly! its cameron, not cameroon or muniyama, stomach getting heating mean just drink water! dont comment bad without cing t film k va! dai unaku ellam yaru da ticket kuduthadhu!

  32. Pongal Swamy. says:

    oh god, i am pitty to say that this no sense tamilians trying to put others down, i request all tamilians to consider non-tamilian people also as humans, open your eyes and see the other pictures and listen to beautiful music around the country then you will come to know that you guys are in well. well being said that they want all outdated stars from other part of india and then make them super heros, same in politics also, at last they says we are tamilians(chameleons), this is like a serious threaten place to india. one more chennaistan(pakistan).

  33. Anil says:

    hey guys,

    If movie is good then do appreciate, why the hell you want to talk about ildi sambar. such a small way of thinking. you could see how best the movie is mane in Indian film industry. So cheap words from some guy name Chennai_sucks. Shankar always good movies. his thought will be superb.Movie is good do enjoy it.

  34. PS says:

    OK you dumb LOSERS i_hate_madras and chennai_sucks. GOSH you can’t even appreciate the fact that someone has tried to think differently instead of producing the SAME OLD BOLLYWOOD SHIT.

    You douches, haul your asses back to your place, get out of Chennai !

  35. review says:

    First this movie is fusion on many holywood movies Bicential Man (The robot can feel),Inspector gadject (It is quipped lot of Gadjects,like roller-blade)Terminator (destrutive,and evetualy dismantled) and kollywood masala

    The story’s opens with Professor Rajini making the robot,karunas and santhanam will be his two assistants (I am not sure,why are they there..they are not friendly at all).Aiswaraqya rai,is professor girl-friend.It is a pity,despite going to be in her 40’s,she is still considered as 18 year old damsel.This some sort of complex,the dark skinned people often drool over,white skin dame.she just serve as love interest….professor,try to instill emotion’s in the robot,which had deadly “crush” os aish-kutty.He try to sell this techonology,to the army.They reject them.The head of reseacrh is Danny character (the one who look’s like uptight china man)he is also professor,he want’s to use create mayhem,something like uterrosit robot…as story turn’s,professor,so angry with robot for disobeying his command’s,he dismantled and throw in dust-bin……it is not the end.The danny guy,will find him and assemble him,gave him extra power,something like zillion times evil.This robo,still in love with aish,will kidnapp aishwaraya on wedding day.There will heavy gun-fight with the police.Police start investigating,when they go to professor danny,they found him dead….robo rajini had killed him……….he started producing rajinikant robo in thousands and thousands…and they want rule the world and crap.scientist will fight with robo rajini…all the battle crap (robo rajini’s transformed into ball,then a snake and giant robot….so much for the crappy technology).It open’s well,after that they mixed it up with so much garbarge,it blow’s….THIS MOVIE,ONE OF WORST MOVIE OF THE YEAR.ALL THEATHRES HAVE HIJACKED THE TICKET PRICES,CM KARUNATHI IS NOT DOING SHIT ABOUT IT,AS THIS IS PRODUCED BY HIS GRAND-NEPHEW..RECENTLY,HE SAID HIS ERA CAN BE COMPARED TO RAJATHI RAJA CHOLAN RULE…yet,this infalted ticket prices,they seem to ignore it…….pirated cd’s is avaiable…..wait for the dvd,,save your money

  36. reveiw 11 says:

    Scientist rajnikanth,make’s robot rajini,who can do all things people do,with great speed plus he can turn 360 degree’s and look at his black ass…hehehe…so,where was I?Being very smart scientist,he instill emotions into the robot rajini,who immediately falls in love with scientist rajni’s dame (aishwaraya),of course,there are frictions,In his rage,scientist break robot rajini’s into pieaces,throw into garbarge bin.Enter,the Danny I can’t spell his name.This guy is also a scientist,but work’s for profit and sell’s this shit to the terrosit.He reassemble rajini-robo and give extra boot,byu putting chip suppose to be “The Mother-fucker of all evils”…Robo Rajini,kidnap’s aish and form his own army (that’s thousands and thousands of rajini)He kill’s the danny and start’s war with scientist rajini.The climax is who won…..In last,part of the war (shankar suddenly wanted to include indian version of transformer,it look’s more like Ram Naryanan Bull shit movie)All robo rajini’s united to become a freaking ball,then a serpent,,and finally giant robot…….
    The last,part robo rajini will be dismantlted………
    overall:No comedy,aishu was there,nothing substance,this movie will be one of the worst movies of the year

