Endhiran Movie Box office Review

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On 1st October 2010, a Tamil movie Endhiran will be released at theaters. It is assumed that this movie is the triple digit crores project is all set to hit screens on 1st week of October and the trailer of ENDHIRAN has hit the small screen. The prominent roles will be played by Rajnikanth and Aishwarya Rai. This is a story android based humanoid named Prem. The first part in Endhiran movie has lot of surprises and rest half has actions and rides. Endhiran movie is action film full of technology usage for action sequences of both Rajnikanth and Aishwarya. Kollywood movie named Endhiran is one the costliest movie in Tamil cinema.

Box Office Review of Endhiran Movie:

The producers and directors of Tamil industry is showing apathy in releasing their films, as they do not want to face the indignation of Sun Pictures super promotion. The prime motive of Sun pictures is the 190 cores budget is said to be vastly promoted with a budget of Rs 15 crores exclusively. All over the world, the movie will hit almost 3000 screens. Ashwariya and Rajnikanth will be seen promoting the film from October 1st, 2010 in the overseas. So, with no cut throat competition, director Shankar is sure to capture the limelight and the attention in the Tamil cinema industry.

The movie has targeted to earn 600 crores, according to the sun pictures calculations. Although, the film critics do not estimate the assumed amount and are expecting around Rs 290 crores as an overall collection. This movie is one of the most expensive films with a heavy dose of special effects. No wonder then that the film has been in the making for quite some time now. However, there is good news for fans who have been eagerly awaiting this film.

Synopsis of Tamil Movie Endhiran:

In Endhiran movie, Rajni plays double roles. One is a scientist and the other is a Robot. Scientist Rajni creates a Robot with artificial intelligence like that of sixth sense in humans to help human beings and to the development of the country. But its silicon heart falls in love with Aishwarya Rai. Writes romantic poems and the Robot behave just like a human being. Knowing about the extra ordinary intelligence of the Robot the villains try to get control of the Robot. Scientist Rajni fights to save the Robot falling into the hand of the enemies and destroys the evil forces using the Robot itself.


  1. steve says:

    This is the best RAJNI movie !
    This is the best INDIAN movie !
    No One should miss this movie !
    Watch it in Theatres…SAY NO TO PIRACY !!!
    The Collection spells….R.A.J.I.N.I !!!
    Only he can give this kind of success.. there wont be a movie like this even in the future!!! Lets see how Shar Rukh Khan beats this record….hehehehehehehehe

  2. sanjay says:


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    I proudly say iam Rajini sir fan- that is the reason we fans have good heart to encourage others and appreciate all good things(tamil, hindhi,telgu, kannada or english)

    “Guys If my thought is wrong- Iam realy blessed to be a good frong in my own good well”

  3. jku says:


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    It is our right,to see the movie and comment,what is fit…..if,it is bad,then it is bad…just because you are rajini fan,I can say it’s good………………what is there to encourgae,anybody..end of the day,it’s commercial,we are paying high sum for tickets,we can value for our money

  4. ENDIRAN_SUCKS says:

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    @SANJAY:you must be most dumbest software engineer on the planet,to suggest that you can do the impossible….maybe you can do it in Rajinkant’s movies,but not in real life
    ENDIRAN SUCKS……………….

  5. man says:


  6. rajini_sucks says:

    @Why SharukhJi refuse to star in Robot?Because,it too dumb and there is no origianlity to the script.The deceased author of the movie,Sujatha had seen some holywood movies and I suppose he read’s marvel comics (there is andriod robot,in the Batman comics,which so intelligent,it could mass produce more of robot like itself,evetually form a army)The Hindi speaking who are very much exposed this holywood stints,will never buy it…..So they need to go to Rajinkanth,most of his suporters are from rural district,might not have seen any english movie in their entire life,They will belive,if u tell them Rajnikanth is God send angel..who will fight for their rights…and their life will change for better..That’s way this bull-shit only work’s in Tamil-Nadu,a third-rate actor like Rajikanth could command such huge support….I am not refering all tamils.They are many great actors like Kamalhassan,Sivaji Ganesan and Praksah Raj in tamil cinema.And many Talented directors like K balachandar,Mani Ratnam and Murgadass,Of course not forgetting music Director A R Rahman.

