Crackdown 2 Demo Released

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A demo for Ruffian’s Crackdown 2 is set to hit Xbox Live today. It will be available for the Xbox 360. Unlike the first game, Crackdown 2 will be developed by Ruffian Games, but will still be published by Microsoft Game Studios. It is scheduled for a 2010 release. The Official Xbox Magazine reports it will feature 10 achievements players can earn during their exploits. The game will feature four-player co-op as well as 16-player multiplayer when it arrives July 6. Demo Achievements will be upgraded to the real thing if you go on to purchase the full game, out on July 9.

The demo of Crackdown 2 game didn’t feature much in the way of a tutorial and instead threw us straight into a mission to secure a couple of tactical locations (helicopter pads on this occasion) that were overrun by enemies.

Played the demo for a good hour, it’s Crackdown alright. For some reason I feel that the graphics are more dated than the first. Also the the achievements in the demo only unlock for the full game when you play the full game. Definitely picking this up when it’s in the $20 and under range.

This carnival-inspired game allows players to earn and activate a daily supply of explosive Quackers in the retail version of “Crackdown 2” and unlock an extra difficulty level in the “Crackdown 2” demo. Quackers are exploding sticky bombs in the form of rubber ducks that players will need to locate to use in the campaign mode in the retail version. By joining in on the Facebook experience, fans are granted exclusive access to the Quackers they’ve earned for use in the multiplayer mode when the game launches on July 9th in Europe.

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