    —–I have seen pollachi mapillah starring satyraj and kaundamani…It is 100 times much better…it is love riot
    Many,people from suntv network are coming into air their comment’s,they gonna say it’s good movie….don’t belive their bull-shit…save your money..and see the dvd

  37. ARUN says:

    The movie has a simple STORY. A father creates an offspring AN ANDRO HUMANOID ROBOT and he iS proud of it. The ROBOT FALLS MADLY IN LOVE WITH its creator’s would be wife (ACTUALLY THE ROBOT’S WOULD BE MOTHER). smitten by OEDIPAL COMPLEX, there arises jealousy and arguements (the dialogues btwn rajini and rajini after the son try to kiss WBmom are realistic.anyone who had a tussle of word with your father can relive those bitter moments in that scene). father wants to CASTIGATE the son. and he does it finally. A FREUDIAN CONCEPT (actually this interpretation is not my original one. i have read in another site. one MR. MAD RUSH made this interpretation. i liked it and the credit goes to him only). i want to salute SUJATHA AND SHANKAR for NOT UNDERESTIMATING INDIAN AUDIENCE.

  38. Periyar_Pathai says:

    Tamil youth wasting time seeing his movie,If all this tamilans pool the money they are paying for the ticket’s,they can do some good to the society.If one person can fork out around 500 ruppes,to see a movie,if we pool all the money together,we can make a change to a tamilan’s life.Think about it.We should try to help those not so well tamil brethren,rather enriching greedy coportaions and cine stars

  39. nikhil kerala says:

    nw evry norh indian mothr fukrs cn understand south indians powr..
    evry bdy think dat indian mve s only hindi mvees . but nw evrybdy cn understand indian mve s not only bollywood.
    u hav scachin, abinav bidra, dhoni, sharukh , amitab, salman, manmohan singh, sonia ghandi, amir khan
    but v hv rajni kanth the real super star of india

    proud to b a south indian

  40. thilipkumar says:

    Actually i did not saw this movies.but i like rajnikanth.he is great man.he have more experiences in both life(movies and true life).i saw his all man.Next i like shanker. i saw his movie from gentleman.

    in south India, we saw all bollywood movies(salman, amir khan).like that i expert north India peoples will see this nice movies.

    This movies launched world wise.great India.

    i will see this movies at least 3 to 5 times.

  41. THE_ARMY_OF RAJINI says:

    I warn u guys,stop critising our beloved star,or we will be forced to attack all cinema’s running Hindi movies…YOU GUYS BETTER WATCH OUT…….

  42. Ajay sen says:

    Have you guys,ever wondered,how is it state like Tamil-nadu population with only 60 million able to surpass 600 million Hindi speaking people,in terms of salary paid to actors?Why is Rajinkanth is Highest paid actor in India?
    The answer is simple.The cinema-crazed tamilains will go and see again and again and again and again….in the theathres…His strength is repeated audience:The population of tamils in india versus hindi speaking people is 1:10.That mean’s For every one time person goes to Hindi cinema…this guys have to go ten balance it.They have strong passion for rajini movies,it is bonded within them…why do guys critise,something that you don’t understand? why can’t you apperiate everbody for what they are?We should say “thank you” to the tamil people,for the large revenue collected in tax by the govt…..I am a north indian,frankly I don’t like to see movies,even it’s hindi movie.I will make it an exception,to catch Rajini Ji,in this robot

  43. rakr says:

    oh God! all north trying to comments oly Robo! because tis movie is hit and cross the world too, as the hindi film not did yet! common all north who dont lik south machiss.. movie is blockbuster and almost broken all records and going to set new records in fex days! so bettr talk about Anjanna anjaani.. a different crap and flop love thu story!. if all north r more power tn south, tn hit ur anjanna anjaani love story hit and break robo records kannu! hows t challenge dudes!.. “AA” going to failure soon! thu thu thu……..

