Endhiran Movie Box office Review

Posted by Vinay Sojitra on Sep 25, 2010 | 359 Comments

On 1st October 2010, a Tamil movie Endhiran will be released at theaters. It is assumed that this movie is the triple digit crores project is all set to hit screens on 1st week of October and the trailer of ENDHIRAN has hit the small screen. The prominent roles will be played by Rajnikanth and Aishwarya Rai. This is a story android based humanoid named Prem. The first part in Endhiran movie has lot of surprises and rest half has actions and rides. Endhiran movie is action film full of technology usage for action sequences of both Rajnikanth and Aishwarya. Kollywood movie named Endhiran is one the costliest movie in Tamil cinema.


Box Office Review of Endhiran Movie:

The producers and directors of Tamil industry is showing apathy in releasing their films, as they do not want to face the indignation of Sun Pictures super promotion. The prime motive of Sun pictures is the 190 cores budget is said to be vastly promoted with a budget of Rs 15 crores exclusively. All over the world, the movie will hit almost 3000 screens. Ashwariya and Rajnikanth will be seen promoting the film from October 1st, 2010 in the overseas. So, with no cut throat competition, director Shankar is sure to capture the limelight and the attention in the Tamil cinema industry.

The movie has targeted to earn 600 crores, according to the sun pictures calculations. Although, the film critics do not estimate the assumed amount and are expecting around Rs 290 crores as an overall collection. This movie is one of the most expensive films with a heavy dose of special effects. No wonder then that the film has been in the making for quite some time now. However, there is good news for fans who have been eagerly awaiting this film.

Synopsis of Tamil Movie Endhiran:

In Endhiran movie, Rajni plays double roles. One is a scientist and the other is a Robot. Scientist Rajni creates a Robot with artificial intelligence like that of sixth sense in humans to help human beings and to the development of the country. But its silicon heart falls in love with Aishwarya Rai. Writes romantic poems and the Robot behave just like a human being. Knowing about the extra ordinary intelligence of the Robot the villains try to get control of the Robot. Scientist Rajni fights to save the Robot falling into the hand of the enemies and destroys the evil forces using the Robot itself.

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  1. i_hate_madras says:

    this movie can never breakeven with its cost.everybody who is involved lost their money heavily.165 crores can make several good movies in bollywood like 3 idiots,dabbang and make good money worldwide.the producers need to be clever investing their money.there is something called retirement in every field.someone needs to make rajnikanth understand that word.

  2. chennai_sucks says:

    this movie is a hit only in chennai.not everyone is as crazy as the tamil.i’m sick and tired of this idly sambhar shit.they always try to create some big news and alwasy wants to be in the picture.i can’t understand what they wana proove by spending 160 crores.shankar is not james cameroon or please stop thinking that big u loser!

  3. hjk says:

    Rajni movie always draw’s in the crowd,when it open’s.As,expected it’s break’s the record for the opening day.Whether it will become a block-buster it remain’s to be seen.As,the anticpation over this movie die’s down,VCD’s became avaliable or even pirated vcd’s the phase might slow down.In the past, rajini’s play’s role’s which portray him as a messaiah like characher,liberating common man from the social ill’s of the society.This movie revolve’s around science-fiction,andriod and it’s poweress,new uncharteretd terrority for rajini.It has impressive CGI effect’s,with mesmersing music.The majority of his fan base’s orginate’s from the rural area’s,these people will determine whether it become a hit or not.

  4. rayZ says:

    SUPERB MOVIE….BOOM BOOM ROBO DA……ZOOM ZOOM ROBO DA…Excellent indian(tamil/telugu/hindi) movie.It’s enthiran fever in Malaysia….Thalaivar ROCKZ!!
    HMM….i will go for 3rd show…

  5. Sattappan says:

    The movie was produced by Kalanidi Maran ( He must plaaned to get the money back by getting sposors for his sun TV by using his minister position ) This is the way of getting scientific curreprion. Movie is utter waste. Please don’t encourage by putting wrong comments.

  6. Leni says:

    One of the best movie in our Indian cinema industry. Excellent Act from Super Star Rajini and Amazing songs.

    This movie proved us we are capable any kind of movie makers towards hollywood.

  7. Jayasankar says:

    ENTHIRAN- Rajini is the Highlite of the Movie -his Acting as Villian Robo–waa. then AR Rahman Back ground score, three Aiywariya.

    But my dear RAJANI FANS, i am also thalivar fan, but Director has does nto know how to end the movie. original stroy belongs to SUJATHA, after his death several changes were made in the story.

    Editing is very bad, sogns are just OK.there is no seequence to one sceane to another. after intervel just OK, except fot eh Graphics. I expected much more to equal English movie-MATRIX or Terminator,but shankar has lost some were in the middle and confused himself.

