Endhiran Movie Box office Review

Posted by Vinay Sojitra on Sep 25, 2010 | 233 Comments

On 1st October 2010, a Tamil movie Endhiran will be released at theaters. It is assumed that this movie is the triple digit crores project is all set to hit screens on 1st week of October and the trailer of ENDHIRAN has hit the small screen. The prominent roles will be played by Rajnikanth and Aishwarya Rai. This is a story android based humanoid named Prem. The first part in Endhiran movie has lot of surprises and rest half has actions and rides. Endhiran movie is action film full of technology usage for action sequences of both Rajnikanth and Aishwarya. Kollywood movie named Endhiran is one the costliest movie in Tamil cinema.


Box Office Review of Endhiran Movie:

The producers and directors of Tamil industry is showing apathy in releasing their films, as they do not want to face the indignation of Sun Pictures super promotion. The prime motive of Sun pictures is the 190 cores budget is said to be vastly promoted with a budget of Rs 15 crores exclusively. All over the world, the movie will hit almost 3000 screens. Ashwariya and Rajnikanth will be seen promoting the film from October 1st, 2010 in the overseas. So, with no cut throat competition, director Shankar is sure to capture the limelight and the attention in the Tamil cinema industry.

The movie has targeted to earn 600 crores, according to the sun pictures calculations. Although, the film critics do not estimate the assumed amount and are expecting around Rs 290 crores as an overall collection. This movie is one of the most expensive films with a heavy dose of special effects. No wonder then that the film has been in the making for quite some time now. However, there is good news for fans who have been eagerly awaiting this film.

Synopsis of Tamil Movie Endhiran:

In Endhiran movie, Rajni plays double roles. One is a scientist and the other is a Robot. Scientist Rajni creates a Robot with artificial intelligence like that of sixth sense in humans to help human beings and to the development of the country. But its silicon heart falls in love with Aishwarya Rai. Writes romantic poems and the Robot behave just like a human being. Knowing about the extra ordinary intelligence of the Robot the villains try to get control of the Robot. Scientist Rajni fights to save the Robot falling into the hand of the enemies and destroys the evil forces using the Robot itself.

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  1. Shivayogi says:

    Looking at story…Its a remake of Kannada hit ” Holywood ” directed by Upendra

  2. pratheep says:

    I watch Enthiran movie… worldwide First day first show today… In dubai grand hyatt 7.30 AM show.

    i will not write the story or scenes since I do not want to others to loose the excitement. But the movie is very fantastic. From every angle it was superb. Camera, Technicians, Make up Fight Graphics… it’s really advanced.
    Music – ofcourse Rahman no need any comments.
    Direction – on it’s perfect and it’s high talent.

    Rajini – first half our Super star. But afterwatching second Half i feel Rajini is not Superstar anymore. He is ” Ultra mega ultimate superb Superstarrr..”

  3. maria says:

    I am all set…the countdown has begun! Yes!!

    How I wish I was in India..for the opening to watch it with the crowds and masses…although it’s a large crowd for Rajini the theaters in US..with some of the same’s simply not the same!

    *Actually I feel like I have seen the movie already- with all the movie clips..trailers etc…

    It’s just nice/comfortable(!) to know what to expect..don’t have to sweat or be disappointed..know exactly what I am going to get for my money and time..

  4. dhani says:

    I heard A.R.Rahman’s music and got a headache. Hope the movie doesn’t give me another.

  5. Anish says:

    Rajini Sir always rocks.. :) I’m goin to watch it on saturday.. I’m excited about it …. woowwww…

  6. taruna says:

    well never stop your time on this sit its useless

  7. raaj says:

    It’s a superb combination by all the kings in film industry.Salute one a again for the all team Enthiran. This a time all of us to give a good support for the big bugget film Enthiran. It gone rock the entire world.

  8. viraj says:

    “Endhiran” …. cumma athiruthille!! really perfect feeding for 3 years fasting. Great opening with India fans. I wanna see how going to rock in Malaysia !!!

  9. rushi says:

    I am a great fan too from Malaysia, Im assuming this is gonna be great movie and different,Hope it can bring indian cinema to the hollywood level which im expecting since very long.Superstar’s status can lead this to the level.However , changes should be given in how the story is gonna be to reach the hollywood level.

