Caitlin Burke Solved Wheel of Fortune puzzle with One Latter “L”

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In Wheel of Fortune last week, contestant Caitlin Burke solved a 27-letter puzzle with the help of just one letter ‘L’ and made game show history.

A 27 year old magazines fashion editor, Caitlin Burke manged to pull off the most astounding feat last week on Wheel of Fortune. Screening with just one letter, she solved a 7 word puzzle and that letter was “L, according to Chris Harnick over on TV Squad. This has to be the best Wheel of Fortune guess.

Caitlin Burke, Wheel of Fortune puzzle one Latter

Caitlin Burke estimated the phrase “I’ve got a feeling about this” with only the letter during a prize round and won a Caribbean vacation worth $6,500, and left host Pat Sajack flabbergasted.

In the most surprising solution of a “Wheel of Fortune” puzzle ever, a Manhattan editor tack a stupendously long answer with just one letter for a clue.

Wheel of Fortune has been telecasting on American television nearly four decades now since 1975, produced by Merv Griffin. Recently, it is hosted by Pat Sajak and Co-host Vanna White. In 2008, the show was named as the top-rated syndicated sequence in an article of TV Guide. In US television history, it is now the longest running syndicated game show.

Burke replied when asked by the show’s host how she knew that, she had a hunch.

She explained to the shocked host that, “I saw that it was a small word, so ‘I’ve’ and I thought maybe “Got a Feeling About”, so I’ve got a hunch. I said, I’ve got a Good Feeling about This!”

A Pat replied that “Oh, in that case it was easy!”

She said that “I was always really good at it. I’m not good at a lot of things … but ‘Wheel of Fortune’ I was really good at.”

For a while Sajak was speechless and was really surprised. Though he exclaimed that it was the most astounding solve they have ever had in the show.

In the interim, Burke said that she is a passionate fan of Wheel of Fortune and she used to impress her family and friend each time she solved puzzles when they watch at home. She said with humility aside that if there is one thing she is not good at, that is to solve puzzle. Though, for some good reason, she has always been good at Wheel of Fortune.

When asked during an interview about what recommendation she can offer to the other aspiring contestants, Burke said that they must practice solving puzzles, always watch the show and think positive. Also, fittingly she added that if anyone have that good feeling about something then just go for it.

On the contrary, Burke’s triumph has elevated conjecture for a foul play on the game and allegation chased that she cheated or she’s a witch or it was rigged. However, Wheel of Fortune’s administration ignores such fake conjecture.

Burke has always been an enormous fan of the long-running game show and had put materialize on it at the top of her “bucket list.”

Burke told the local newspaper in her hometown of Clinton Township, N.J., before going on the show that she came from a really cutthroat family and when her high school class was asked what they wanted to do with their lives, “Someone would say, ‘I want to be a vet.’ I said, ‘I want to go on Wheel of Fortune’.”

“I’ve Got a Good Feeling About This” Video from Youtube:

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