Elvin Ng’s blog entry has sparked an online feud

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MediaCorp actor Elvin Ng’s blog entry has sparked an online feud. The 29-year-old, Elvin Ng had claimed that Singapore veteran television personality Guo Liang had made things difficult for him on numerous occasions.

In his Elvin Ng’s blog entry, dated July 18, the actor wrote that he had met a “huai ren” (Mandarin for ‘bad person’) who made fun of him during the wardrobe session for upcoming blockbuster “Breakout”, in which Ng plays an autistic man who was highly intelligent.

Ng wrote that the “bad person” disrespected him when the latter told him that he felt Ng “looked a lot like the character”.

“I wanted to tell him that I was chosen for the role, so of course I looked quite a bit like the character and I wanted to tell him that he also fit his role as a villainous character. But I didn’t,” said Ng.

In his post, Ng also raised the example of how “he (the ‘bad person’) did not allow me to finish speaking” when Ng spoke about the tale of “the tortoise and the hare” during the 2010 Star Awards, making him out to be an arrogant person, even describing him as “mu zhong wu ren” (Mandarin for exceedingly proud).

These examples led to speculation that the veteran presenter was the “bad person” in question as only Guo had a villainous role in “Breakout” and spoke to Ng as one of the Star Awards hosts, when the actor referenced the parable of “the tortoise and the hare”.

Ng wrote about a few other examples where the “bad person” slighted him before ending his post with a few trite lines.

“I feel that seniors should behave like seniors. It doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you want just because you have talent. If you have talent but have no cultivation and integrity, it is sad.

“If you want others to respect you, you have to first respect other people,” wrote Ng.

Guo Liang speaks out

After hearing about Ng’s rant, Guo then posted a reply on Ng’s blog as well as his own, indirectly admitting that he was indeed the “bad person” Ng wrote about.

In his detailed reply in Chinese, Guo explained his actions in each of the examples cited in Ng’s blog entry.

“Your (Ng’s) character in ‘Breakout’ is also sunny, innocent, naive and intelligent. I said you fit the role. You can’t have only thought about the autistic part right?” said Guo.

“About the Star Awards. That afternoon, I already sent someone to give you the questions in advance so you could prepare for it. But [later on] I did not know what to make of your reply. As a host, I had to say something to … make the show work,” added Guo.

Guo also disputed Ng’s choice of words in his entry.

“In common Mandarin usage, saying ‘I don’t like so and so’ or ‘I hate so and so’ is fine. But calling someone a ‘bad person’ is a more serious accusation. Only people who rob and murder and do evil are called huai ren (‘bad person’).

“Using the phrase ‘integrity’ lightly is an insult to others, hopefully you can take greater care,” said Guo in his entry’s closing comments.

Guo and Ng’s exchange had caught the attention of numerous netizens. Some saw Ng as the victim of bullying by his senior colleagues while others believed Guo had valid reasons and that Ng should not have gone public with his grievances.

This off-screen drama has brought a lot of attention to “Breakout”, which had only just started filming on Tuesday, though perhaps for the most unfortunate of reasons.

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  1. Yizhimei says:

    Different people will definitely have different views and perception on things or people. As an actor (public figure), there would bound to have even more variety of comments (good or bad) from the viewers. If you cannot take comments or even perhaps in this case a harmless joke, then please leave the media world. I do not see a point of getting frustrated over just one comment.

    Remember years ago, our senior and well respected actor, Chen Shucheng filmed as a bad guy and was reported that an old lady could not take it and died. I am sure there would be many people making bad comments on him and did he react like you??? I do not know!!! If there were any reaction on his end we would have heard of it then.

    Juniors should be humble and learn from seniors. Take comments positively

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