Chelsea Clinton Wedding Pictures revealed facts about her plastic surgery

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In wedding approaches of Chelsea Clinton, she photographed around her downtown Manhattan neighborhood looking fitter and prettier than ever, thanks to strict dieting, exercise and plastic surgery.

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Before After Photos Gallery

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Before After Photo

Chelsea Clinton, 30, has undergone a stunning transformation which is attribute not only as a plastic surgery but also as strict dieting and exercise by experts.The former First Daughter has also had some cosmetic enhancements, including a nose job and possible chin augmentation, according to Dr. Jennifer Walden, a Manhattan plastic surgeon who has not treated Clinton.

She had straightened her hair also. In New York she has been hitting the gym daily.

The pictures are not taken at different angles. She has had a complete “extreme makeover” on her face. She is very pretty now. She was as ugly as a rat during her father’s presidency. Most of that, I think, was pressure from such exposure as a young girl. She has come in to her own for sure.

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures Gallery:

Chelsea Clinton Wedding Pictures revealed facts about her plastic surgery

Chelsea Clinton Wedding Pictures revealed facts about her plastic surgery

Now that she’s looking better, Chelsea is insisting that her dad, former President Bill Clinton, also overhaul his look.

“She doesn’t think I’m in shape,” Bill, 63, at the Pete Peterson Foundation’s Fiscal Summit in Washington, D.C. Chelsea told him he’s “gotta look good” if he wants to walk her down the aisle.

Clinton recounts: “I said, ‘Well, what’s your definition?’ And she said, ‘Oh, about 15 pounds.’ So how’s Bill wedding weight-loss plan going? “I’m halfway home,” he says.

Meanwhile, the sleepy little town of Rhinebeck, N.Y., is feverishly making preparations for what many are calling “The Wedding of the Decade.”

Both she and her mom have had some work done (Chelsea more so). No big deal. At least the work was well-done and not over-the-top/painfully obvious. Chelsea finally looks like she’s had the orthodontic work her parents should have given her during her teen years, and Hillary looks, well…refreshed. More power to them.


  1. ragtimepiano says:

    Still puts us in mind of Eleanor Roosevelt, though. Of course Eleanor never worked for a hedge fund!

  2. Eva S. Kennedy says:

    She is still a homely girl – her mother’s features are more balanced and delicate overall. Anyone who says Chelsea merely “grew out of her previous looks” and has improved (but will never be a beauty, sorry) is delusional; but considering I have friends who attended Stanford and Oxford with her I know the truth. I’d love for one to ask Ms. Clinton if she has had work done – I anticipate a response of “that is none of your business” which she so charmingly (not) used campaigning for her mother. I will add that there is very little in the way of a great personality there, either.

  3. Almond Eyes says:

    they look fabulous.

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