  10. rudra says:

    What bone heads.these kind of idiots are only in South asia….bigger movies are everyday open in hollywood and around the world but we never witness this kind of idiotic and stupid scens..can india be a super power with these bone heads????

  11. rahul says:

    See how Much Crowd for SUPER STAR RAJINI.
    Thats RAJINI and ENDHIRAN and this vid proves that this movie gonna be massive hit of this decade!!!!!!!!!

  12. viksha says:

    Enthiran will be a big flop. and RK is is the wrost actor i have ever seen in my life.

  13. bansi says:

    enthiran is great box office in india. Within 3 days this movie collect above 200 crore. Like 2250 Prints*4 shows* 500 seats* Rs.150 = 75crore/one day. In first 3 days endhiran collect above 200. So it is not flop. Already in india ticket also booking to 1 week. So endhiran will be great heat.. It’s break all hindi films record. Only Superstar rajni.

  14. sarika says:

    endhiran has compare hollwood movie so biggest collection in the world

  15. dolly says:

    The very presence of Rajini–the most popular actor, admired unanimously,by all,will surely make “Endhiran” a Record,Mass-Money Grosser for Sun Pictures!

  16. hari says:

    I pity rajni fans. Endhiran is sinking at the box office-In chennai- at maharani theatre- 2nd day evening show is available, in bangalore- the film is a slow starter. In chennai- theaters like melody poses a wash out. In B and C centers- Endhiran is a wash out and big loss. For a film to be declared a blocbuster- the film has to make more than 600 crores- for its heavy budget of rs 180 crores. Surely the cheap publicity by rajni himself appearing in TV is a cheap joke of the year and this shows how rajni is so cheap on promoting his film. No other actor in the world has done this. The film will end up in big loss in telugu, hindi and overall.Looking into the theme of the movie- the film has no substance. Cheap rajni is not a god and rajni fans are worshippin him by offering milk abhisekham and beer abhisekham. If there is a great box office in Indian cinema it is only MGR, AMITABH BACHAN AND KAMAL HASSAN. MGR IS STILL THE REAL MASS HERO OF TAMIL CINEMA- whereas RAJNI IS LIKE A PEANUT.

  17. debina says:

    Endhiran – the Robot film features Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai in the lead roles with A. R. Rahman working on background score and soundtrack.

  18. Michael says:

    Hi Hari, Thanks for your info. Enthiran story has copied from Hollywood movie “I-ROBO” Shankar has no brain to think his own ideas. He will copy the hollywood style in songs only but he tried this in enthiran full movie. Sure the movie will utter flop. KAMAL, SHARUK, AJITH Escaped thank god.

  19. selva says:

    hello Hari, unga comment soooper ..we are talking about Endhiran movie. If you dont like the movie,simply say I dont like the movie. Ofcourse you are not the guy who can watch the movie in theatre. chill out.

  20. Neo says:

    Hari, count ur hrs.. u will be f*cked by every Rajini fan if the movie is a hit…

  21. San says:

    Hi Hari,
    I’m wondering how you are able to comment on the movie before it is released. I pity you because many are dying to see the movie!!!

  22. ganesh - madurai says:

    hari, vksha, rudra, enga thalaivana pathi pesa ungaluku thaguthi illada kooooooooooth…… a pathutu pesunkada paradesikala.
    i love super star. Alway Super starr Rockssssssssssss
    Enthiran engal manathil neenga idam piditha Manthiran

  23. Mahe says:

    Enthiran, Upendras Holywood, Sujatha’s Novel ‘En Inniya Enthira’,Serial ‘Jenoo’ and Holywood Movies “The Bi Centinal Man”, “I Robot’ are all based on the novel story series from Issac Asimov
    We can not say enthiran is a remake of this or that, but for all these movies/films the core story is from Issac Asimov 1940′s Novel the Robot

    So guys be Cool! Watch the Rajani/Shankar’s Flavour of “The Robot”

    The Novel Authors / File Maker would have got insipired from the

  24. sivan says:

    for all i wish to say one thing …… they are just doing their work and as you people are doing your work to see it as everybody feel its an entertainment.. nobody should underestimate on anybody…. just need to know how many people have adopt childrens apart from their kids ,,, how many people have given food everyday for the poors… how many people have given education for the parentless childrens…

    am not saying nobody does it but one thing…. this human rajni have did everything…. his work is to act to earn to do serve for the people apart from the politics…. as you all can only comment on people because its human nature…. but he himself have already dedicated to the people of poors and childrens…

    am not supporting rajnikanth as a human being ans seen him personally in many ways for the past 10 years ….

