Britney Spears’ boyfriend Jason Trawick saves her from serious Malfunction

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The 28-year-old singer wore a flimsy orange dress that kept slipping down. Britney obviously had trouble keeping the dress in its place. That’s when her caring boyfriend came to her rescue and offered his shirt. Britney took the shirt and wore it on top of her slippery dress.

Britney Spears boyfriend Jason Trawick

Britney Spears with Her boyfriend Jason Trawick

When Pop star Britney Spears’ sundress started falling down when she stepped out for a cup of coffee with boyfriend Jason Trawick, her boyfriend Jason Trawick stepped in and offered his shirt and saved her from embarrassment. The singer wore it on top of her flimsy orange outfit.

Trawick’s gentlemanly behaviour is no surprise. Preventing Spears embarrassing herself with such slip-ups was once his full-time job when he worked as her agent. He stepped down from the role to allow their personal relationship to flourish, but it seems that Trawick is still looking out for the 28-year-old singer, say reports.

And Spears appeared grateful for his help, looking happier than she has in weeks as the pair headed off on a romantic weekend break.



  1. I am obsessed with Britney, I love her.

  2. Cliff Niro says:

    Britney I’m your biggest fan from England,you are my hero,when I grow up I wanna be like you.

  3. ha ha. Britney has just brought out another perfume. Surely she can’t wear every one of them.

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