  44. SANJAY says:

    Hello sir, I request the WEBSITE ADMIN to take serious action on the people who speak bad and vulgar on CM karunanidhi and NEXT-CM Rajinikanth….and someone said this is chennaistan- its a serious issue if this goes to political leaders and no doubt even the website will be blocked….Guys the only peacefull place in india is chennai even though iam from bangalore that is the truth….we all are INDAINS so we should encourage each other we some good attempt is done….people discouraging the good work- that is the reson still we are in developing country and not yet developed like othe countries….ALL TRUE INDIANS BORN FORM INDIANS WILL SURELY APPRECIATE TALAIVAR FOR “ENDHIRAN”….(REST OTHERS WHO SPEAK BAD ARE MOTHER FUCKERS)

  45. SANJAY says:

    Hello sir, I request the WEBSITE ADMIN to take serious action on the people who speak bad and vulgar on CM karunanidhi and NEXT-CM Rajinikanth….and someone said this is chennaistan- its a serious issue if this goes to political leaders and no doubt even the website will be blocked….Guys the only peacefull place in india is chennai even though iam from bangalore that is the truth….we all are INDAINS so we should encourage each other when some good attempt is done….people discouraging the good work- that is the reson still we are in developing country and not yet developed like othe countries….ALL TRUE INDIANS BORN FOR INDIANS WILL SURELY APPRECIATE TALAIVAR FOR “ENDHIRAN”….(REST OTHERS WHO SPEAK BAD ARE MOTHER FUCKERS)

  46. thangavelu says:

    @sanjay Nobody is talking about the chief minister Karunathi.What they talking about is neopotisim and croynisim.It exist.The fim is produced by grand nephew of
    Chief Minister of tamil-nadu Karunathi.The ticket price’s sold at very high price’s,beyound the normal price and nobody in the govt is doing anything about it.Even,Tamil-nadu based many poltical party’s like ADMK,PMK,MDMK are cristising it.Everybody has right to voice out their views.It enshrined in our democratic process.Don’t u think,that you have gone abroad,by declaring Rajinikanth a chief minster,even before he comes to poltics.(Another frog in a well).




    Is this is not neopotisim,then what is? He’s turne democratic system into a poltical dynasty,often proclaiming himself as “RajaRaja cholan” (one of golden period of rule by chola kingdom in ancient tamil-nadu)

  47. Kirpan says:


    Everybody has right to comment,whether it’s good or bad.It is part of their opinion.Rajini might be your idol,but he might not be for everybody.

    I just saw the Hindi version of the movie (yes I am north Indian)This is my frank assesment (no offence to tamilans and Rajini Fans)I think it’s bold attempt by shankar and rajini.They have the balls to venture out in what they belive in.Hats off to them for that.As the plot of this movie,is quite similar to some holywood movies,I didn’t really enjoy it.I also find anjana anjani hindi movie,not enjoyable,too much on love crap.

    Overally,enthiran is first full fledge science fiction movie,made in India,the Tamilans can claim credit to it.
    I love the music of this movie,I was humming the tune all the way.I also like Song’s location’s which was flimed in the song sequence,It was really beautifull,they have spend tons of money,on just music sequence itself.

    My favourite part in the movie.The Robo Rajini,is at the babrber’s,reading the phone directory.One of customer’s,Gave him the Phone number and ask him to tell who he is…He will turn his head 360 degree and say “Hello Mr so and so” This was funny scene indeed.

