Chris Brown performs Jackson tribute at BET Awards 2010

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During the BET Awards 2010 Chris Brown performed tribute to Michale Jackson and late King of Pop. BET Awards 2010 held on Sunday night, June 27, 2010. Chris Brown is one of the best dancers and singers of the country. His amazing dance moves and tributes ended not only in tears, but also in reflection.

This year’s award ceremony gave a lot of entertainment to the celebrity lovers as a lot of performances of several celebrities. Many famous celebrities including Alicia Keys, Eminem, and Drake performed at BET Awards night but Chris Brown’s performance has become the center of discussion on several blogs. He was also became the center of discussion last year when famous singer Rihanna being assaulted by him. Rihanna is known as her ex-girlfriend.

Chris Brown started his performance with Michale Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” and moved onto Thriller’s “Billie Jean.” He dressed up in the sequined black jacket and glittered white glove at the award night. In this series, his most notable performance was definitely “Man in the Mirror” in which Brown began to cry. Michale Jackson was died last year before the BET Awards 2009. Fans, who missed his performance that night now trying to watch it online on any of live streaming website.

Along with probation sentence of five years, Chris Brown was announced a sentence of community labor for 180 days. Since then, he had been seen struggling to make his comeback in the music field and he managed to give his live performance during the BET Awards 2010 ceremony.

Chris Brown’s performance is being discussed by his fans and other. They are not only discussed for his outstanding performance but there are so many questions that are being discussed on several blogs by them like, was he crying in truly or tears were fake? What was the thing that made him so emotional? Was he thinking about Rihanna or not? Why he was started crying during his performance? Was he crying because of MJ’s death? And was he crying because of his career setbacks?

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