  7. rajini_sucks says:

    Sharukh Khan,is not biased against tamil flims.He had worked with great director from tamil-nadu Mani Ratnam on Dilseh and with legendary sctor Kamalhassan in Hey ram (kamalji had said,sharuk refused to be paid for the movie,hey ram,He worked for free)

  8. SRK fucks a dog says:

    When director SHANKAR approached the so called KING khan, he said that the story is half baked and refused to accept.. but Shankar after seven years directed a film with the same super story with our SUPERSTAR and made it a blockbuster and proved that bollywood is nothing when compared to our superstar and kollywood…. Let’s see when shahrukh will broke this record.. :)…

  9. vetri says:


    i cant understand why some of the northies are jealous about rajini..

    the fact is you cant tolerate the importance and the lime light shown to this humble person.

    have you ever thought why this men is king for more than thirty years at the age of 61.

    smooch scenes and bedroom scenes are very common in all bolly movies which you support.

    do you think the 90% of his fans are illiterate …no ..we are working with MNC’s, working abroad, business.. etc.

    do u think that we donot know that rajini is at 61 or his stunts are dupe or a normal cannot do it…or etc

    but still he is the man who enjoys us from our childhood.

    the rajinism in the heart every rajini fan cannot be deleted.

    i will be enjoying our thalaivar movie til my breathe.. certain things we cannot explain ..the same applicable to rajinism.

    proud to be a fan of thalaivar

  10. sanjay says:

    oh my god…I just browsed some sites just to appreciate and give wishes for ENDHIRAN team and my role model RAJINIKANTH SIR for massive success of the movie ever in film industry….but I dint know there are such kind of mother fuckers in india….people who dont have heart to encourage and appreciate the victory of indian legends are just equal to TERRORIST… mother fuckers are ready to pay excess money for the hollywood movies and worship them then you people like @jku are the real fucking asses of india…..

    if the movie was done by your SharukhJi- then only you bollywood have watched the movie for bikini shots….and sharukh did not do the movie just because he himself know that he cant get back the money if he acts….which is possible only by rajini sir to get back the 5times of investment….just because its RAJINI SIR the whole world is watching the movie with family and appreciating…and we damm care about paying for tickets for a good inspirational Rajini movies when you fuckers pay for bikini bollywood and worthless sports…..whne rajini sir is our role model and inspiration we no doubt in worshipng him…we respect and love rajini sir not only as actor-specialy as a human for his wonderfull social service …which no one can do inspite of having tons of money……(and as a professional who started as conductor and reached the top of the world as highest paid actor-he is our inspiration GOD)

    @rajini_sucks : you fucker dont dare to tell that rajin fans are from rural and we dont know about english movies….idiot ENDIRAN is a indian movie and why the hell you are comparing it to english movies….for your kind info ENDHIRAN is Top 1 in US films….when the hollywood industry itself accepts ENDHIRAN indian movie…why the hell you fuckers are living in india as a terrorist by commenting….do you guys think you are great than hollywood legends….and for your kind info we know and have seen all the english movies from “MARLON BRANDO” to “ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER” to “LEONARDO DICAPRIO”…to “JAMES CAMERONS AVATAR”…….(including ANIMATION MOVIES)….

    bad guys this will be my last note on this site….i have better work and i dont want to spoil my mind by checking your fucking notes on the site….and till now i have not spoke wrong or put down about any actor….your idiots made me to speak like that….

    FRIENDS Thanks for all the good hearts of INDIA….who appreciated ENDHIRAN for the hardwork…will miss you guys….take care… DOT

  11. sanjay says:

    bad guys like @jku you people thought us good lesson….we will never visit such sites again…which spoils the peace between indians

    Last but not least…ENDHIRAN has made a history in all film industry….NO ONE CAN CHANGE IT…DOT DOT DOT

    GOOD BYE FOLKS…………..

  12. juk says:

    go to,do a search on “ENDIRAN 2010 TC-RIP OR ROBOT 2010 TC-RIP…u will be able find the tamil and hindi version.,…don’t waste your money,to empower greedy corporations and third-rate actors


    @Rajnikanth,stoop all time,low calling a Radical element like Bal thackrey god.This show’s he will do anything,increase Robot publicity in mumbai.This is most desaparte attempt made by any cine-star,so u can hike in ticket sales,Sharuk and other actors with pride (would never stoop so low)when sharukh’s “My name is khan”,threat’s were made ny shiva sena,but he didn’t give in.Same goes for abishek baccan’s movie.HE HAS PROVIE IT ONCE AGAIN HE IS INDEED THIRD-RATE ACTOR,WHO REQUIRE’S EXTERNAL FORCE’S TO SPEARHEAD HIS MOVIES

    Bal thackrey is like god to me,Rajinikanth
    By admin – Last updated: Wednesday, October 6, 2010 – Save & Share – Leave a Comment
    Superstar Rajinikanth on Tuesday met Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray in Mumbai. Rajinikanth, whose Endhiran is doing roaring business, drove to Thackeray’s residence in suburban Bandra. The meeting is being touted as a courtesy call.

