Azharuddin denied to split up with Sangeeta Bijlani

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News is hitting on the web that Cricketer-turned-MP Azharuddin & Sangeeta bijlani splitting over Azhar’s affair with Jwala Gutta. Azharuddin has been planning to apply for divorce to end the 14-year-long marriage with model Sangeeta Bijlani (Second Wife). The key reason behind cracks between Congress MP and Bijlani is Jwala Gutta, a 26-year-old World No. 7 mixed doubles player. Jwala has played spoilsport in marriage life of Sangeeta Bijlani.

According to Mid-Day, a highly-placed source, Azhar will be filing for divorce within a week. And a badminton champ half his age is believed to be the reason for the split. Sources say that Azhar has gifted Jwala Gutta a brand new BMW.”Whenever he is in Hyderabad, he is seen in Pullela Gopichand’s academy where Jwala practices and they both leave together. They head to some hotel but I am not sure if they stay together in the same room,” said a highly-placed source from the Andhra Pradesh Badminton Association.

Sangeeta: “In the initial stages of our relationship, I bore the brunt of the anger against our relationship. Even today, people think I am the villain in this piece. But frankly, the attraction between us was too strong to dismiss it. We are still in love. I feel sad by the way a man, who served this country through his cricket, has been treated. We had decided, earlier on, to ignore all these rumors. All that matters is our decision to be together. At the end, a relationship survives only when a couple has an intense desire to be with each other and live with each other. It’s been more than seven years now, and we are still together.”

Azharuddin: “I fell in love with Sangeeta almost immediately. I was adamant on marrying her. Today when I look back, I think it was a very good decision. She understands me completely. She doesn’t expect me to adhere to any set image that she may have of me. And she constantly encourages me to try out new things. The health club in Hyderabad, the entertainment company we have, are all her ideas. She is a complete partner, being with me in all our decisions. Isn’t that what a marriage is all about? Being for each other, with each other, not living separate lives, as we tend to do in our marriages, in India.”

Though I have not spoken personally to Azhar, I got to know through common friends that he had filed for divorce on Thursday. I have been hearing it from many friends,” said Abid Rasool Khan, Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee general secretary, and the man who got Azharuddin into politics. On the other hand Jwala Gutta is married with Chetan Anand No. 1 Indian badminton player. In reply Chetan Anand said “It’s a personal issue and I don’t want to comment anything.”

Rasool said that Sangeeta and Azharuddin had been staying separately for quite a few months, and that Sangeeta has now settled down in Mumbai. Apparently, the couple had differences after Azharuddin became an MP. “There could have been some incompatibility,” Rasool said. But Azharuddin told news agencies that reports suggesting a split with Bijlani were “rubbish, baseless and in bad taste.” “I know Jwala, she is a good friend of mine and to write such reports which are completely false and fabricated is disgusting,” a livid Azharuddin said.

Azhar said, “These are planted stories and motivated by people, who are against me in the Badminton Association of India. I think they should look into their homes first before casting aspersions on others and make such allegations”, “Jwala is a good player and she is a great prospect for the country. She has been doing well and will win many medals for the country in future. So I just want to request everybody to just leave her alone and not get her into this cheap controversy.” But the 47-year-old cricketer was spotted with Jwala during the Asian Badminton Championship in Delhi.

Meanwhile, Azharuddin has disproved the news, calling the split up rumors baseless and illogical. However, when contacted, Jwala said, “You can write what you want, it`s neither a yes nor a no.” However, Chetan Anand downplayed the entire issue and said, “It`s a personal issue and I don`t want to comment anything.There have been rumors of a budding relationship between the two. But Jwala’s family has been strongly condemning such reports and was upset that “affection between a big man and a young girl was misunderstood.” Jwala is married to Chetan Anand, India’s number one male shuttler.

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