    i dont know about his films nd hits but i do know he is a spritual and mass of helping guy to the poors and childrens… let him earn what ever he wants and do his work for them …

    god bless you all

    aham brahmastu namathe

    lord siva

  25. Usman Mohamed Ibrahim says:

    Rajini can never be a MGR as far as Mass appeal is concerned, but this film doesn’t do then Sun Pictures has to wind up their business in FILM DISTRIBUTING. This film has lots of gimmicks which might reach the audience otherwise it will be a big flop, only Shankar’s Directoral skills, Animatrix of US and AR Rahman’s background score and soundtrack has to lend their helping hand.

  26. Usman Mohamed Ibrahim says:

    If this was a Kamalahasan starrer Robot then the result and appeal would have been entirely different. Kamal would have done 100% justice to his character and overall the film would have been a huge huge success. But now Rajini as a Robot character could have done peanuts only other aspects should help this film from disaster.

  27. Raju says:

    Endhiran Movie review – Songs are Superb. Overall movie is above Average. Also good entertainment for childrens. reasonable for one show watch.

  28. naresh says:

    well any person working truly hard will never fail at any situations i have personlly experienced it iam sure this team has worked hard and will succeed in it ..ALL THE BEST ALL ENDHIRAN CRE MEMBERS

    Naresh ( Bangalore )

  29. naresh says:

    well any person working truly hard will never fail at any situations i have personlly experienced it iam sure this team has worked hard and will succeed in it ..ALL THE BEST ALL ENDHIRAN CREW MEMBERS

    Naresh ( Bangalore )

  30. RajeshKannan says:

    I just watched Endhiran movie. It is simply outstanding.Endhiran is AWESOME.perfect entertainer.

  31. vinod says:

    saw movie premiere in sydney… 1st half is awesome. n last 30 mins is rajni at his best.. wonderful movie.. will set boxoffice on fire…

  32. Deepak says:

    Enthiran UK Review – First half of the movie is Good. Second half, too much Grapics sometimes without any logic.Songs are a treat to watch. Overall Ok not brilliant.

  33. kris says:

    I think this Usman must be a dumb & a big crap…..he must not have known the star power of super star Rajini. Thalaivar Rocks……….

  34. reddy says:

    I just want to ask to those who wrote the negative reviews in this, WHAT THE HELL REASON FOR YOU GUYS ARE SCARTCHING YOUR STINKING …… HERE.
    It is already a success of for this Movie by the it is being watched for its progress by the non Rajini Fans (you fools).

  35. The_critic says:

    I have feeling,the Sun Picture’s main intention is not to reap profit.Maybe,it’s better that I explain myself so that you can understand better.During final stage’s of war between LTTE(Tamil Tigers) and Govt troops,billions dollars of their funds transfered into tamil-nadu entity,so that sri lankan govt,would not be able get it’s hands on it.Till,this day they are unable to trace where it is transfered.FBI source’s have indicated it to be Sun Network.Let’s assume,this movie didn’t do very well,Given that they have control over media (sateliite channels ,theatres) and also not forgeting they are linked closely with ruling poltical party of tamil-nadu.They can just annouce it make tons of money,and show this “black money” (obtain) from the tamil tigers,as legitamate source of income.Rajni’s flim will run in tamil nadu,and where tamil-speaking people are..End of the day,it is carefully crafted stragedy by sunpictures

  36. harish says:

    I watched the first show in UK…. The movie could have been better

  37. baran says:


    whatever the comment you people have posted here ,i ll just forget it ,but i ll go & watch it for Randy’s camera work..

  38. Rajan says:

    Hey hari… have repeated the word cheap 4 times in the same line of yours. Ha ha ha this shows the height of frustration you are in currently. Anways relax and instead of doing all those CHEAP calculations just go, watch and enjoy the thalaivar movie.

    To all Rajini fans, even i got the tkts for Saturday show……yippeeeeeeeeeeee….and i am looking forward to it.

