Dr. phyllis arrested for Pcp Possession in 1998

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The headlines read Dr. Phyllis arrested for Pcp Possession 1998, it seems that the dispute continues over an online vote for Oprah’s “Your OWN Show” contest. On June 25, 2010 in the latest search trends, there’s been allegations of “Oprah rigs contest in favor of African American” and now late Friday evening a trend of “Dr. Phyllis arrested PCP possession in 1998” emerged.

Fans believe somehow Oprah is behind all of this, so they want to mark the top vote getter. Though, it is also possible that Dr. Phyllis had a play with the law, so they won’t discredit that completely. Yet, there is no factual evidence presented against her. This is about two participators in Oprah’s reality TV show contest. One is African-American female teacher, Dr. Phyllis, who many voters believed was getting an unfair amount of extra amounts because of improper coding for her voting button. She took the lead over another very popular participator, white male Zach Anner who has cerebral palsy and a very creative witty audition tape. Both contestants make strong urging for their own TV reality show series. has run a story discussing the alleged “rigged contest” before you jump to quickly attack anyone over this. EW contacted a spokesperson for OWN who gave an official statement: “The online voting rules for the ‘Your OWN Show’ video submission competition were carefully crafted to be fair to everyone. Any allegations of impropriety will be investigated and the appropriate actions taken to keep the process unbiased.”

Besides that, even Zach Anner, the participator who many have claimed is being cheated out of votes, has made a statement about it. Zach says: “I sincerely doubt that Oprah would do anything like that, she’s probably too busy building schools and helping children to even notice someone like me. I’m grateful for everyone’s continued support and to Oprah for giving me this opportunity. Thanks again, happy travels, and keep being sexy!

Well said Zach, I hope those backing you will read your words and think twice before making up silly rumors and accusing Oprah of rigging contests. Until early July 2010, the contest is being run to find participators for a special “OWN reality series“. They will compete on the reality show to get their own show on Oprah’s new network once the contestants are determined.

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