    After the meeting, Rajinikanth compared the Sena chief to god. “He is like god to me.”, agencies quoted the actor as saying. Thackeray has often showered praises on the actor in the Sena’s mouthpiece Saamna. In one of his columns, Balasaheb had taken a dig at Bollywood stars and said they should take a cue from Rajinikanth, who always fights for the rights of his ‘karmabhoomi’.

    Rajinikanth is a Maharashtrian by birth, but he has always been seen as a person, who promotes the cause of Tamil Nadu – the state where he earned his name and fame.

  14. lala says:

    know what…i totally agree with vetri…” still he is the man who enjoys us from our childhood”…u know 4 movies like this my whole goes to cinmea to watch…do u think i can watch a bollywood film with my family..the point im trying make here is i dont like bollywood film..seriously lame movies….if srk would have done this movie it would have a flop…its takes a great star like rajinikanth to make this movie a success…..

  15. lala says:

    shah rukh kahn stinks….acts like a nervous wreck…total retard….


    The most astonshing,Rajni had stoop to such a low-level,to galvanize,shiva sena leader Bal thackrey,in order TO publice HIS MOVIE.If I remeber clearly,Bal thackrey,master-mind attack on the Tamil population In Maharastara IN THE 80’S,attacking many innocent tamils and THEIR BUSINESS,SHOPS WERE BURNT DOWN,PEOPLE WERE ATTACKED AND KILLED,MANY TAMILANS LOST THEIR LIFE,SOME HAD LOST THEIR HARD-EARNED BUSINESS,OVER NIGHT,BECOMING PAUPERS!I REMEBER VERY CLEARLY,THE MILITRAY WAS CALLED INTO STOP THE RIOTING……RAJINIKANTH HAIL’S HIM LIKE GOD……..I FEEL TRULY SAD FOR THE TAMIL PEOPLE INDEED.

  17. Indian Citizen says:

    hello ppl,
    i would like to tell u 1 thing. in 2day’s world hollywood is the best. no other country has ever given a fight for them. but 2day indians have done it. eventhough thay are not equal shanker has done his best.
    appreciate it and 1st b indians than separating urselfs as north n south…………..remember rajnikanth and SRK ARE ur fellow country men…….dont insult them…….on net

    JAI HIND!!!!!!!!

  18. SRK fucks a dog says:

    some mother fuckers and those who have illicit relationships with their sisters are unable to tolerate the fact that a tamil film is doing so good globally… bollywood is full of lust and vulgar scenes.. u north indians love only those smooching and bedroom scenes.. plz dont try to write worst rubbishes about our superstar.. u can’t do anything to his name and fame.. he has fans from japan to canada.. can u spot a bollywood actor or any other actor having such amount of fans world wide.. u can’t pluck anything… ok.. u continue to see those bastard films from bollywood… our thalaivar is the best of all.. and bollywood sucks all those who write bad about rajni…

  19. RAJNI FAN says:

    go to google and type ‘Indian actor having large no. of fans world wide’ all the resulting links will show our SUPERSTAR RAJNI RAJNI RAJNI RAJNI…..!!!!… ur shahrukhkhans and amitabh bachchans will not be shown.. I like amitabh bachchan next to rajni bcoz both are good friends… so dont try to write bad about Rajnikanth.. he is the indian superstar having fan clubs in 195 countries…:)..

  20. Raju says:

    Childish……………….. why we are spending our money on these foolish films

  21. big_joke says:

    It’s big joke,to claim tha rajinkanth have the highest number of,the total population is just around 60 million..even if include srilankan tamils,overseas tamil it might hit around 70 million.The total population of hindi-speaking population is 600 million in india.Urdu,which is speaken in pakistan,is very smilar to hindi lauguage,except some arabic and persian words.These people in pakistan and bangladesh see’s hindi movie:that’s around 300 million,not forgetting the arabs in middle-east,enjoy the dubbed version of hindi movies,that’s around 100 million.Somewhere around 1 billion speasking hini speaking people world-wide…HOW IS IT RAJINI IS INDIAN ACTOR WITH LARGEST FAN-BASE?I DON’T UNDERSTAND THIS DUMB LOGIC…BOLLY WOOD STARS,NON OF EVER WENT TO EXTENT TO CALL A SCUMBAG LIKE BAL THACKREY “GOD”…..FIRST INDIAN ACTOR TO CALL THACKREY GOD…..NEED SAY MORE

  22. SAMUEL DHYRIAM says:

    Dear sir, All my worry is that our superstar has been paid his share atleast 50/- persent of the total profit received by the sun pictures. I hope they do so. It is not evenly shankar or a.r.raguman or producer or camera man. it is mainly because of ONE MAN CALLED RAJINIKANTH. THE ONE AND ONLY SUPERSTAR IN THE WHOLE WORLD. ALL PEOPLE TRY TO UNDERSTAND THAT.-SAM.

