Did Desiree Jennings Fake a Muscle Disorder?

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The 25-year-old Washington Redskins Cheerleader Ambassador, Desiree Jennings is suffering from Muscle Disorder. She struggles with her daily activities including walking, talking and even eating. In medical term it is referred as Dystonia symptom.

Jennings had a marketing job in a large company. She was eager runner and cheerleading ambassador for the football team Washington Redskins. Desiree Jennings married with handsome, successful man, Brendan. Jennings said that she had experienced fever and painful body aches after suffering from influenza last year. She could walk only with twisted, the termination step. The symptoms rapidly progressed and it was difficult to read, making simple math even remembering things, putting her at an end to its once wild life.

She said, “I want to work, I want to do something. But who will hire someone who can not remember what they did yesterday?


Jennings also developed another symptom, the strange foreign accent and the woman suddenly appeared Midwest British and she said, “It sounds as an accent, but it is not. I just can not say a word more.”

Did Desiree Jennings Fake a Muscle Disorder?

The most horrible thing occurred while Jennings was trying to remember specific memories in its “20/20″ interview, speech. That time, Jennings handed stuttering which is a complete nonsense.

She said, “The mind keeps bouncing around and it will not stand for that memory. He gets garbled up on a bad hard drive, so to speak.

For the treatment, Jennings and her husband Brendan visited countless doctors and 4 hospitals, as well as Johns Hopkins Hospital. A physical therapist said Jennings, Dystonia, a rare disease which causes the muscles twitching or convulsions forcibly.

Jennings appeared online and noted that, in some cases with Dystonia people have problems with happening as it can go in the opposite direction. Brendan recalled, “Within 5 minutes to see it on the website, in her shoes.” She learned and she could go back, and even sideways.

Did Desiree Jennings Fake a Muscle Disorder?

She said, “This is a strange thing. As soon as you try to enter the working movement, you feel the whole body fix itself.

Until August, Jennings was a well and fit cheerleader, but she obtained a seasonal flu shot and after ten days of the shot she began suffering flu, following severe convulsions and black outs. At least she visited sixteen doctors and finally, she diagnosed as Dystonia.

Did Desiree Jennings Fake a Muscle Disorder?

During the August 2009, Jennings was taking training for a half marathon when she usual her seasonal flu shot. After several weeks course, she lost the ability to walk or speak normally, and she suffered violent seizures and recurrent blackouts. Her disorder garnering videos hits on YouTube.

At FDA’s website stated that the swine flu H1N1 vaccine contains mercury, squalene and formaldehyde.

Did Desiree Jennings Fake a Muscle Disorder?

She has been diagnosed by physician, Dr. Rashid A. Buttar. At the Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research in Charlotte, NC, the treatments with Dr. Buttar are working. He is using chelation treatments to detox the mercury from her blood. Due to this treatment, her Dystonia symptom is greatly improved. Throughout the vast majority of the day, Jennings can walk and talk normally and the seizures/convulsions have considerably decreased. In undetermined time, her full recovery will take. First time, her family is convinced her that she will get a complete recovery.

Her physical therapist at Johns Hopkins Hospital say she is suffering from Dystonia, a neurological movement disorder where sustained muscle contractions cause body jerks, and abnormal or repetitive movements.

In the Dystonia condition, the muscle sustained and contractions caused the body to be twisted, performing repetitive movements or abnormal postures. It is neurological movement disorder condition. The disorder may be genetic or caused by other factors like birth-related or other physical trauma, infection, poisoning, or reaction to pharmaceutical, particularly neuroleptics.

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