Britney Spears Dead – Is It True?

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Currently, “Britney Spears Dead” is become the most search trend on the web but the news is totally fake and it is only rumors as usual. Now this type of rumors about the best celebrity’s death becomes a trend, so you don’t believe any rumor. The fact is Britney Spears not dead, she is alive and well.

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Is Britney Spears Dead?

With the question “Britney Spears Dead – Is It True?” online search engine has been fully loaded many times. The Britney Spears Dead rumor was started to spread when Britney gave an interview, “she wanted her Body to be frozen after she dies so that when technology booms up in future, she could be brought back to life”. The fans of this great personality are searching about this news.

Although, Britney is not one whose rumors are circulating in recent there are many celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Russell Crowe were rumored to be dead and became the most search trend.

According The Sun news “the Britney Spears supposedly wants to be frozen after her death so that she could be brought back to life when technology is advanced enough to bring her back to life. The “Break The Ice” singer wants her body to be preserved in liquid nitrogen at cryogenic temperature so that future generations can see her dancing routines if she is revived back to life, the outlandish tabloid report claims. In fact, the 28-year-old has already started investing in a foundation specializing in cryogenic freezing.”

Britney gets these obsessions and this is the latest. It started when someone told her Walt Disney had been preserved by cryogenics to be revived in the future. That was a myth, but it got her researching the foundation and she became convinced it was worth a shot,” a Brit pal blabs. “Britney found the whole thing so interesting that she spent most of her Mother’s Day trip to Disneyland researching the subject on the internet.”

Jamie is quite happy to let Britney have her little obsession. And if she wants to invest her money in cryogenics that’s fine, we’re only talking around $350,000 maximum. “However, much more than that and he may change his mind” added by the other sources.

Britney is currently in California with her boyfriend Jason Trawick.

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