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The story of the movie “Eat Pray Love” focuses one woman’s spiritual journey, who wants to rediscover her life and restores meaning into it and at last, she discovers the true wealth called love. “Eat Pray Love” is based on the memoir of the same name by American author Elizabeth Gilbert. Ryan Murphy is co-writer and director of this movie. The movie was shot in different locations like in New York City (United States), Naples (Italy), Pataudi (India), and Bali (Indonesia).

In the movie “Eat Pray Love”, the lead role of woman is played by Roberts. A 32-year old woman, Liz Gilbert (Roberts) had everything a modern woman is supposed to dream of having- a loving husband, a great apartment, and a weekend home — but sometimes one realizes too little too late that they haven’t gotten what they truly wanted from life. After becoming pregnant, Gilbert realizes that she is not getting which she wants out of life. On the heels of a painful divorce, the woman who had previously looked forward to a contented life of domesticated bliss sets out to explore the world and seek out her true destiny.

The journey of Gilbert is divided into three main parts Eat, Pray and Love “, where each, in turn, consists of 36 pieces. “Eat” is held in Italy. She discovers the true pleasure of nourishment by eating in Italy. “Prayer” is happening in India. Gilbert will live in the ashram to study under a guru. She spent months practicing meditation and works in the ashram. This game was not as fun as “Eat, but I really liked. Completely foreign to me meditation, but I wanted to try. In the last section, “Love” takes place in Indonesia. A couple of years before the time in this book, Gilbert were invited to Bali medicine man to come and stay with him. And she went. I love that about her. She loves to travel and just goes. And it is a very good writer to boot. Here are some quotes from the beautiful beginning of the book.

Eat Pray Love (Movie) Quotes:

‘I knew this project would be a huge undertaking, but I just feel that for me to leave home now that I’m a mother and go to work on something it really has to be epic. And this is epic!’

‘She is extremely shy when it comes to any kind of romantic scene, so I felt like: ‘Oh, I guess I’m the more experienced one.’

‘It was hard on take ten with a giant plate of pasta. It is a challenge and I love a good meal. Someone suggested I had a spit bucket but I can’t do that because it makes me gag. It just grosses me out. But I probably put on about seven pounds in Rome when we were shooting. I ate a lot of pizzas in Naples.’

‘But I said, ‘Look, I think the movie would be served by a kiss in the scene’. So I pressed forward and got it.’

‘It’s based on a beautiful book, a great multilayered story of a woman of a certain age going through problems a lot of people can relate to. What she does is difficult, though ultimately liberating, and I think we all wish that one day we would feel a certain way about ourselves and really do something about it.’

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