  23. SAM says:

    To those who do not understand what is ACTING, because I to know MARLON BRANDO acting, ALEG GINNEES acting, PETER O’TOOLE acting and actors like ANTONY QUINE,CLENT EASTWOOD,CHARLTON HESTON etc. in english and Hindi actors like DELEEP KUMAR, ASHOKE KUMAR,AMITHAP BACHEN,etc, and in tamil actors like,SIVAGI GANESAN,S.V RANGA RAO,MGR,S.V.SUBAIAH,M.R.RAHADA etc. ofcourse prakash raj, but nothing campare to the magnitude of the SUPERSTAR CALLED RAJINIKANTH IF ANY ONE DOESNOT ACCEPT HE IS THE MAGNIFICIENT, THEN THOSE PEOPEL ARE THIRD RATE JEALOUSLY BASTARDS WITH SHIT IN THEIR BRAIN-SAM

  24. Bijith says:

    I am not from TamilNadu. I watched the movie and Loved it. For all those SRK supporters, just read the news paper how much he was worried after the Endhiran release that he called for a day long meeting to get things right and make it bigger for his home production Ra.One. Poor SRK, pins all his hope to it, hope he will not die of heart attack when it will be released….

    The technical department of the movie is also done a great job. The sound, music, location, costume, choreography and the dancers – everything added to the awe. How the locations were beautiful and eye candy so was costume. Rajni was looking elegant and Aiswarya dashing. The costumes of the dancers, whether it was the Robo dress or the tribal ones, were rich and different.

    The movie starts with the song ‘Puthiya Manitha Bhoomikku Vaa…’ ( Come to earth, the new human ). The newness Shankar kept until the end and that made it a paisa vasool entertainment.

    If you think I went overboard praising the movie, that is because you haven’t watched the movie yet ! Go watch it and you will know that I haven’t said even half of the magic ! Let me summerise this with a few lines from the song Arima Arima.

    Do you think whether all this are possible – the robot with emotions… may be one day it might come true. Remember, man’s landing on moon was first suggested in a ‘then sci-fi’ novel. Just wait and watch.

  25. Arun says:

    Sharuk rejected this because, Shankar is tough director to work with. Thalaivar, such a calm and humble person, we need to salute him. Hindu says, “Enthiran” may not satisfy science fiction fans and movie geeks wholly but there’s no denying that it is India’s best attempt at crafting a sci-fi spectacle”. Thanx to Sharuk, he might make this movie flopped. Thanks to Mr. Kalanithi Maran, & Mr. Hansraj Saxena and Sun Pictures. Thanx to Shankar.

  26. subra says:

    i went for the show with my family and all of us slept through the second half!

  27. lala says:

    huh subra…u must the lousiest fly…who doesnt know how to enjoy a good movie like this…clearly somethin’ is wrong with yall…..haha

  28. Ant Joe says:

    Hollywood, Bollywood or Mollywood – Any ‘wood’ for that matter – a film needs a proper script. For the money they spent, they could have got a proper Tamil script writer. You and I or any movie fan can write a script in which the robotic scientists (maybe helpers) sitting down and having cheap liquor and teaching their prized Robot Madras Tamil.
    Why they make such movies? They know that they can easily fool every Tamil movie fan showing Machu Picchu – an Inca empire site in Peru built around 1450 and singing Kilimanjaro – a mountain in Tanzania in Africa. Only we can sing Mohenjo-Daro, in a love song because it rhymes with Kilimanjaro and mix with “who entered you?” Guiney fowls, green vegetable, lime and so on and on!
    Entertaining! Yes it is entertaining. But great! No way! Even the Tamil movie fans like me have seen many other great movies in Tamil.

