CBS cancelled As The World Turns

Posted by Vinay Sojitra on Jun 28, 2010 | 11 Comments

After 54 years on TV, “As The World Turns“(daytime drama of CBS) was cancelled. 13,661st episode of “As The World Turns” will be broadcasted on September 2010, announced by CBS.

On Tuesday, 22 June, 2010, the cancellation was announced by the network. CBS has also cancelled “Guiding Light”, so it is not first time CBS cancelled a daytime drama series. A subsidiary of Procter & Gamble produces “As The World Turns” and “Guiding Light”. Procter & Gamble is the company for which the term “soap operas” was created because it used the shows to hawk products like Ivory soap and Duz laundry detergent.


On April 2, 1956, “As the World Turns” premiered. “As the World Turns” was shown for 30 minutes and this soap opera was the first daytime drama. All the other soap operas up until “As the World Turns” were shown for only 15 minutes.

By the cancellation, CBS will be left with only two daytime dramas: “The Young and the Restless” and “The Bold and Beautiful.” ABC has three soaps left and NBC one. Actors Marisa Tomei, Meg Ryan, Parker Posey and James Earl Jones have appeared on “As the World Turns” through the years. Families are followed by the show in the Illinois town of Oakdale.

The executive producer of ATWT Chris Goutman said in a statement, “We are disappointed and saddened by the news that the show is not being renewed”. “It will certainly be a loss for all of us, and for the show’s loyal audience.”

Daytime drama TV series have been continued to cancel by CBS and other networks, because daytime dramas have been fading as a genre for years with more women joining the work force and number of channels were increased by offering alternatives like news, talk, reality and game shows.

50 years will be marked by actress Eileen Fulton for playing the character Lisa Grimaldi on the show said, “It’s a hell of a Christmas present.” Her character has been through nine marriages and Fulton was hoping for a 10th before the signoff. “I‘m just very sad,” she said. “I’m sad for all of the people who work out there in Brooklyn (where the show is filmed). We’re a family. I hate to be split up. It’s like a divorce.”

In the United States in 1958, “As the World Turns” was the number one soap opera. The Daytime Emmy Award has been won for Outstanding Daytime Drama Series four different times by the soap opera over the years. The Emmy was won in 1987, 1991, 2001, and 2003.

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  1. Jennifer Simon says:

    I was so very shocked and saddened by the loss of Guiding Light and now to hear that As the World Turns is getting canceled as well! Of the CBS soaps…these two were actually MY favorites. I really enjoyed seeing new people and their growth as actors/actresses. I used to watch all of these with my grandma as a young kid. I’m 37 now and I watch them when I have days off. Perhaps I bonded more with the characters on GL and ATWT because they aren’t all rich people with extravagant lives…they were a little like me! Again, I am saddened and I hope I get to see some of the actors/actress again soon…although some will always be who they played…Josh and Reva, Philip, Allen, Buzz, and Tom and Margo, Lilly and Holden…going to miss them all so much!!! So sad.

  2. Cherie C. says:

    Why in the world are you cancelling As The World Turns? Must be because Proctor and Gamble aren’t making enough money?? What a good show – why do the good ones always have to be taken off the air – ridiculous. I’ve watched the show since 1962 – what are you going to put in its place – another stupid game show, reality show or what. So disgusting.

  3. Sheryl G. says:

    I tevo all my soaps an watch them at night. I feel a lot of other people do the same. I think it stinks that they are cancelling one after the other. I will stop watching the networks if it continues. We have to many stinking talk shows news shows and game shows. PLEASE STOP!!!!!!

  4. Tina Brown says:

    Every Single Show Ive watched on Cbs Has Been Cancelled. Family Law Judging Amy, Joan of Arcadia,Jericho and now As the World Turns. As the World Turns is the only soap I watch. I used to watch Days of our Lives and Passions but they just got to stupid, that I quit watching them. My only wish now is that cbs gets cancelled because when As the World Turns is gone, SO AM I.

  5. jeanne says:

    I look forward every day at work to come home and watch my tape of As The World Turns. I have been watching it since I was a young girl,am now 57. What have I got to look forward to now? I hope CBS gets cancelled,I will not be watching it anymore. Hope you are happy

  6. Miss T says:

    I have grown up with As the world turns and am sad to see it go as well. Some characters are awesome and you love how they’ve evolved. But then you have characters like Lilly now who is a second away from a crackpot. Her character took on a groove not expected or even believable for those of us who has seen her grow up and have grown up with her. Sometimes the writers would make you feel like what are they doing. They can’t think we believe these story lines. The writing has gotten terrible but you still don’t want to see them go. I’m 44 so every bit of 34 of those have been with As the world turns! Thank you Lisa, Bob, Kim and even Barbara (now we know James will not return).

  7. Depressed!! says:

    I can not believe this is happening. I couldn’t put my finger on it but something just wasn’t right with todays show (9/16/10) Now I just find out today that tomorrow is the last time the show will air. I am so depressed beyond belief. What am I going to do? This is a huge deal….i’ve watched this since I was a little girl with my grandmother. I just always thought this would last forever or at least until…

  8. Sherry Delp says:

    September 17th 2010

    I for one do not think we need another game show! I as the above felt that something was so wrong with todays
    show!! I’ve been keeping up with this show all of my life my mother watched as well. Even though I worked I found away to keep up on the events happening and them the new miracle age we could record!!! I realize you may be looking for the 20-40 demograph but face it they
    are at work on their cells an texting away to god know who or what about. Don’t take away the only form of excape those of us at home with little things to do and not completely in this age of facebook,texting,horror films,silly movies,talk show etc. Let us have our fantasy wrold back! They always made us feel our lives were mucb better because we couldn’t have had all the things that happened to them happen to us!!

  9. Molly says:

    Anyone know where the Young and the Restless can be viewed now that CBS Drama have taking it off the air.

  10. sara says:

    I’m here at 2:05 pm, 9-22-2010, searching the channels for ATWT. Instead I get The price is right. I did not know about this. I only watch ATWT and TBATB, back to back. I am so disappointed. I’ve been out of work for a year, and I’m trying to relearn the characters. I learned them and the new ones.I watched the season finale, not knowing it was the “FINALE”. I thought I watched a few shows after that. I could cry.

  11. Ann says:

    Please please does anyone no where young&Restless is being aired since cbs drama channel took it off a few weeks ago.

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