Australian Actor Matt Passmore in A&E’s Tv Series “The Glades”

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An Australian actor, Matt Passmore stars lead role in the A&E Network’s drama television series “The Glades”‎. A&E declared second season of The Glades on September 13, 2010. As Jim Longworth, Matt Passmore is appeared an attractive, brilliant Chicago cop who has been wrongly accused and shot by his former captain for having an affair with his wife, this incident is also forced into exile. Afterward this expelled, he decides to sift in small Florida town where he join the state police.

Lately, A&E’s Tv Series “The Glades”‎ is renewed for its season 2. Palm Glades, Florida based series is following the lead roll of Matt Passmore as Jim Longworth, a brilliant homicide detective. “‘The Glades’ has recently completed its first season that received vital public praise and a faithful audience. Matt Passmore has appreciated for his superb writing and excellent acting in this series. The pre-production of the second season will start later this year for thirteen new episodes to premiere in 2011.

Fox Television Studios produces “The Glades” series for A&E Network. Clifton Campbell and Gary Randall are executive producers of the series. Other stars of “The Glades” include Kiele Sanchez (“Lost,” “Samantha Who??“), Carlos Gómez (“Shark,” “Sleeper Cell“) and Michelle Hurd (“Law & Order SVU,” “Gossip Girl“).

Jim Longworth (Matt Passmore) is the cast of The Mentalist’s Simon Baker. A&E will have a strike if Matt Passmore is as thriving as Simon Baker. The success of The Glades is depending upon Matt Passmore and his skill of acting. In the series, Jim is a police officer, originally from Chicago. His captain suspected Jim for the reason of sleeping with his wife. In The Glades, even though Jim will be no saint, he was innocent this time. After being exiled from the department, he sifted in town of Palm Glade, Florida where the sunshine and golf are plentiful and crime is apparently at a minimum. He finds people remain revolving up murdered.

In the midst of practicing his short game, he is trying to get a date with Callie (Kiele Sanchez) who is a quick-witted and beautiful medical student. She has a 12 year-old son and a husband in prison. Longworth’s conversion to his new surrounds is a spot more difficult than expected. He has realizing the skies in this new town are always sun-drenched with a possibility of homicide.

The series is filmed in Florida where the landscape is beautiful. Longworth believes that he will lead a more relaxed life on the police force in the Palm Glade area. Jim Longworth will solve many murder cases as pissing people off.

As Australian actor, Matt Passmore earned graduation degree from NIDA in 2001. Matt Passmore is known for his role as Marcus Turner in the Australian TV series “McLeod’s Daughters.” Matt Passmore’s wide television credits in Australia consist of “Underbelly,” “The Cut,” “The Alice,” “Last Man Standing,” “The Cooks,” “Blue Heelers,” “Always Greener,” “Backburner” and as a regular presenter on “Play School.” Matt Passmore also featured his role as Network Executive in the movie “Son of the Mask” and multiple short film roles.

Matt Passmore Takes a Stab at ‘The Glades’ video from Youtube:

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