BP Coffee Spill video became viral on internet

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BP Coffee Spill video is very much famous on the internet now-a-days. Take a look on the video of BP Spills Coffee from youtube.

Now BP Coffee Spill video has became viral on internet. Many persons are trying to access the video concurrently and in the interim crashed by On many website the video is popping up like – Time, the front page of YouTube comedy, Andrew Sullivan, TalkingPointsMemo, and The Huffington Post.

On the hands of the BP, it is really a messy problem. From piles of trash and giant straws to intricate top hats, everything has been tried by them, but nothing seems to be able to clean up this massive spill. The thick, black liquid is spreading faster than they had imagined, covering all that they see in front of them. Only made things worse, even they tried waiting. The question is that who or what is going to clean up all this coffee?

John Frusciante (one of the writers of the video), notes it was retweeted by “Dave Coulier, star of Out of Control, Full House and Alanis Morissette’s ‘You Oughtta Know.” This sketch from the Upright Citizens Brigade crew imagines what happens during a meeting, when an executive at British Petroleum spills coffee. Hilarity and topical jokes ensue. The video is certainly funny because there’s a dark undercurrent to all this BP humor.

This video shows that, the office workers of BP spill coffee on their conference room table. The Laptops, fish and a map of Louisiana are at bet. By using garbage and hair, in this video they are trying to fix the problem include attempting to block it from spreading.Check out more information from

Don’t worry; it is a very small spill on a very big table”, that type of words is used by the office workers in the video, which is the best part of this spoof. The ‘BP Spills Coffee’ video tease failed oil spill control well and is a good laugh about a serious situation.

The video of BP Coffee Spill is given below from youtube:

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