  8. pratheep says:

    HI Friends.Pratheep again.(2nd comment)

    I read all the comments. Non rajini fans were right. that’s y i watch 3 times already. if it’s possible next week again i will thr 4 Enthiran. Just tio watch the scene Talaivars scene ” blacksheep….. meeehhhaaaa meehaaaaa ” Guys come on dont say it’s a flop but y u say tht 3 days 200crores and u say its a flop he heeh eh crazy. if you dont like Rajini , or if you dont agree rajini dont search rajini movies page dont comment do your job or search hollywood movies and comment So Obama will be happy and bring you there he eh eh after all it’s an Indian movie made discussion in hollywood too (twitter report) please watch the movie and comment.

    Ofcourse Thalaivaaaa…. Whoever whatever say RAJINI is RAJINI our ONE AND ONLY SUPERSTARRRRRRRRR of indian cinemaaa… STYLE KING STYLE STARRRR “”" SUPERSTAAARRR”"”" noone can beat ……wanna bet..??!
    am i right my friends..?

  9. Umpire says:

    Enthiran became the Bench Mark for Indian Cinema Industry in terms of Technology , Innovation & Presentation. Simply Superup !. The second half is really exceeding the hollywood technology.

    Well Done , Mr Sankar , Rajini & Team.

  10. saran says:

    Hi good evening i am saravanan i am a big big rajini sir fan still iam not see endhiran bcoz in my town endhiran ticts ful in first week so i will c nxt week, Guys dont comment about rajinisir and endhiran film especially “uday and mohan” if u comment abt

  11. Prakash says:

    Endhiran is super hit dear non rajini fans dont comment about rajini if u comment abt rajini i will comment about your family

  12. S Natarajan says:

    Endhiran = Robot,Photo GraphicS & Music is Superb. Rest all other areas (Songs,Commedy, Stories) is not good.
    the graphics are little bit overdose before climax. in a robotic film ,it need some more scientific explanations and some logics.

    We have to encourage Director Mr Shankar for its effort to make first Tamil Robot picture.

    Over all picture – Average

    In Tamil Nadu, few theatres collecting more money as compare to normal ticket value. If they are collecting the more money from public, before that, they should get permission from State Government of Tamil Nadu and with proper advertisement in New Papers.

    Nanganallur – Ranga complex (Theatre) for all new pictures, they always double the tickets. No checking
    and government control is nothing.

    Our main aim – Ordinary person & Middle class people should not affect.

    Government of Tamil Nady should take serious action in this regard.

  13. saravanan says:

    this movie is only a sankar movie its not a rajini movie we are totally disappointed due to this movie. there is no good introduction for thalaivar rajini no introduction song no punch dialogues no villan very disappointing movie on seeing first day onlt three good scenes and second half is very bore for first 30 minutes

  14. Ramesh says:

    Im north Indian. I watched Robot …really amazing excellent..superb.

  15. Naresh Devachandani says:

    I just watched hindi version of tamil movie called Robot. i have got one word to say EXCELLENT movie i ever seen in sci fi movie.great job keep it up guyz

  16. Rajini rasigan says:

    Dai non Rajini fan fools,

    Dnt show ur stomach bunings by giving bad comments on Enthiran “The Robot”. If you have guts ask ur bloody heros to do this kind if movies / charactors, idots…!

  17. pratheep says:

    ammaaa…. i can not bear this Hollywood lovers. y can’t this people go and stay in US. As an Indian movie it is the best. Let us appreciate the effort. And please don’t go and watch Rajini movies if you dont like him. Still it will be the biggest moviee and block bustor history… bcpz the hero is ONE AND ONLy SUPERSTARRRRR

  18. shyam sundar says:

    Hey let me tell you something ” tamil people have the guts & the power to create the world class movie ”
    Hats off to the film Endhiran or Robo.

  19. chandra says:

    First, i would like to say this movie is the good try in the history of indian movie and given new dimensions to upcoming animation movies. Being an Indian appreciate and encourage it. Dont compare with the Holywood. Good try Shankar.

  20. kio says:

    This movie, is it sucess? I would say it depend’s very much on which part of the heirachy you are ? This movie,was made with budget of 200 croes,by the Sun Network.They also are the distrubutor’s of this movie.They have most likely sold this movie to cinema-operator’s at high profit.So does it end there.No it does not.Rajini’s movie is always run’s to full house’s for the first few week’s,so it is not possible to determine now.The cinema-operator’s have to run with audience,with atleast 3/4 capacity for specific period of time,in order to really see profit.The movie “Baba” did open very well,but unable to maintain the crowd.Recently the cinema operator’s had annouced kuselan,the last 6 vijay movies had all been flop,as they are unable to earn a profit,for the movies which they bought from distrbutor’s.Only,time will tell,whether it can have continuous crowd

  21. Paranthaman says:

    Hai Rishi, Thalivar means leader. Rajni is affectionately called as thalaivar, by Tamils.