  29. aravind siva says:

    as you can very well see that only fans of the superstar have stooped so low to use words such as terrorist and so.. To call Endhiran as a good movie would only deprieve Tamil Cinema of something called STORY.. Endhiran was one of the big time lows of all time for Shankar, Rajni and Aishwarya.. Better luck next time guys.. But you don care about this would yu.. just money, go to hell the entire Endhiran team

  30. CBVIN says:

    Rajni Sir ROCKS in endhiran !!!!!

  31. Anitha says:

    Lots of expectations for this movie (created by the private channel). But the movie is not upto the mark. It would be better if they could skipped some of the silly scenes, example is Mosquito scene. Our tamil cinema is still carrying the age old formulas like goons teasing the girl, delivery scenes..

    No logic in the film, a scientist is creating a SuperIntelligent Robot with the help of 2 wasteless assistants!!!!

    Overall the movie is good one time watcher if we didn’t go with much expectations.

  32. Madurai says:

    Dear Anitha!!!!!!

    what is meant by wasteless assistants?. Write your script perfect? infact only one sentence!!!!!

    I was also in a impression that it is for one time. but when happened to see for the second time I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Indians on the whole, will prove that they always enjoys Movies like AVATAR/J PARK where only special effects were there (no story line at all, no screen play)if it is made in US AND DUBBED. We will make it as a blockbuster.

    But we never had a habit of encouraging new efforts..

  33. jack says:

    movie is only 4 entertainment jst watch d movie an enjoy y do u guys want to comment………………..

  34. rajesh says:

    Just 1 statement……….a very stupid movie i ever watched which reflects how stupid some people if we make this movie a box office

  35. HARI says:


  36. CHANDRIKA says:

    srk will never breaks SUPER STARS RECORD

  37. Guru says:

    Rajesh i think u r a piece of shit……

  38. rajesh says:

    sharukh khan and the world super star rajini are friends the intermediate rascals are making like this commands. endhiran is a box office all over the world

  39. sathwik says:

    rajni is just a hype created by tamils…. he ll not become a best actor by just making funny stunts… every one know tat, but still they do support keeping in mind to support tamil language… i respect tat,they do have unity……

  40. Sanjay kumar.R says:

    Endhiran-really superb movie & hatsoff 2 ‘super*’

  41. satheesh says:

    this type of flim never before on indian screen

  42. prashanth Nayak says:

    Dear Anitha,rajesh…. doing such film was a great achievement for our Industry and name for Country.Every Scene to scene director does his works well and directors efforts has been Appreciated. I don’t think The scenes of delivery…etc was so natural and technical….My statement is Only technical People like us can catch or enjoy the movie..others cant ….No one in this world were fool to approve the film with the blockbuster movie….It was a technical movie….a big Rajni fan.

  43. lokesh says:

    Dont fight silly guys………….thalaivar s a evergreen superstar

  44. SrK _ MF says:

    Balls to all dos who didn like the movie & criticized superstar.
    SRK is a MF, supporting only muslims
    Salman is a BAS…. , Drunkard & thief.
    Saif ali, he is a gay.

  45. SrK _ MF says:

    SRK IS having sleepless nights after the success of Enthiran & taking tips from kollywood to learn acting. I wonder how ppl watch his movies, disgusting yaar. MNIK showed his attitude & he supports Muslims.
    Has he any time attempted to do a movie for INDIANS?????
    all who love him sucks

  46. SrK _ MF says:

    Balls to all dos who didn like the movie & criticized superstar. Those who say its a waste movie & if you lost money go watch XXX movies, u ll like it.
    SRK is a MF, supporting only muslims
    Salman is a BAS…. , Drunkard & thief.
    Saif ali, he is a gay.

  47. AAMir says:

    Amir is the real star in bollywood. who accepts other victory, Salute him you jealousy idiots.

  48. nithin says:

    hey u guys ……… i ust dont know wat made that bitch to tell rajnikanth a thid rate actor….. undoubtedly te whole of bollywoo is jealousy about the height he has reached ……….. te most humble peson is rajni. talaivar rocks ……… i am proud to be a rajnikanth fan….

  49. bollywood fucks says:

    hey ,bolly wood poors , y cant u invest 200 crores for a film,, u r just poor and u dont have the confiednce that u cant get it … SRK dont had belief that he wont collect the money if invested for him ..but RAJNI rocks within a week he collected back the money ..he is the real super star of india … u know super star has got 1800 fan clubs in USA…………. u r simply jealous of our hero…………

  50. who is that bitch called sharukh u r comparing with our Thalaivar Super Star Rajini Kanth..India’s highest gross collection Movie is Endhiran The Robo….sharukh,aamir,salman sucks dogs ass

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