Britney Spears Twitter Profile has 5 million+ followers

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Many celebrities from Hollywood and Bollywood join twitter like Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar and many more. But Britney Spears is first user who has more than 5 million followers on the social networking site twitter. Now officially, with the power of fans, Britney Spears is the queen of the twitter of the queue of celebrities. It is really very serious issue for the celebrities who have more fans.

Ashton Kutcher’s account was also overtaken by Britney Spears Twitter account by a good lead. Ashton was being tried to beat by Britney over the last few weeks but it was fluctuating for the past few weeks. Five million Twitter followers will be crossed by the both users in a month time, as per expectations.

By pushing Kutcher into second place, Spears is currently followed by 4,963,687 people. The Butterfly Effect and That 70s Show actor is currently in second place with 4,949,530. Brit’s account witnesses mostly promotional messages or “BS Alerts” mostly and it is managed by a staff. The popularity is made by the Brit’s account; however it is not well maintained tweeted.

Britney Spears Twitter Profile has 5 million+ followers

About losing the number one spot, Kutcher tweeted that he “doesn’t care“, but other celebrities congratulated Spears on becoming the most popular user of the site.

WOW!!!!! #1 on Twitter. Thank you! This is really amazing!’ Britney writes. ‘I love you all! I better get busy writing…’You guys make me sooo happy!’

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