  22. lala says:

    i havent watched the movie, but ive watched the trailer…by watching the trailer itself gave me the impression this is gonna be one rocking movie….good effort from the tamil cinema industry…i think bollywood are making same ol lame movies..trying too hard to copy hollywood…do something original…endhiran rocks!!!!

  23. oomaiyan says:

    Endhiran….first half is good..second half not impressive.

  24. santhosh says:

    whoever comments about rajni sir, then they dont have brain even they are not humans at all,he is such a legend and his efforts he puts in the film is awesome,no words to say.just think any actor in his age can try such kind of character?impossible.Rajni sir always rocks.he is the one and only superstar always.

  25. CD DUBAI says:

    Hello friends, Endhiran doesnot meets my expectation, but I appreciate the special effects, which means we can watch it for visual effects not as Rajini or shankar film. Robot looks like moonrumugam rajini and so many scenes they copied from Hollywood movies. Songs are not that much catchy.

  26. sandy says:

    cartoon movie!!! the robo graphics are inconsistant..and the serpet at the end…well this can only be expected from a kong movie…ultramodern robos(think so) but stone age thoughts

  27. Abhilash says:

    hey guys remember one think clearly collection of the money is not a matter , try to understand one think clearly wether the second part of the movie is good…………the filim get hits means not only the money collection is the thing, how may of the audience hvae get to feel ok nice movie, that’s the matter………….but endhiran, it’s tooo bore…..director get confused to end the movie,so he try to add some waste graphis clips and make the movie as animation ………also rajinikanth he failed to show the difference of the robot that getting feelings before it turns to an anti-robot…….he just do some mimicry voice maaaaaeeeeeee….oh…..very very disapoinment for me after watching the movie….also the first part of the movie not bad just ok……….

  28. Craig says:

    The point is: At 60, Rajni is able to challenge himself and with Shankar is able to create a rollercoaster of a movie like Endhiran!!! Comparing this movie with Hollywood flicks is a waste of time and only morons do it!!!….Eindheran captures Indian sensibilities beautifully and is successful as a mass/family entertainer!!! Unlike Sivaji…..this movie was cohesive with a solid plot…..the earth shattering stunts can be justified coz Shankar makes it clear that Robo Rajni is nothing short of a super human!!! And its Thalaivar Rajni anyway…..even if it was not a Robo…and just ordinary man doing all this, we will still accept it wholeheartedly!!

    Vazga Thalaivar!!!

  29. suresh kannan says:

    this message for selva ,venkatesan and whom so ever it may against the endhiran movie—selva still u r kitty,that’s why only you were compare the movie with tom and cherry.pls try to grow up then give a commend.we have to proud our self tamil cinema is going to extra level.

  30. karthik says:

    shankar just shut ur mouth it is an history creating movie u better b quiet

  31. SRINIVASAN says:

    I will give as many stars as possible for “Superstar & Shankar”………( i can’t have time to give more stars …….if any body have time try……..but the star will never ends………..)

  32. Abhilash says:

    karthck says the good comment………i go with his comment as 100% true…………..

  33. hjj says:

    Latest Updates:It seem that Ticket’s price’s are coming down in singapore and Malaysia.The ticket,which was priced at 660 ruppes (Singapore $20),have gone down by 50%, 330 ruppes (sing $10).It is seem the trend,will continue in malaysia and other parts of the world.Of course,chennai it will certainly,fetch a high price

  34. Vasu says:

    It was just a superb movie, Rajni’s one more dimension got unfolded. His (Robot) dialogues with Aishwarya was excellent. Thalaivar’s personality in Kilimanjaro song was only of its kind. Nobody has got so much manlihood in indian cinema. Go & watch twice, thrice then you will understand.

  35. jore says:

    Endrian vs Veerasamy
    1)Both hero’s for this movie,had aged past their Prime,Rajini will 61 this december,TR look’s as though he escaped from the bear cage
    2)Both have ageing actress,Aiswarya rai,had won miss world 16 years ago,lot of crack’s can seen,despite the heavy makeup and visual effects.Mumtaz is onse a “Dream-girl” for every tamilan who know;s how to spell.She seem to have expolded in size
    3)TR can throw Car’s and fight with god-know’s how many thugs…but he could be classifyed as retart,but not a andriod
    4)Rajini’s veins could be seen thropping from his neck,due to excessive aging,in some scene’s he look like chinni jayanth on drag’s
    5)TR would have extenstive dance number,in one song,he will jumping up and down like a midget,who just saw ice-cream truck,Rajini,look’s unimpressive despite his coloured hair and Japanese anime side-burns,he look’s burn out………..
    Just imagine,making veerasamy with a big budget is endiran

  36. I_Lvu_Chennai says:

    Mr.Idioit=>i_hate_madras , if you don’t like Tamil Cine Industry, please shut all of yours and keep quiet..