  39. Rao says:

    This movie is a remake of Kannada Movie *Hollywood*. But movie fails pathetically. A big headache inside the theatre. Rajni naturally acts as a robot in previous movies, then imagine if he is really a robot… God…. Just tamils peoples are crazy as they do not watch other good movies in other languanges… I pity them

  40. Senthil Anantharaman says:

    Endhiran: Super DStar all the way……..

    It was a fantastic experience to watch Endhiran in a local cinema in Chennai, that too, show starting at 4.00 a.m in the morning. After the fantastic cracker outburst outside the cinemas to celebrate the release of Thalaivar’s latest…… was Thalaivar all the way in Endhiran.

    Endhiran is all about a robot chitti and his creator Vaseegaran and his love sana. It is all about chitti’s adventures with Sana, its love for sana and finally its villainous saga. It is Superstar Rajni all the way shining both as vaseegaran, but more in the role of chitti, the robot. Endhiran mesmerizes the audience in technical effects and is sure to bring about the way in thinking and making of tamil cinema. Aish as the beautiful sana looks awesome and has carried her poise well in acting as well as dancing sequences. The screenplay could have been much more crisp .Shankar who has shouldered with directing Rajni with one more movie could’nt have been better. Locations of songs were beautiful with choreography matching Rajni’s age. Santhanam and Karunas comedy go along with movie so as Danny’s crookedness.

    One last word, If Endhiran had’nt had the magnetic effect of Super Star Rajni, it would not be able to do as much justice as it is able to do now.

    My Rating :7/10.

  41. jac says:

    to dhani:hey otha sootha moodu

  42. vimals says:

    hey usman, its good say with ur tongue out.. but no one can fill rajni’s place.. a fat robo would’ve been introduced, we can say if kamal is in for this.

    haha… may be.. we cud’ve seen first ever fat robo.

    shankar and sun picutres risking 250 crores , so we are none to criticise or tel something rubbish as u said. cos they know wat to give as they’re risking their lives wit money.

    Think once more.

  43. michael says:

    Come on… Iam not a regular film watcher or Rajini’s Fan. Lets face the fact… This is the first indian filim to hit so many records. They have darred, tried and achieved something what no other indian filim have done. Lets give it a hand to bring them up and not to pull down.

  44. Rafeeq says:

    First Half is AI (2001) (Artificial Intelligence) movie and the second half is the I, Robot (2004); that is the total of Rajani’s new block buster “Endhiran”. But hat off for the visualization of songs and special effects. It is really great!

  45. prasath says:

    @rudra:: otha the vidia.if you have balls,come and say this in chennai man.

  46. barath says:


    Just now I came back after the premier in cary, USA.
    Rajni is awesome, handsome great.. but Rajni is missing in the movie. The movie was missing something big times..
    I wish Shankar had made it more interesting.. Being a Diehard Rajni fan I wish I had more of Superstar Rajni, the king of style

  47. selvam, sivagangai says:

    After watching the movie, I admit there is nothing interesting about this movie. Spectacular? Yes for a Tamil movie, but by world standards, it is nothing new. This movie is a little better than Sivaji ‘The Boss’, but otherwise it is clearly headed for disaster.

  48. Krishna says:

    Hey ppl,,,stop fighting over here.
    Every ppl has got a difference of opinion.
    We should not give up our country Talented directors like Shankar taking Indian cinema to Hollywood.
    Don use abusive words here for the sake for heroes,its just a entertainment not our life.
    @ Dhani,Dont ever comment abt Rahman..U aint elgible to talk abt Oscar winner AR.

    Rest all chill pil…..
    Only Rajni can do magic at the box office for breaking the records of 3I and Dabaang…Hope he ll do.

    A Die hard Vijay fan..

  49. jshivada says:

    Folks, Hold your breath. Reports and reviews says that Endhiran infact will be one of the biggest hit of all the time. One of the newspaper which generally gives less rating to Rajni movie, has given 4 stars out of 5. This is simply for bringing and mixing it up all brilliance from different departments of film making to meet the expectations. People whoever wants to scold Rajini for his type of movies… I am sorry dudes.. This is again one of the Rajni movies, which will rock to just make sure that you burn with jealous even more..

  50. kALA says:

    HI,to all of my rajini’s fun. the day is finally here .can’t wait to go and watch endhiran on saturday. i’m sure it’s going to be the best ever.can’t wait

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