    Overally,if you want change,just go and see the movie.Go without any expectations.I think the movie is avaliable for download oline.(of course,I am not asking you to download,I am just saying it is there)

  48. HJK says:


    Chennai peacefull

    @combiatore bombings,follwed by racial riot
    @the same chennai,which killed Rajiv ghandi in bomb blast
    @By givinng different opionin,u want block web-site(a web site can have many mirror web-sites link’s,even american don’t have the technology to fully filter anyweb-site,You can just Block the DNS,but IP address can be changed randoml;y
    @CM OF tamil nadu,is critised 100 times worse in ADMK poltical Web-site (why can’t the tamil nadu govt block it)
    @Rajinikanth is cristised as Monkey from Karanataka in Pattali Makal Katchi (Pmk) poltical web-site by the leader Dr Ramadoss,why can’t u guys stop him?

    He further,call’s rajinikanth not a true tamilan,as he is from the state of karnataka


  49. Critic says:

    [email protected] BUDGET ESTIMATED TO BE 180 CROES
    Why do get such a sub-standard movie for such a princely sum? The answer is simple.The price,accumalted not contributed to the production cost of movie,rather high-fletched salary’s paid to the Big-Wig’s in the industry.
    For Instance,Rajinkant Salary alone’s is estimated to 45 croes.That is around 25% of the total budget.This does not include’s profit-sharing percentage.

    Shankar (who wrote’s screenplay and Direct’s this movie,is one of the most bankable director’s,is string of huge budget commercial hits,His salary is expected to
    be around 40 croes,excluding profit-sharing percentage)

    A R Rahman (2 time oscar winning and 2 time grammy winning Music Director,who had track record’s have always impressive track record of global appeal on his audio sales,is estimated to be 25 croes,not including profit-sharing in audio sales)

    Aishwaraya Rai (Is quite diffcult to get call-sheet in tamil flim,as she is based in Mumbai.She also busy doing “ravana” for Mani Ratnam,she had shelve many hindi project’s to act in Ravana and Endiran,as both these projects consumed lot of time in production,salary estimated to be 10 croes (no profit-sharing)

    The rest of the cast and crew,is estimated to around 15 croes.
    That’s total of 135 croes,for salary’s alone.It leave’s only around 45 croes in the prodcution of the movie.There are only 2 part’s in the movie,where the CGI was used to the optium,1) the battle-scene where Aiswaraya Rai was kidnapped by the Robo Rajini,from the wedding hall and gun-battle between the police force.2)
    The final battle between thousands of Robo Rajini and polce + army (where it will transform into different Objects).This two scene’s does not require’s very innovative CGI TECHNOLOGY,give the advanced level in Information Techonolgy experts,from India,I am sure they
    are able to do it.
    The bottom-line is Movie revolve’s around very much the star appeal of Rajnikanth,I doubt it could go this far,if some other actor had acted in the movie.It will certainly run well in tamil-nadu,though it can’t be said for other states or overseas

  50. sheik says:


    This Topic is only for discussing about the movie and not for any politicians status..

    first up all the movie Endhiran was good.. no doubt about that, and all of us should appreciate the eforrt which was taken by the “endhiran the Robo”team..

    Then this is for the peoples who are talking about sounth indian cine stars…

    From Mani rathnam to Shankar many south indian directors made succesfull projects in hindi cine world..

    let’s have a look for past 4 years..

    1. cheeni kum[2007] Directed by balki a south indian music by maestro Ilayaraja too..

    2. Ghajini [2008] Directed by A.r.murugadoss and no need to say about the music director..

    3. paa [2009] Again directed by Balki with his same team..

    and more to say cinematographers,santhosh sivan, manikandan, nirav shah , Gopinath are south indians

    last bu not lesat now Bollywoods most successfull director Priyadharsan also a south indian

    well its a too long list if i add Sridevi, hema malini meenakshi seshathri

    But i don even remember that any hindi director or actor Worked with a Tamil movie.
    can anyone give me a single name …?

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