    We are not saying 3-idiots is not a good movie..But also Robot is a good movie..

    At any point of time, we don’t plan to be the Top place..

    It comes to us only because of our Talents..Not like you shit people..

    Only thinking of Ruling whole India.. You people always jealous about South Indians..Thats your blood nature..

    Then why the hell you people are calling Mani Ratnam, A.R.Rahman, Ravi K Chandran, Rajiv Menon, Ram Gopal Varma etc.

    You want to utilize and rule, but ourself give some success, don’t want to appreciate..

    We don’t want you people to appreciate..Atleast shut all of yours and keep quiet..

  37. mike robo says:

    Super duber movie. salute to rajni and team.

  38. Sam No to ROBO says:

    what is that movie……to costly, better to contribute to the poors & schools rather than paying high salary to Rai & Shanker’s team. it’s a big waste.

  39. Aravin says:

    its funny to see how indians choose to criticize the movie for is graphics and the the array of old and aging cast.. should it be tranformers-alike movie with julia roberts and al pacino in it, u pple would hav gave it a huge round of applause huh?

    get a life pple, instead of critizing, be proud of the a big step taken by indian movie industry to compete in international level.. and yes, if shankar was given USD 150 million (the amount of budget for trasnformers 1), he could hav came up with better graphics for the movie.

    try to look at this movie by tamil movie standards.. dun be lame by comparing it to hollywood yet..

  40. mike robo says:

    Sam, if are not rajni’s fan dont wacth. who invite u to comment. if u want to help poor give ur own money. Na oru thadava sonna 100 sonnamari

  41. Rajesh says:

    Hello every one, the Movie rocks.Really worthful movie.Yes obviously Shankar proves that He is Indian James Cameron.No other movie in Indian cinema to be compared with it. Great job.

  42. Sam says:


    the money is mine, i’m free to watch any movie & commnet as it is the reality. why can’t rajini’s fans accept that.

  43. Rajesh says:

    Hello Mr.Sam no to Robo please don’t advise others.Let them give the money to poor’s or not please you give first.What you’ve given?

  44. johnraj says:

    Hello every one I read all the comment.Hey you rascals i warn all who have commented wrong about Thalaivar Rajini & also Tamil cinema.What you people know.In bollywood everyone are bounded with attitude which is not in tamil cinema.Shame on you people

  45. Manju says:

    Rajni Rocks again! no one can beat Rajni. Asia’s costliest movie.Now Tamil industry bigger than Bollywood.
    Mind it!

  46. manjunath says:

    Friends i am the diehard fan of Super star! we can say this is the NEXT STEP of indian film but its not a tamil/hindi/telugu movie. we all our indians have to be proud of different track or step or idea took by director SHANKAR so we need to welcome it even the film is hit or flop in box office. Even i am from tamil nadu.
    Of course, 3-IDIOTS is different vision of indian film.
    So every directors & technician have to follow these 2 different vision.
    Atlast my personal suggestion, pls stop making the films with new face actors(relative to film industries) with out any talented actors like vijay,prasanth, sibiraj, Aftab Shivdasani, Ashmit Patel, Uday Chopra, Tusshar Kapoor but exept Surya, Aamir khan.

  47. gho says:

    Latest:In the Hindi version of Endiran (Robo) is not doing very well.The Hindi Movie “Anjana Anjani” seem to set to break box-office.More update’s from andra soon

  48. Arasan says:

    All Indian should be proud or this movie and the technology used. Its not only because of Rajini.
    Its for TEAM WORK. Realy Hats-Off to The ROBOT TEAM.
    Everyone knows RAJINI is the SUPERSTAR OF INDIAN CINEMA. Some people could not digest this. Its their mentality. Some people mentality will be like that , they will appreciate hollywood MOKKAi movies, but not our indian hit movies. If the people born by indian father then they can digest. others can’t.

  49. Rajesh M says:

    Ennathaan Malaya paarthu naai kolachalum. Malai Elachi pogathu. So let the dogs bark. Btw guys who says chennai food and ppl as shit. U still eat it right. so all of those who left comment leaving comment read. Here is one guy who eats nothing but shit. Rajini rocks he placed a benchmark nobody can even touch like Sachin did in cricket. Godspeed Good People

  50. Murthy says:

    Mr. johnraj, in indian languages only tamil is not great, all languages are great and national languages. First you leave hero worshiping, watch other movies with broad mind you will see other great actors, like Shivaji Ganeshan, kamal hassan in tamil, Dr.Rajkumar in Kannada, N.T.Ramrao in Telugu, Sanjeev kumar in Hindi But Rajanikanth does not know acting but making monkeys style in movies

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