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Home Box Office (HBO) has making preparation for the full of action and adventure classic movies “Legs Diamond” series on their channel on 15th September. The movie was made in 1959. The series will start on with Al Capone on 10 p.m. at HBO channel.

HBO has prepared a series of classic movies packed with activity and adventure in their funnel on 15th September. The series will begin with Al Capone, a film made in 1959. Then the film Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond was made by TCM pictures in 1960 and directed by Budd Boetticher. The producer well described the snazzy telling of the “diamond” story with Ray Danton in the main starring role.

The movie’s other stars included Karen Steele, Elaine Stewart, Jesse White, Simon Oakland and Warren Oates. The extraordinary attraction of the movie was a Lucien Ballard’s wonderful cinematography. The movie is also unveiling form of the famous future star Dyan Cannon.

Through the movie, the thrilled viewers will enjoy to watch the performance of the stars and the thrilling story of the movie full of adventures.

According to the local reviews, Diamond is one of the most well-liked bootleggers that will inform his crimes and turn into a myth during the eyes of others. Diamond will be credited this month of information prohibition era in a small village of Cairo. The true name of Diamond was Jack Moran. The very surprising and unusual celebration is taken place in small town of Cairo which consists of 1500 habitants. In this area, the New York bootleggers and gangster Jack legs diamond is being celebrated because Jack has survived the police for a long time and have gone during bullet injury and police torture has made him a hero in the world of bootleggers.

Jack was born in Irish family in Philadelphia and he lost his mother at the age of sixteen. And he sifted to New York with his father where he allied a street gang named Hudson Dusters. He was also famous as Gentlieman Jack his well financial condition and activities. The Legs Diamond fame comes from the numerous incidents that he was badly injured but got away and lived survival on trying to escape.

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