Charles Martinet – Hero of the day

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Charles Martinet, popularly known as Mario has turned 25 this month. Around the world, Charles is perhaps the most energetic plumber.

Charles Martinet

For the enduring character that played in the most admired game “Mario”, most admired game “Mario” and all its series gave him popularity. Mario has never been good with the technology but claims to love all his gadgets. He says that technology is a generational thing and he can do nothing about it.

Charles Martinet gives the voice for kids video game character Mario, aka Super Mario, as he will forever be known in my house. Martinet has enjoyed his years of providing the voice for Nintendo’s Mario and has abandoned his work to run off and save a princess or something. On front-page of Yahoo, The Mario quiz made us all a little nostalgic for the character.

For about 25 years now, Charles claimed to use Apple. He reminded us that there used to be a 20MB hard drive back then. Charles declared Nintendo and Mac are to be two innovative companies that have always come up with innovative products and further said that he loved the Wii remote amongst all the gadgets that were invented in the last 20 years.

Charles is the signature voice of Leapfrog! “Ribbit Ribbit, Let’s Play!” In over 25 educational games and toys including The Space Shuttle, National Geographic Animals and the ABC Schoolbus, you can hear his voice.

In more than 100 cartoon characters, His versatile voice is used like in Sony Wonderfilm and Hallmark Cartoons as King Arthur, Moses, Tarzan, Tsar Nicolai and others. Many cartoon characters in “real time” have been performed by Charles using Performance Animation Systems that capture his movement and voice to allow the cartoon character to interact with the audienct!

The audience can talk to the cartoon on TV. Charles speaks fluent Spanish, French and some Italian. He has done a variety of looping projects on films and TV spots. Charles has played Mario, Wario and Watto from Star Wars at trade shows around the country as a puppeteer.

He has also been the voice and narrator in hundreds of radio and TV Commercials. He has done Sweeps and Station Promos in many markets including Los Angeles and San Francisco. He also provided the narrator voice for companies such as Sun Microsystems, Oracle, 3M, and Amdahl. If you have been to a a trade show, maybe you have heard his voice!

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