Demi Lovato Tattoo Pictures revealed

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The tattoo pictures of Demi Lovato are the latest news circulating the internet. Everyone wants to see the Demi Lovato Tattoo Pictures because the pictures were revealed. Recently, a nice bikini is being worn and a tattoo is being shown off by Demi Lovato when she has been spotted on the beach.

When Demi Lovato Tattoo pictures were smapped, at that time she was in the Bahamas for vacationing with her family, after her “big” split from boyfriend Joe Jonas she was relaxing and regrouping with her family. Some fans of Demi Lovato are claiming its sand because they are not sure its tattoo. Others compete it was just sea growth that hung from Lovato’s suit line to make the appearance of a tattoo.

Demi Lovato is the princess of Disney, It’s hard to see in the photos what that tattoo might be or say but fans are interested in it. Recently, to get over her break up with middle Jonas Brother Joe Jonas, hair color was also changed by Demi Lovato in an alleged attempt. Demi Lovato is gearing up to go on tour with her former co star and boyfriend Joe Jonas.

The romance of Demi and Joe did not work out but they will still be friends, as per claim of Demi and Joe. Demi is a hot young actress/singer who used to be best friends with Selena Gomez but for some reason does not seem to be as tight with the Wizards of Waverly Place star anymore.

The tattoo pictures of Demi Lovato


  1. catherine says:

    ok tattoo or no tattoo the girl is HEALTHY. by that i mean she is blessed with some curves. i hope she is proud of them. She is hot.
    love you demi.

  2. maggie says:

    whoa! she some major butt fat!

  3. grato says:

    wow.showing off the bods or tatoos demi.if it is true iwander wht joe was thinking.

  4. Katie says:

    Big deal. Even if it’s a real tattoo, it wont be shown by any reasonable piece of clothing. Miley has a tat and no one really gives a crap. Demi is months older than Miley and a lot more mature. Go Demi!

  5. LOVEDEMI says:

    tattoos cause CANCER, BIRTH DEFECTS, permanently damage the skin and immune system look up tattoo ink in wikipedia. google tattoo lymph adenopathy. before you tattoo find out how the toxic poisonous tattoo ingredients aren’t just in the skin but everywhere else in the body

  6. tattooooo says:

    well i think she purposely picked that hideous bikini to show off the tat… “hello world… i have a tat… grown up, give me some grown up roles for pete’s sake…”

  7. Alyssaa says:

    It is a real tattoo & it says ‘You Make Me Beautiful’ from her favorite song. & she probably picked that bikini not caring about what the tabloids think of her tattoo, whats so bad about a celebrity getting a tattoo. Shes 17, shes legally allowed to have one. Its her decision. & Im proud of it. Demi is my number one idol. I look up to her. Im so happy for her. Shes lucky. Shes my inspiration. & I really want to know her workout routine. Haha.

  8. JayBabie says:

    @ The LoveDemi Person . Wikipedia Is Not an accurate Site Hunn . So Back off . its Her Body & she can do what ever she wants with it . She never took Naked Pictures of her self & Put then on the Internet the the rest of the disney channel stars did . iLoveDemi ! She my iDol & iF qettinq a tattoo is her thinq qosh worrie about your self . Shes an icon shes beautiful & She has outraqious Talents & To Me She one off the Hottesed DisneyChannel Stars & She can act way better then anyone else (: iLoveDemi Keep up the qreat Work Demi ! [:

  9. i says:

    She Gota Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet butt!

  10. Lori says:

    Who cares if the tattoo is real or not shes got a body to die for and not gonna lie her butt is pretty rocking!

  11. Mike says:

    She has such an amazing ass!!!!

  12. IWannaFuckDemi says:

    I wish i could stick my dick in her vagina. she has a mice ass and great tits.

  13. ?????????????????? says:

    i do not like demi lovato’s tattoo

  14. tattoo or not she’s working it she is not like miley cyrus miley act like a bitch she does’nt act like a bitch like miley does and if she has tatto that’s not anybody freaking business and if its a tattoo YOU ROCK DEMI AND DON’T WORRY ABOUT HATERS .

  15. LOVE U DEMI says:

    WOW Demi, Diddn’t No U Had It In U.

  16. leo says:

    demi has a nice ass plain and simple

  17. A Critic says:

    She is a evil planner. I don’t like her. She is a leech to JONAS. She always learn something from JONAS. And in future she’ll not gonna say “Hi” to JONAS. “I BET”

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