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Improve great number of mental and physical skills by playing games!!!!! Many people are willing to give auditions of Music, Dance and Fashion related programs just for enjoyment. There is good news for those people who give audition only for self enjoyment that they can now play the Audition game to experience the excitement of the best in pop and dance music at It is a free Multiplayer Dancing Game that brings everyone who loves Music, Dance & Fashion together to enjoy the dancing game online. It is a great platform to begin the dance on the beat with great music to compete with your friends and be the best dancer. In this game, you can make your dream true to become dancer with stunning moves. Play Free Multiplayer Dancing Game Online

Experience the audition of dance program…..with, which permits users to play Multiplayer Dancing Game Online. is the creation of Asiasoft online pte ltd. The game accentuates on wonderful graphics, great music, fancy dance moves, the latest trends & fashion completes with a multitude of features. Everyone from Fashionistas to hardcore dance freaks can get something in audition game. With the innovative fashionable clothes and accessories, players can uniform themselves manually. The characters of the game are highly customizable and fashion-forward shopaholics, so players of the game can spend lot of time in the fashion mall, exploring multitude items for the glitziest costumes, snazziest hairstyles and cutest pets to represent their personality through the avatar.

Audition game can be played at free of cost with simple registration. You must need AuditionSEA game account to play the game. Players can create login ID and password of AuditionSEA game only at Asiasoft Passport page. When you create your account, must keep in mind some password related things like create minimum 6 characters password using numerical and alphabetical orders. After providing required details, the confirmation mail will be sent on your email address. Once you confirmed your account, it will send verification mail with 13 digits Asiasoft Passport ID, which must be necessary to enter in the game site. You must verify your account after getting verification email and start to play game.

When you login in the site by using user Id and password, you must select your game and again create Auditionsea by entering audition ID, password, and gender. After successfully registering in the game, open game page and do login with Login ID and password. First, you have to dress up your character by changing their face expression, hair style, top, bottom, shoes and Completion. Dress up your character just like your personality.  Selection of Server and Channel must be required to enter in the game. It offers 4 different servers, from which you can select anyone. The one drawback of the game, you can’t return to the entry server when you reached at level 6.

Enter in the dancing hall and connect to the game to start dancing. First-time player can follow tutorial of dancing game to get full guideline about how to play game. In the dancing mall, you will get game lobby which presents your character info, user list, and all the dance rooms’ detail. Start the playing of game by joining the created player rooms. You cannot join the rooms that are already “Playing”. You have a chance to purchase latest items during auditions from fashion mall which is full with a variety of outfits, accessories and items to beautify your character avatar.

The whole game can be played by simple directional arrows and space-bar game play. It allows players to experience the most fancy and sleekest dance moves as well as compose their favorite dance with freestyle battle modes, present their own style with numbers of different dance moves, and playing with the team in the team battle modes. Players can easily choreograph club dance to sweet couple dance with over 40 different modes.

Audition is more than dance game, as it presents mind-blowing play-list of music hits today as well as gives messenger system which permits players to add up to 100 friends and get notification when their players come online. Ranking system of audition game becomes a helpful to compete with best dancer on stage by climbing the ranking ladder.


  • Play audition game
  • Control game with arrow key and spacebar
  • Purchase latest outfits and accessories for your avatar during playing
  • Dress up your avatar manually
  • Get more than 40 different modes to choreograph your dance


  • Registration must be required
  • People become little bit confused with this playing option

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